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Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis amid caravan arrival

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Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis amid caravan arrival

Published on Nov 23, 2018

Tijuana asks the world for help as thousands of migrants crowd the border town; panel reaction on 'The Ingraham Angle.'


Mexican Journalist Reveals the Truth About the Caravan

By Rachel Alexander

The opinions expressed by authors are their own and do not represent the views of

Mexican journalist Alex Backman has released a stunning expose on the caravan from Central America. He says the migrants are robbing and stealing in Mexico. They carjack cars containing just one occupant. There are even accounts of rapes. Many of the migrants will not let people film them. If they see someone filming them through a car window, they stop the car and demand the phone. Backman suspects the reason they don’t want to be filmed is because they have criminal histories.

He said the Mexican president hasn’t done anything to stop it. The Mexican government is instead providing them with necessities including medical aid. This despite the fact that 48 percent of Mexicans disapprove of the caravan. Almost 2,700 Central Americans have applied for asylum in Mexico since the caravan started. However, the Mexican government says it does not have the resources to house all the caravan members for six months.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández told Vice President Mike Pence that “the caravan was organized by leftist organizations.” Left-wing organizations are providing assistance. They include the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which stands for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. At least three of the groups are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Of course, exposing this is risky, because the left is fond of denying that Soros funds its ventures, labeling anyone who points out the connection as a conspiracy theorist. Kelly Johnston, a vice president at Campbell Soup, was fired after he tweeted about Soros funding the caravan.

Backman says the rocks being thrown by caravan members are not just little rocks, but large ones that can kill people. Mexican law enforcement vehicles have iron mesh over all of their windows due to the rock throwing. Unfortunately, law enforcement is armed with guns that are little more than paint guns.

The rock throwing escalated in recent days as the caravan reached Tijuana. The migrants are clashing with the locals, who are marching in the streets demanding that they leave public spaces and report to shelters. The locals yell “Go home. We don’t want you here!” Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum referred to the arrivals as “bums.” “Human rights should be reserved for righteous humans,” he said. At least three journalists were injured in fistfights and other violence. Some of the migrants refuse to stay in the shelters, comparing them to jails. According to The New York Times, the caravan “is already threatening a potential crisis for Tijuana and the surrounding state of Baja California.”

Instead of trying to illegally cross the border into California, the caravan members are waiting at the border to apply for asylum. But they don’t qualify for asylum under international law, Backman observes. There’s no war going on in Honduras. At least 1,400 have applied for asylum in the U.S. It will be weeks before their turn to present their case comes. Meanwhile, they are remaining in Tijuana near the border, where locals and churches are providing them with food and clothes.

The U.S. Border Patrol is out in force along the Tijuana-California border. American workers rushed to complete the border wall there. President Trump is sending the military to the border merely as assistance to the National Guard — he’s not militarizing the border. But the Mexican media is warning that Trump is going to use force on the border. They are also falsely attempting to portray the caravan as primarily women and children.

President Trump tweeted about the caravan, “Isn’t it ironic that large caravans of people are marching to our border wanting U.S.A. asylum because they are fearful of being in their country – yet they are proudly waving their country’s flag,” he wrote. “Can this be possible? Yes, because it is all a BIG CON, and the American taxpayer is paying for it.” Trump refers to the caravan as “an invasion.”

It is no way near over. A man within the Mexican government told Backman there are more caravans coming from three other countries; Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. Officials in Baja California say there are currently 9,000 migrants moving through Mexico in caravans.


Violence breaks out as first group from migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana


Members of a migrant caravan currently in Mexico clashed with residents in Tijuana on Thursday night after residents demanded that the migrants leave public spaces and report to shelters.

USA Today reports that Tijuana police were forced to separate groups of migrants and local residents, who were marching through city streets demanding police action, according to the newspaper.

At least 750 migrants from a thousands-strong caravan of Central American migrants bound for a U.S. port of entry are currently in Tijuana as groups of families from the caravan break off over issues of security and qualms about the caravan's slow pace through Mexico.

Local officials called on migrants to obey local laws and regulations, adding that they could only provide assistance to the caravan if members followed guidelines.

“The message to the migrant population is very clear,” Francisco Rueda Gómez, secretary of government of Baja California, said in a statement according to USA Today. “We are providing them with humanitarian support, health care and food, however the need to take into consideration the rules of the shelters so they can coexist in harmony with the local population.”

At least three journalists were injured in fistfights and other violence after midnight, according to the newspaper, which occurred after residents gathered to demand the migrants vacate a public beach.

Some members of the caravan likened local shelters to prisons, explaining that it was more comfortable for them to avoid the shelters entirely.

“For this reason — because this is oppression — we prefer to be in the streets, in the cold, rather than in a jail,” immigrant activist Irineo Mujica, who is working with the caravan, told the newspaper.

President Trump and Republicans focused their rhetoric on immigration reform and warnings about the caravan of migrants ahead of last week's midterm elections in attacks that some said were racist in nature. The GOP went on to lose dozens of seats in the House, but maintained its majority in the Senate.


Breaking: Migrant Climbs Wall In Face Off With U.S. Troop At Tijuana Border

Published on Nov 15, 2018

Breaking: Migrant Climbs Wall In Face Off With U.S. Troop At Tijuana Border

Several hundred Central American migrants arrived Wednesday in the Mexican border city of Tijuana after a month of traveling away from poverty and violence at home in hopes of entering the United States.

About 800 migrants are now in Tijuana, and many said they would stay there and wait for the rest of their caravan to arrive and for leaders to advise them on their options for seeking U.S. asylum. Some of the early arrivals went to the border fence to celebrate.

The bulk of the migrant group, about 4,000 people mostly from Honduras, is making its way through the state of Sonora and is expected to arrive in Tijuana in a few days.


Migrant caravan arrives at U.S.-Mexico border

Yahoo News Photo Staff

The bulk of the migrant caravan crossing Mexico began arriving Thursday at the U.S. border, as around 800 Central Americans reached the city of Tijuana aboard 22 buses after more than a month’s trek.

“We’ve finally reached Tijuana. I can’t wait to see the border. It’s been a never-ending journey, but God brought us here,” said Carmen Soto, a Honduran migrant traveling with her two young children.

More than 750 migrants who had traveled ahead of the main caravan had already arrived over the past several days in Tijuana, which sits across the border from San Diego, California.

More than 3,000 others are on the way, expected to reach the border Thursday or Friday in buses organized by charities, private donors and local authorities.

Across the border, nearly 6,000 troops deployed by Donald Trump have been busy erecting concrete barriers and razor-wire fences to keep out what the  president has described as an “invasion.”

The caravan began its journey on October 13 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras — more than 4,300 kilometers (2,700 miles) from Tijuana. (AFP)

James Mattis Press Briefing on MILITARY to Stop MIGRANT CARAVAN at US - Mexico Border

Published on Nov 14, 2018

Secretary of Defense James Mattis holds news conference as he's heading to Texas-Mexico border to meet solders as troops preparing to stop migrant caravan to cross southern border.


Pentagon to Deploy 5200 Troops to Southern Border Stop Migrant Caravan - Oct 29, 2018

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Defense and Homeland Security officials hold a joint news conference on the deployment of 5,200 troops to stop a migrant caravan should it attempt to cross the U.S. border with Mexico.

Homan on migrant caravan: Be thankful Trump is president

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Former ICE acting director talks immigration policy and border security on 'America's Newsroom.'


The migrant caravan a national security issue?

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan on the U.S. military sending troops to the border with Mexico.


The Latest: Migrant dies in clash at border bridge

A Central American migrant taunts Mexican authorities at a border bridge crossing connecting Guatemala and Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. A new group of migrants, who called themselves a second caravan, gathered on a bridge after forcing their way through a gate at the Guatemalan end. (AP Photo/Santiago Billy)

TAPANATEPEC, Mexico (AP) — The latest on the caravan of Central American migrants making their way through southern Mexico (all times local):

9:20 p.m.

A 26-year-old Honduran migrant has died of a head wound after a group of migrants clashed with Guatemalan and Mexican police on a border bridge between the two countries.

Guatemalan volunteer firefighters said they tried to treat the man Sunday but the injury apparently from a rubber bullet was too severe.

The Honduran migrants broke down the metal gates at the Guatemalan and Mexican border stations at the Suchiate River after authorities in both countries closed them. Firefighters said dozens of people were hurt.

Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete says his country's police were not carrying guns, not even to fire rubber bullets. He says federal police were attacked with "stones, firecrackers, glass bottles and glass bottles," and some of the aggressors were carrying firearms and gasoline bombs.

Navarrete said Mexico was in communication with Central American governments about the disturbances and "rejects the displays of violence that occurred today at the border with Guatemala."


DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Holds Press Conference at Border Wall Near California 10/26/18


'Everything Is on the Table': Nielsen on Response to Migrant Caravan

Nielsen on response to migrant caravan, pipe bomb threat - Oct 25, 2018

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sat down with Martha MacCallum for an exclusive interview, and she had a warning for the caravan of thousands of migrants shambling toward the southern U.S. border.

President Trump has firmly stated that migrants will not be allowed to enter the country illegally, and hundreds of U.S. troops are set to make their way to the southern border to help Homeland Security and National Guard troops deal with the caravan.

To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally. Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!

Nielsen echoed the president's words with a warning for any migrants who illegally cross the U.S. border: "You will be returned home."

She pointed out that Mexico has offered asylum to the migrants, so if they are truly fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries, they don't need to make it all the way to the U.S.

"They should be seeking refuge in Mexico," Nielsen said. "To ignore, basically, refuge and continue, in some cases, to come to the United States raises questions of what their real motives are."

She added that many of the migrants may not understand that looking for work or seeking to reunite with family members in the U.S. does not count as asylum, and they will not be able to stay in the country.

"If they come here illegally with no legitimate reason to stay, they absolutely will be apprehended and removed immediately," Nielsen said, adding that "everything is on the table" for how to deal with the caravan.

When MacCallum asked if that could include cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador -- the countries many of the migrants originated from -- Nielsen reiterated that any and all measures are possible to protect America’s borders and citizens.

"This caravan cannot come to the United States. They will not be allowed in. They will not be allowed to stay."

Watch the exclusive interview in the clips above and below.

Nielsen on response to migrant caravan, pipe bomb threat - Oct 25, 2018

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