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纽约华人母女肉身霸车位 网络疯传 引反移民声浪


纽约华人母女肉身霸车位 网络疯传 引反移民声浪




华裔驾驶尼可拉斯.周(Nicholas Chew)在脸书指出,10日早上他到法拉盛吃港式点心,周六本就难找车位,刚巧在39大道与138街大停车场看到个位子,正转弯停进去,就有年轻女子跑出来,不断摇手示意他不能停。

Girl in Parking Spot

Published on Mar 10, 2018

Excuse the language in the video.

This morning, we went to have dimsum in Flushing and drove into the big parking lot that everyone packs into on weekends. Saw a spot and started driving towards it when this girl comes running in while I'm turning into the spot. She stands there saying that she was here first and that I should find another spot. Their car was a white Jeep Compass. Tell me if you see it anywhere at all in the beginning of the video rightfully waiting for that spot -- you don't because the car is at the next aisle of the lot. She and her mom then had the audacity to call me unreasonable. It was already about halfway through this video when their car finally made it to the spot and tried to come up real close to my car as if it was going to intimidate me to leave. I'm sure we've all had our share of standing in spots hoping to save it for someone, but if another car gets there first, we don't act like little entitled children like these two here.

While eating dimsum, I had some second thoughts of maybe their car was, in fact, on the right side waiting for the spot and we just didn't see it. So I pulled the dashcam video and lo and behold, no white Jeep Compass anywhere in sight. And you can even see she runs from the other aisle.

If anyone knows these women, please point them to this video.

And the lady who ended up giving me her spot to end this, you the real MVP, thank you.

Just to clarify, I left because the woman who came at the end offered to give the women her spot because she saw that there were a lot of poor souls stuck behind us because of this situation (there's no space to go around). I knew that they, being the idiots that they are, would not leave this spot. So I sucked it up and decided to take the high road and take the woman's spot and go enjoy my dim sum while they remain the miserable fucks that they probably are. If there wasn't a giant line of innocent bystander cars stuck because of us, I definitely would not have moved.






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