Recycling in MD


Out with your old appliance, in with $50.

Let us recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer, and we’ll give you $50! Plus, get an extra $25 if you recycle your working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time.

Recycling your old appliances helps to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Lower emissions of ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases
  • Prevent releases of PCBs (toxic chemicals), mercury, and used oil into the environment
  • Reduce the need for new raw materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass, and plastic

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These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration.

Q. (@KK) 请问一下装修后剩下的大件垃圾如何处理?

A. (@MissJ) 可以打电话给 


Tel: 800-364-5778

Q. 谁知道去哪里可以扔东西啊,坏的健身自行车,最好免费哈,还有gas grill

A. (@Annie)

Solid Waste Transfer Station - Montgomery County
16101 N Frederick Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Tel: 240-777-0311

Q. 请问是免费的吗?

A. (@Annie) 是的。垃圾场东西分类,车子开进去后路旁的 sign 有提示

Q. 旧冰箱有人要吗。需要清洗但还能用。免费。

A. 给Pepco打电话,他们免费拉走,并且给你$50。

A. 记得这个地方收旧冰箱。这次咱们的冰箱是给了搞装修的师傅六十块钱.

A. 如果冰箱还可以使用,打电话捐给 Salvation Army,可以抵税的.

Q. 请问大家旧的不用的洗衣机烘干机怎么处理?

A. 换新的话,商店会免费或很少钱给拿走。要是不换新的,可打电话到垃圾公司,他们会定时间pick up,但需要出一些钱(好像$10左右一件)。要是自己有大车也可自己送到county的recycling center(Fairfax的在Fairfax Costco对面).

A. 放craiglist 免费送给收废铁的来拿.

A. 蒙郡打蒙郡废铁回收电话,免费pickup. Please check:

Q. 能否给个电话,我记得是一年两次免费,要丢一些床垫书架啥的,谢了先.

A. 床垫书架沙发属于Bulk Trash Collection,要看情况,如你家的垃圾是Montgomery County负责收,则一年可以约五次。如果是社区Contract的私人公司收,请直接和那个公司约时间Pickup (可能免费,也可能收费)。洗衣机等属于Scrap Metal,是免费收的。蒙郡的Bulk trash 和Scrap metal collection 可以打311 (240-777-0311)预约,也可以在网上填表

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