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Accent Reduction & American Accent Development

Coach Mike Speech against J.E.B. Stuart H.S. Name Change at FCPS School Board Meeting - 7/13/2017

Coach Mike’s Accent Reduction and American Accent Development Program - Free Workshop

Every Wednesday 10PM Eastern Time

Coach Mike’s Virtual Classroom

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  • 很勤奋聪明,技,可是常常被一些能会道的人功,自己只能年复一年的当基层码农

  • 目出现问题时,有些人把失加在我上,而我无法清楚准确地表达自己,而无辜受欺,忍气吞声

  • 语发音不正,影响到面效果,影响到工作升迁,影响到薪金

  • 为语语调不准确,常常被人解或不耐烦, 吃亏受气 -- 交通法庭,交通事故,信用卡公司款,纠纷

  • 的孩子也开始抱怨: “Daddy (Mommy), it is not how to say it!”

  • 等等等等



  • Modify, through coaching and self-training, a non-native speaker’s pronunciation to render it more easily and effectively understood by native English speakers

  • Develop the standard Ameri-can accent, the form of speech used by newscasters and other media broadcasters in the U.S.

  • Enhance your professional advancement with polished, elegant English accent

  • Improve the quality of daily life with pleasant colloquial English

Accent Reduction / American English Development Ten-Week Course Syllabus


  1. 自我评价 Self-evaluation exercise (prior and after the program)

  2. 职场和生活常用词Frequently used words in the professional life and daily life

  3. 元音 Vowels: long vowels, short vowels, and R-controlled vowels

  4. 辅音 Consonants: L, F vs V, W vs V, L vs N, L vs R, zzz, zh, t, S vs TH

  5. 吞音 Dropped sounds (e.g., camera, favorite, and beverage)

  6. 连读 Linking (e.g., a lot of fun, everyone else, and kick off)

  7. 切入 Insert: w and y (go out, feel, and pool)

  8. 重音 Word stress (e.g., I didn’t say you delayed the project)

  9. 语调 Intonation – rise and fall, pitch, and pace

  10. 复杂词汇 Long words (e.g., characterization, statistics, hierarchical, and equilibrium)




3.美国之音特殊英语 / TED Talk



Please register through Coach Mike’s Virtual Classroom. Tuition is assessed separately. Coach Mike's Coach Meeting Room is

Mike拥有18年美国知名公司经验(包括12年以上领导层经验( 四大会计师事务所及美国联邦金融监管机构),持有特许金融师(CFA)和注册会计师(CPA)执照,工商管理硕士。MikeToastmasters的成员。Toastmasters是一个专门培养沟通和领导能力的国际组织,在全球116个国家拥有分支机构。Mike拥有Distinguished Toastmasters (“DTM”) DTM Toastmasters的最高荣誉-全球四百万会员中只有少于2%的成员获此殊荣。Mike在大华府地区的Toastmasters讲(励志,幽默及兴演讲)比赛中取得过冠亚军的成绩。 Attached please find students’ testimonials about Coach Mike’s Accent Reduction Program.

“Improve the qualify of your life, through elegant verbal communications.”

Coach Mike’s Contact Information: 703-606-0270;; WeChat: mnie0002

Testimonial One

My English got improved a lot after taking the "Accent Reduction Class." Coach Mike corrected my ending sounds like "m," "r," and “t," and vowels like "a", difficult pronunciations like "sh," "sch" and "th."  Now at least I don't need to repeat my sentences when I talk to people especially over the phone.  The weekly evaluation on my homework really helps a lot. Mike can exactly point out all wrong pronunciations I made.   

At my workplace, before I took this class, usually my boss would not ask me to do a training to other people. After 10 weeks classes with Mike, one day I did an hour training when the regular trainer was absent.  After that, when my boss asked my co-worker whether she could understand what I said, my co-worker said "yes, even better."  I feel so happy about that.


April 2015

Testimonial Two

Since I started with Mike's accent reduction class, I have been paying more attention to how native speakers talk. Mike provides a service (for a small fee) to evaluate your recordings and pinpoint where you need to improve. I found the feedback very useful to help me improve. To reduce our foreign accent, we need to figure out what goes wrong first (e.g., there are many words with silent “t” that I didn't realize before taking the class, although we use the words on a daily basis).  

Coach Mike's class provides students with impromptu opportunities to speak to the whole class without advance preparation. Students also learn useful patterns in business settings such as conference call, negotiation and interview.

If you want to improve your spoken English, take the class.

Qian Kun

April 2015

Testimonial Three

I am taking the American Accent class with Mike Nie this Spring semester. Mike's class is well designed and organized. There are always a lot of different, interactive activities that actively challenge both my pronunciation and communication abilities, and our class has a lot of fun doing those activities.

Mike is helpful and encouraging, and I always look forward to attending his class. Overall, I have had a great experience so far. I have made significant improvement in both my pronunciation and communication skills. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in improving their English.


Testimonial Four

The accent reduction class really helps me improve my accent. Not only do I get extensive training in the class, the after-class exercises also prove to be indispensable for continuous improvement. The class is more than accent reduction. It also touches upon many valuable topics, for example, workplace communications, negotiation, education, sales, etc.

I can't thank Mike enough. He is very dedicated and passionate. His enthusiasm is contagious. I couldn't ask for more from the class.


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