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Developer and Submitting Engineer

  • Inova Engineering Consultants Inc.
25209 Larks Ter
South Riding, VA 20152

Contact: Ram Pradhan

Tel: 703-655-3951

  • Canaan Real Estate Engineering Services
Land rezoning, special application, subdivision, site development plan

Engineering services include rezoning, special application, special exception, subdivision, and site planning, site construction, site development plan preparation, and city, county and state Level permitting for your land.

3138 Golansky Blvd., Suite 201 
Woodbridge, VA 22192 

Tel: 703-851-0368             

Soil Study
  • DMY Capitol, LLC
4400 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 304
Washington, DC 20007

Tel: (202) 741-9159
Fax: (202) 741-9160

Wayne Ma
Tel: 571-926-0362

Last update: 01/15/2018