骗取政府可负担屋出租牟利 硅谷夫妇住280万大宅


骗取政府可负担屋出租牟利 硅谷夫妇住280万大宅

湾区CBS电视找到被起诉的女事主诺瓦克(Caroline Novak)。(电视新闻截图)

旧金山的房价高不可攀,而且爆发房屋短缺的危机,因此市政府兴建了不少可负担房屋(affordable housing)的公寓单位,提供给中低收入的家庭,让他们也可以有一居所。但市府律师夏雷拉(Dennis Herrera)发现,可负担房屋被人取巧,用作图利,于是展开打击行动。他6日起诉一对旧金山夫妇,这对夫妇将申请到的一个可负担单位出租图利,另一方面他们自己却住在硅谷一栋280万元的大房子。

被起诉的夫妇是诺瓦克(Caroline Novak)和洛斯文(Igor Lotvvin);起诉书说,夫妇俩违法取得位于比奥街300号街段的一个可负担单位,又违法将单位出租;他们不住在这个单位,却住在红木城高档社区翡翠山(Emerald Hills)一栋280万元的大房子里。









SF City Attorney: Couple Rented Out Low-Income Apartment While Living in $2.8 MIllion Home

By Susie Steimle

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit against a Bay Area couple, accusing them of illegally taking advantage of the city’s affordable housing program.

The lawsuit claims Caroline Novak and Igor Lotsvin illegally obtained an affordable studio unit on the 300 block of Beale Street and illegally rented it out, while they lived in a $2.8 million home in the exclusive Redwood City neighborhood of Emerald Hills.

“The entire purchase was predicated on a lie. She lied not only on her initial application saying that she didn’t own property but she continued with a series of lies over the years,” spokesperson for the City Attorney’s office John Cote said.

    SF City Attorney: Couple Rented Out Low-Income Apartment While Living in $2.8 MIllion Home

    “Basically we wanted to understand how the system works for you guys, because we have heard that you are supposed to live in the unit,” KPIX 5 said to her.

    Novak responded: “I do live there.”

    KPIX 5: “So this is not your house?”

    Novak: “I am just staying here, for a couple days.”

    “The fact that you were able to talk to her in her driveway was beneficial and shows she was in fact living in this house,” said Cote.

    “San Francisco is grappling with an unprecedented housing crisis,” Herrera said in a statement. “The City’s affordable housing program is not an investment scheme to be manipulated by would-be real estate moguls looking to profit off the housing crisis.”

    “It’s unconscionable that this couple would cheat an eligible San Franciscan out of an affordable home, just so they can keep an investment property and a pied-à-terre,” the city attorney went on to say. “Those days are over.”

    The lawsuit alleges that Novak lied on her affordable housing application back in 1999, saying she did not already own a property, when she owned a home in San Mateo.

    Along with illegal renting of the unit, Novak and Lotsvin are also accused of leveraging the unit as security for more than $1.5 million in loans and lines of credit.

    The lawsuit claims they have lived in Redwood City since 2015.

    Herrera is seeking to require the couple to sell the property to a qualified owner, along with civil penalties.

    The city attorney’s office said this is the 22nd case so far in Herrera’s investigation into affordable housing fraud.


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