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Mike Nie Speech December 7, 2017

Good evening. I will talk about architectural and engineering contract. As a CPA and financial professional with 20 years of experience, I read the 2106 school board financial report. Three things catch up my attention:

  1. The school board shall maintain a strong budgetary control to ensure (1) all procurements are in compliance with regulations; (2) contracts are awarded in a fair and transparent manner; and (3) prevent wasteful and inefficient use of capital resources.

  2. On page 11, FCPS experienced a dismal year financially, with negative net position of $673 million in 2016. This is a continuation of $768 million in 2015. Something must be done to re-balance the budget.

  3. On page 15, over 75% of the capital assets are in building or building improvement, or $1.8 billion. We spent hundreds of million dollars in building maintenance, building renovation, equity and utilities.

To regain budget balance, we must make creative, tough, inconvenient and sometimes painful decisions and solutions. Architectural and engineering will be one meaningful way to contain the building operational costs. I propose three solutions to the contractors and engineers.

  1. Optimize lighting in buildings and rooms. Some rooms have 12+ lights, hurting the eyes, hurting the electricity bill and hurting the planet. Please do a survey and get rid of the excessive lighting.

  2. Adjust thermostat by one degree. Often I hear complaints from students that the room is freezing cold in summer or sweating hot in winter, because we overrun the AC and over-burn the furnace. Adjust by one degree and we can save at least $20 million utilities bills a year.

  3. Install smart room switch. If we can use iPhone to turn on / off switch at home or dim the light, our engineers can install the similar thing with auto switch to prevent unnecessary light, air conditioning or furnacing.

I urge the school board to take a hard look at these issues to rebalance the budget, right-size architectural and engineering equipment, and most importantly, reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you.



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RECAP OF DEC 7 FCSB MEETING:  School Board taught Harmful History of Sex Education

By Eric Johnson

The December 7 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) meeting and agenda was subdued compared to recent past, as the thieving crooks appeared to want to take a breather to see if anybody was following their trail.  It is happy to report that the community of concerned citizens are hot on their trail, as several concerned citizens spoke out and confronted them on their poor management and priorities.

Indoctrinating Young Children in the Schools with Harmful Sex Ideology

The first speaker was a concerned citizen named Kathleen who spoke on the harmful history of sex education in America, which the Fairfax County School system has participated in for nearly 40 years with its ever expansive FLE (sex ed) which has also expanded beyond the class rooms and invaded our homes and communities in unwanted and harmful ways.  Her powerful speech can be watched at the 26:42  mark at  https://youtu.be/KBLHQ1rVsog?t=1602 .

FCPS School Board Meeting - December 7, 2017

She points out the entire history of sex education in America is rooted in the now discredited and manufactured studies of “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey from the 1940s who documented various sex practices and dramatically inflated the numbers so as to present as common and normal (including adultery, homosexuality, and even pedophilia).  However, in all Kinsey’s manufactured sex research and studies (which he even participated in), he never attempted to measure, document, or report on the negative and destructive aspects of these sex behaviors (which Judeo-Christian values had guarded and protected against).

Not only was Kinsey’s manufactured research used to justify and launch the porn industry (started by Hugh Hefner and Playboy), it was used to start the sexual revolution and sex industry by Kinsey’s disciples.  The sex industrial complex then attempted to gradually expand its markets into every aspect of American life over the next 60 years, including infiltrating the public education system, whose goal was not to just target natural hormone driven teenagers, but also indoctrinating young children with their harmful sex ideology (aka, grooming).

That is why there is 80 hours of ever expanding (FLE) sex education in the public schools when one hour use to suffice.  That is why attempts to introduce transgenderism and homosexuality is now occurring to kindergarten students. 

And nowhere is there any discussion of the negative impacts from the sexual revolution started by Kinsey’s and his disciples discredited research, who’s harmful and destructive legacy includes broken homes, fatherless children, family instability, crime, drugs and alcohol abuse, pornography, prostitution, pursuit of perversion, child sex abuse, child exploitation, unwanted children, abortion, rampant STDS, low self esteem, depression, and suicides.  She also stated that the legacy includes the epidemic of sexual harassment now being reported.

The current FLE (Sex Ed) program in Fairfax County is an affront and assault on the health, vitality, safety, and ability to create a caring culture for the family, community, and civilization to thrive.  Solutions include discussing and exposing the harmful truth, providing alternatives to FLE (Sex Ed), and cleaning up the current FLE (sex ed) to help the next generation, not hurt them. 

But it takes concerned people to not just recognize the problem, but also rise up and join others to take the needed action to fix the problem which will only get worse and worse, as more and more children are harmed.

Other Poor Management and Priorities in the Fairfax County Schools

Another concerned parent and CPA named Mike spoke and provided insightful testimony can be watched at the 20:03 mark at  https://youtu.be/KBLHQ1rVsog?t=1203 .

He basically said that while the school board cries for more public tax money to spend, the school board’s priorities and focus are toward wasting money (on a myriad of things like excessive sex ed, school name changes, new unneeded programs, and plush facilities for administrators), when it should be on maximizing the performance and resources currently entrusted by the taxpayers and citizens. 

He then provided the example that while the current capital budget is hundreds of millions of dollars, many millions in potential annual savings could be found just by better management of lighting system, better building temperature control, and incorporation of automated controls and sensors to maximize facilities management and reduce expensive energy costs.  But where it starts with better leadership and management in the schools!

Actions to Take in Next Several Weeks:

1)     The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday December 14.  Speakers and videos are welcomed (on any subject you want). 


2)     Consider attending on December 11 the Meet and Greet with New School Board Superintendent Dr. Brabrand from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Cafeteria of Luther Jackson Middle School.  Dr. Brabrand states this is the last of five community conversations he wants to have this Fall to hear directly on what students, parents, and community members are thinking about.   


Feel free to let him know what you think about policy 1450 (Boys in Girls Locker Rooms), 80 hours of sex ed, class size increases, budget waste, unnecessary and costly school name changes, etc.  If concerned parents and citizens do not show up and provide them feedback, then the opposition is left to dominate the discussion.


3)     Help obtain petition signatures to Recall School Board member Sandy Evans, who appears to have been caught making false statements, engaging in dishonest and unethical behavior, and violating numerous school policies and regulations. 


The Recall Sandy Evans effort is said to be nearly 80% toward achieving the necessary petition signatures in Mason District.  They need helpers and money at www.recallsandyevans.org , and anybody can volunteer to help out in obtaining petition signatures from Mason District residents.


If 1,200 petition signatures are obtained, then the Recall group will submit their petition and complaint (drafted by their lawyer) to the local judge who will validate to ensure legally justified.  If successful, then a special election will be held to replace Sandy Evans.  But the first step is to get petition signatures from 10% of the 12,000 registered voters in Mason District who participate in the last election.


Mason District is basically the area inside the Beltway from Annandale to Falls Church and Bailey’s Cross Roads.  It includes JEB Stuart, Thomas Jefferson, Annandale, and Falls Church High Schools.



By Eric Johnson


As the Washington Post 1981 article (the year President Reagan took office) indicates, the moral decay started over 35 years ago and has continued...

Fairfax School Board Lifts Ban On 'Big 5' Sex Education Topics

By Pat Bauer from May 15, 1981

The Fairfax County School Board last night ended five years of turbulent debate over the county's high school sex education program by lifting a prohibition on classroom discussions of contraception, abortion, masturbation, homosexuality and rape.

By an 8-to-2 vote, the board agreed to liberalize what has been considered the Washington area's most restrictive sex education program over the protests of many county residents, who had argued that the change would undermine the moral character of the county's youth.

The board reiterated, however, that no student will be required to take the revised sex education course, which will be introduced in eight of the county's 23 high schools next fall. Under the plan approved last night, parents will be given the right to choose whether their children will take either the sex education course or one of two other courses designed as alternatives.

In calling for the plan's approval, board members said the school system has a responsibility to give its students the information and judgment to resolve the difficult choices they will face in everyday life. "Ignorance is not bliss, and it will not lead to chastity or anything else," said board member Eltse carter.

Students in county sex education classes now will be permitted to discuss what teachers call the "Big Five" sex topics. The program abolishes a county rule that requires students to submit all questions about sex in writing; teachers have hitherto been forbidden to anwer any questions dealing with the five taboo subjects.

Conservative religious groups and antiabortion activists were vehement in their opposition to the proposal for expanding the Fairfax program, and Elizabeth Burch, a representative of the Northern Virginia Movement to Restore Decency, said last night she was "absolutely horrified" at the board's decision.

"There are no values being taught here. Students won't know what's right or wrong, she said. "It's not right to have premarital sex. It's not right to have an abortion. The Ten Commandments should be their standards."

Burch's concerns were similar to those voice earlier by board member Gary L. Jones, a top Education Department official in the Reagan administration, who had waged an unsuccessful battle to continue the county's ban on in-school discussions of abortion, homosexualty and masturbation.

Board Chairman Ann P. Kahn maintained that county staff had incorporated moral guidelines in the course curriculum.

"I think the most essential value is there in the course," she said. "We're teaching students to begin to assume responsibility for the course of their own lives, and to understand that responsibility goes far further than the pleasures of the moment."

Describing the view of the board majority earlier yesterday, Kahn said, "We don't see it as a liberal-conservative kind of question. I don't think it would be conservative to let an epidemic of teen-age pregnancies continue in this country.

"We're looking for a constructive way of helping parents work with their children on these issues. I don't think that's a liberal view. I think it's a practical view." she said.

The program approved last night gives parents the option of enrolling their 10th-grade students in a four-week unit of an elective biology course that includes a full discussion of the controversial topics, or they may choose a course that contains only a limited discussion of human reproduction. Under a third option, parents could enroll their children in an environmental sciences biology unit.

The county's current "family life curriculum," as it is called, has been consistently criticized by students, who say they could learn more about sex by reading magazines and watching television than they could in county classrooms. The classes are, in fact, so limited that less than 2 percent of eligible high school students even sign up to take them.

A recent school survey found that 75 percent of Fairfax parents favored expansion of the course, while another survey by the county's Parent-Teacher Associations found that an even greater majority of students took that positions.

School board members said yesterday the county's high school dropout rate, which has increased from 964 students in the 1975-6 school year to 1,061 last year, was one of their biggest concerns in approving the program expansion. Most teen-age girls who drop out of school leave as a result of pregnancy, they said.

Opponents of the program had argued that a sex education curriculum would encourage pregnancies by implying that sexual activity is acceptable.

School officials said they plan to expand the new sex education program, which will begin in only eight schools in the fall, to all county high schools next year.

Joining board member Jones in voting against the new program was member Anthony T. Lane. Student board member David McCreight, who does not have a vote, registered as approving of the program.

(VA) FCPS Students Being Given Surveys with Three Genders, Parents Outraged

FCPS Students being given surveys with Three Genders. 😡😡😡


(10/12/2017 @Matt) 

Rocky Run Middle School survey. I was shocked by the gender selection. Youths and adults have a third option! Pathetic school board uses gender neutralization to poison students and parents. 

(10/12/2017 @Emily)

Please be clear we are not against LGBT. We are against LGBT have more rights than other students. We are against FCPS promoting LGBT life styles to turn normal kids to LGBT.

(10/12/2017 @Chris)

As hard as we are working to educate and train our kids, this gigantic FCPS train is going in the wrong direction, fast and furious, insanely derailed, pathetically off the track and completely devoid of common sense. Even if we can't get the train back on track, at least we can put up a fight and tell our kids about it!!!

(10/12/2017 @Jane)


(10/12/2017 @Tom)

Be sure to send emails to the FCPS SB members to let them know what you think about LGBT History Month.

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David Chen,
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