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(VA) Methodology behind the Controversial "One Fairfax Policy"

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Methodology behind Generating the controversial "One Fairfax Policy"


Just wanted to let you know that we have been researching the "One Fairfax Policy" and how it was written.  The "One Fairfax Policy" is a joint policy written between the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Fairfax County School Board.  It is my understanding that they have staff write the thing and then present it to a (rigged and loaded) committee called SCYPT (see links below for the committees members and description).  Then SCYPT just rubber stamps their endorsement, and then gives the appearance that the community has provided feedback.  

Going forward, we need to get a representative on SCYPT from Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County (CPEFC), and the Chinese American Parent Association of Fairfax County (CAPAFC) and/or other groups and means.  We should demand access and a place at the table.   Also, they should open up the comment process to all citizens, not just those on the selected committee of insiders.

Please think about this.  However, if we are serious about changing the system we must engage the system, and this is how it currently operates, and we are missing the boat.  

Best regards,

Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County (CPEFC)

Charter for the Successful Children and Youth Policy Team - Fairfax County, Virginia

In order to become confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens, all Fairfax’s
children need to be: safe, nurtured ...

One Fairfax Racial & Social Quotas thru "Equity" power at primary school levels - trial balloons? coming our way?

By Mary Colchao 

Are school systems implementing Racial quotas for AAP and IB at primary school levels or not?

According to the article further below they may have tried in Winchester, VA this Fall though they deny it as a policy.

According to another article, they are doing so in Chicago.

Another shows Equity Teams in Seattle and Minneapolis set to make sure of Racial Equity is ever present in school programs.

Now, those may be worst case scenarios or perhaps they are further along in a phase rollout?

Or perhaps they use nondescript language to allow systems to test market parental response with trial balloons before plowing in more when patents don't react and giving themselves room to back pedal to their nonspecific language if an uproar occurs?

I read somewhere that some 50 cities are gearing up or already implementing for similar programs?!   https://www.google.com/amp/www.governing.com/topics/mgmt/gov-racial-equity-center-social-inclusion.html%3fAMP

In our sneaky county, you'll notice quite a difference between the One Fairfax description on Fairfax County's website and any background reasoning behind it and again in the Resolution published in July 2016, and again in the more recent very nondescript FCPS version.  You'll see less and less words about Racial or Social Equity.  This is odd because proving and solving racial and social inequities is one of, if not the whole, reason for the resolution's existence and all of the money and time already and going to be spent on it.

Well, we need to cause an uproar before it has a chance to occur here.  The resolution is illegal for not involving the public, racial quotas are discriminatory violating civil rights acts and Constitional rights, and don't even work - see "https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2017/09/01/time_to_drop_colleges_racial_quotas_and_preferences_134890.amp.html"

As well, social quotas for SOGI are baseless, not Constitutional, and also illegal for being implemented without GA approval.





(VA) One Fairfax Policy - Our Story

Dear FCPS Superintendent and Board,

One Fairfax Policy: “The commitment to promote fairness and justice in the formation of public policy that results in all residents – regardless of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status or neighborhood of residence or other characteristics…”

Reading from your beautifully worded One Fairfax Policy, I couldn’t tell whether my children will be penalized for the very core value ingrained in them since birth, work ethic: one common factor that our community has been holding on tightly and proudly for thousands of years.

Over 20 years ago, I landed on this Land of Opportunities with two suitcases of American Dreams.  It didn’t matter that I had no family in this country.  It didn’t matter that I would always speak with an accent.  It didn’t matter that I had to work three jobs to complete my graduate school.  I believed, as all aspiring immigrants believed, that America was a place where your dreams come true if you were willing to work hard, really hard!

Now I have two young children to raise and guide.  I told them how I left family and friends behind, and how I crossed the land and ocean to pursue the inspiring American Dream. I told them how, on the first night and in my America dorm, I cooked and ate ramen noodles with two tooth brushes (since I had no utensils).  I told them how I cherished the rich resources at the libraries, devouring books after books.  I told them how my car was always the last lonely car in the dark parking lot outside the school computer lab for over 1,000 nights...

Not to mention how many sleepless nights when I was learning 20,000 English words.  Not to mention the 8,000 accounting, tax, law, auditing multiple choices I studied in order to pass the CPA exam.  Not to mention thousands of "no's" I said to the invitations to parties, movies and entertaining activities...Not to mention the soul-piercing homesickness and loneliness…Not to mention the 15-hour work day for a decade...

As all aspiring and loving parent desires, I also desire to prepare my children for a brighter future: one with an immense work ethic.  I told them whenever there was a lot of horse-crap piling up in my life, mommy didn't stop and indulge in a pity party or complain about how unfair life was; mommy always looked up with cheerful and anticipating eyes, and said, "There must be a pony somewhere!"  Hard I worked, looking for that pony!

I ask my children since they were toddlers: "What do we do every day?"  They tell me proudly every night before sleep: “Mommy, I work hard, have fun and do impossible things!”

Work ethic is work ethic.  My 4-year-old says, “Mommy, there is no shortcut”.  My 10-year-old says: “Life is never fair; however, hard work pays off”.

Work ethic transcends age, race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status… Did you include that in your policy?  Why can't we include that in the policy?  Why don't we include in the policy something that can truly and permanently transform a child for a better and happier life: the kind of life they have worked hard to earn?  Why can't we include an overarching policy that teaches our future generation the truth that human can only experience intrinsic, meaningful and lasting happiness after enduring a grueling journey of human becoming: you become a person you are inspired by through blood, sweats and tears of hard work?  There is no shortcut or magic pill of happiness!  You earn your stripes and you fall in love with who you become!

Now, as a deeply concerned parent, an involved citizen, and now a very very reluctant property taxpayer, I feel that One Fairfax policy begins to beg me for an array of disturbing questions: When my 10-year-old works hard and gets into the Advanced Academic Program, is that a crime to be penalized?  When hardworking children are willing to practice violin, viola or cello an hour a day, does the color of their skin really matter in order to apply for an advanced orchestra?  Is that also a crime to be penalized?  When any child works extremely hard and sacrifices at their tender years to qualify for the admission to one of the nation’s best ranking Thomas Jefferson High School, should they be rejected because the school might implement a race-based quota system?  Is their work ethic and sacrifice also a crime to be penalized?

I asked my children these questions.  Fortunately, they still possess a common sense that is quite uncommon nowadays.  They gave me a resounding ‘NO’ to each of these questions.  I asked my children if there is a possibility that work ethic and merit will not be the universal measuring stick, but some perceived injustice or race or color or sex or sexual identity...should their mommy fight against that injustice on their behalf.  They gave me a resounding "YES"! 

2,500 years ago, one of the most influential historical educators, Confucius, said simply: "Truth resided in one's core values!"

If you could put aside your lens of age, race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status… all of which are just various outer expressions of our common inner world, and focus one core values, what would your answers be?  We are all equal before God, before the law, and I want to add one more: we are all equal before work ethic!  When we can instill work ethic in every FCPS student, we will see more happy and high-achieving children who cherish the value of earning an honor, not the value of a debilitating victimhood mentality.  Every hardworking human being has all been victimized at one time or another!  We just didn't stop there at the pile of crap.  We got up, dusted off and searching hard for the "pony"! 

We can't prepare our children for everything in life.  But we can prepare them with a set of core values that are underlying, constant, and timeless. The core value and the fabric that has bonded our community and our culture is work ethic.  We feel strongly discriminated when we are penalized for our work ethic.  We feel the painful racial injustice when our hardworking and sacrificing children are penalized for their work ethic.  We feel our core is mercilessly torn apart and trampled upon when we have to pay the double prices: one for the hardworking sacrifice and the other for the punishment as a result of our desire for excellence. 

As educators of our future generations, your priority is to instill in the students the underlying, constant and timeless core values, not a swinging political agenda, nor a temporary feel-good agenda.  If you really have the courage and vision to make a meaningful change in the lives of all students and all communities, you will issue policies that could help change their cultural and beliefs about work ethics, about education, about self-governing, about sacrifice, about earning one’s honor, about having a vision of doing good instead of feeling good; not any Band-Aid program that is seemingly helping them but leaving them only feel good temporarily.  However, in the long-run, their truth still resides in their core value.  I searched long and hard in your policy for words such as "work ethic", "hard-working" and "working hard".  One Fairfax Policy returned a mind-numbing blank stare at me.  As an hardworking immigrant who came to this country with bare hands, lofty ideals and an unshakable belief in work ethic to make my American Dream come true, I am deeply troubled: our children, your students will never truly feel good about who they are, and "reach their highest level of personal achievement" unless they are willing to embrace "work ethic".  Period!!!

As another inspiring FCPS mother said to me, "How foolish it is to think we can just pull an apple from one tree and string it on another tree and assume it will grow beautifully without having years of benefitting from healthy roots and environment!" 

Dear Superintendent and School Board Members, please ask yourself: Do you intend your One Fairfax Policy to grow the root for our future generations or simply pluck the fruit from one tree and string them on another tree?  I know that you would not do that for the apple trees in your garden.  Why on earth are we doing it to the tender seedlings in the FCPS garden of our precious future generation? 

You are the leaders of our FCPS community.  What you can see dictates and leads what the FCPS families can see.  When your policy can't pinpoint to the root cause, but only address the symptoms of the root cause, can you blame us for our lack of trust and faith in your vision and leadership?  Can you blame us for being reluctant property taxpayers to provide the funding to an education system that does not honor the very core of human excellence: work ethic?

In a confusing world such as today’s, something needs to remain constant and absolute.  That constant and absolute anchor for me, for my family and for our community is: work ethic!  It's my sincere hope that you, as the leaders of our education system, possess the wisdom and awareness that our children still need to look up to hard-working and high-performing examples of excellence.  Work ethic is not a crime to be penalized.  Work ethic is still and will always be an inspiring lighthouse in the stormy sea of life!  It’s my sincere plea that I can still tell my children: America is a place where your dreams come true if you are willing to work hard, really hard!

I request that FCPS board add language to the new One Fairfax Policy that explicitly “prohibits the new policy to install quotas and similar type programs that may harm or impact others,” and “prohibits the new policy from lessening the standards of discipline at the risk of discriminating or harming others”.

Unfair penalizing of High Achievers and Hard Working Students should not be allowed!

Please feel free to contact me at impactspeakingacademy.us@gmail.com

Sincerely yours,

Concerned FCPS Parent/Taxpayer, Alice Guo

Who's The Bully Now? Fairfax School Board Video Highlights
Cathy Ruse


Dear Friends,

Please read about the scandalous vote to change the JEB Stuart name, by an intrepid volunteer dad -- below.

As I've said before, this is not my issue. The sexual and psychological exploitation of children by the school board is what compels me.

But this JEB Stuart nonsense is revealing. Started and funded by outside agitators. Causing great pain and division. It shows the board's penchant for cultural marxism.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president in a new Republican Party founded to abolish slavery. The states that seceded during the Civil War were all democrat states. It's their flag. Their generals. Their mistakes. Opposing the destruction of monuments does not come from filiation with the cause they stood for. Obviously.

Here's where our 2 gubernatorial candidates are on this: 

Here's what's at the root of the PRIMAL SCREAM of identity politics today, from the great Mary Eberstadt: 


Don't forget to vote in 9 days!


RECAP OF OCTOBER 26 FCSB MEETING: Numerous Students Testify to Bullying and Threats by Name Changers and School Board Does Nothing

Eric Johnson


The October 26 Fairfax County School Board Meeting will go down in the record books as not only the meeting where the school board changed JEB Stuart to (In)Justice High School for a million dollars, but also what can only be described as the greatest dramatic contrast of testimony since the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill Testimonies 25 years ago. 

It also reveals a deepening scandal of the school board and school system in violating the existing Policy of Zero Bullying of Students by continuing to allow terrorizing, threatening, and bullying of students in the schools and violating their civil rights unless they agree with the political views of the school officials to want to change the school name. 

It can be all watched here at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV-eufi_cN0 .   Professional football ratings may be down, but ratings for Fairfax County School Board meetings are going up, up, up.  And no wonder!

FCPS School Board Meeting - October 26, 2017

Widespread Discrimination and Bullying in the Fairfax School System are now Allowed

The absolute must watch are at the minute marks 13:35 (Haseeb, from an Immigrant family from Pakistan talks about all the school and school board infractions); 19:40 mark (Benjamin testifies of the silent majority being physically threatened into silence and ignored), and 37:60 (Christian who reads a statement of a student scared for his personal safety and life by the name change activists). 

It cannot be emphasized how courageous these student speakers are to step forward and testify about the school board and school system violating the Zero Bullying Policy and creating a hostile learning environment that openly allows threatening, terrorizing, and bullying of students unless they agree with the school board’s name change agenda being driven by small percentage of activists (that has consistently not followed any existing processes, but been driven to a pre-determined outcome based on falsehoods and distortions and agendas). 

In summary, the Fairfax school system and school board are denying the students their fundamental American Civil Rights, many of which who they themselves are ethnic minority students who are being bullied, intimidated, terrorized into silence, for simply just do not agreeing with the narrative they are being forced to accept in the celebrated and inclusive schools.  Many simply want a refocus on basic needs to improve the school, and not artificial and manufactured differences.

Students Question Fairfax County’s Commitment to Law and Order, Democracy, and Civil Rights

Their testimonies are extremely powerful and bring to question whether the school board and society are committed to such fundamental American principles, such as the need to allow free speech, follow rules, respect the outcome of democratic elections, and maintain integrity of public officials and processes.

Be inspired, as these young diverse Americans in their quest for justice who realize the greatness of the creation of the United States of America and its need of a Constitution to maintain Law and Order, and Bill of Rights to protect Individual Liberty and Free Speech!

Also please study Haseeb’s comments that humans are imperfect, except for the Fairfax County School Board (and we should recognize the good, while learning from the bad.)  Even (local) Justice Thurgood Marshall could be labeled a bully, a drunk, womanizer, and a hypocrite for sending his kids to private school (but we celebrate the good and learn from the bad).  Also, study Benjamin’s comments for the need for basic fairness, integrity, and democracy in decision making.  Lastly, listen to the desperate pleas of Christian who reads the powerful letter of a JEB Stuart student who wants to speak out but is terrorized into silence by other students and the school board and afraid for his safety due to threats received.

People should know that these students are not alone as there are many diverse ethnic students who love JEB Stuart and who want to speak out, but are being silence due to concerns of suppressing grades, scholarships, privileges, and basic safety. 

And it should be noted, that this is in direct opposition to the Zero Bullying Policy in Fairfax Schools, as well as the intent of the “One Fairfax Resolution” which was hastily voted on July 2016.  Ironically, the school board and name change activists cite the “One Fairfax Resolution” as the basis for the need to change the name (i.e., force society to provide compensation to render inequities from perceived past and current unfairness). 

A Lost Cause in Need of Honest Discussion in Order to Obtain True Justice

And this must be contrasted against speaker #1 at the 10:15 minute mark who was an earnest Black Muslim girl who testified in dramatic tearful sobbing fashion of recently being called a “terrorist” by white students at a track meet in the Western Part of Virginia a week ago. But instead of blaming the mean and cruel incident on “Islamophobia” or “Stupiditis,” she blamed the terrible incident on the Confederate statues in a Civil War town from 150 years ago and the name of cavalry soldier JEB Stuart where she attends high school in Falls Church.

American Muslims are beautiful people, but her incidence had nothing to do with the American Civil War, slavery, and JEB Stuart, and instead had more to do with Muslim Extremists waging a global war on infidels (including the recent shooting up of 50 Gays in a Florida Night Club) and some ignorant rural American kids not knowing who to trust in a new America filled with a growing number of Muslim Americans who may not try to assimilate and/or are viewed by many as being silent against the violence of their extreme factions.

It also shows that America has a way to go to bridge the gaps from both communities.  And it is the constant creating and feeding of false issues and narratives that only increases and enlarges the problems and divisions between the two communities who ultimately want the same.

An Honest Liberal Democrat Steps Forward and Tells to Stop the Theatre of Absurd

JEB Stuart High School is comprised of 75% minority from 80 different countries and praised for its diversity and harmony.  It has existed for 60 years with diverse minorities getting along in a cosmopolitan environment, and praised for its diversity and harmony, until two years ago when a few students and teachers started complaining all of a sudden.

In addition, in 2016 the school was polled and 90% were found to either like the name JEB Stuart or found no compelling need to change the name.   Even many African Americans like the name JEB Stuart.

Want to watch a video of how beautiful the human race can be, then watch the video at 50:60 mark of the very diverse current student body celebrating and enjoying a JEB Stuart Homecoming Foot Ball Game a week ago before the name change.  The video is a direct reminder of the innocence of children enjoying the moment not knowing the cruelty of life and the harm adults can impose on others for political and selfish aims.  It also reminds honest people, that Confederate JEB Stuart is a badge of honor to a large group of diverse people who want to show that humans of all different sorts can get along when they want to and put their hearts into it.

Nowhere is this better illustrated by the speaker named Vince at the 34:55 mark who is a Stuart alumni and confesses to being a Liberal Democrat and would support any name if a fair and honest process were followed.  However, he points out that even he cannot stomach the corruption of process by the school board, who accommodate both special interest groups and misleading and false propaganda in order to advance an agenda that a majority of the citizenry do not want.

Gang of 8 Responsible for Renaming JEB to Justice High School

After 2 years and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a million dollar unneeded name change, the school board voted 7 to 4 to rename JEB Stuart to “Justice High School.”  The seven Democrats were:  Sandy Evans, Pat Hynes, Ryan McElveen, Ilryong Moon, Karen Gamarra, Jane Strauss, and Dahlia Palchik.  Democrat Karen Sanders said she had to leave and catch a plane and could not make the final vote.

The idea of naming the school after the concept of societal “Justice” was never submitted to the community for consideration, nor voted onSeptember 16.  However, the job title “Justice” was included in the September 16 community vote as a variant of “Justice Thurgood Marshall,” who lost to “Stuart High School” in total first place votes by a 2 to 1 margin.  It should also be mentioned that it was the school board itself that insisted in “Stuart High School” be included in the September 16 community vote in order to minimize costs and compromise in order to help heal divisions.

The school board also rejected a motion to name the school after Latino War Hero Colonel Mendez, as well as a motion to ensure that the name change community provide “substantial” private funding before the name change occurs.  Therefore, the taxpayer will carry the major brunt of the nearly one million dollar name change, which does not include $200,000 in new spirit wear born by students, many of which are poor.

One down, and 30 more politically incorrect school names to go in Fairfax County at a cost of up to 20 million dollars, courtesy the Democrat party who want to culturally cleanse America of history (sweeping out the good with the bad).  Next up, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson, Madison, Mount Vernon, and Fairfax High Schools.  And all it requires is a few vocal students working with special interest groups to complain about a perceived offense and the school board will break every rule in the books to help ensure "Justice."

Here are the email address of the Democrat Gang of 8 Name Changers: ssevans@fcps.eduRyan.McElveen@fcps.edu;ilryong.moon@fcps.edu); Karen.KeysGamarra@fcps.eduJane.Strauss@fcps.eduPat.Hynes@fcps.edu dapalchik@fcps.edu; klcorbettsan@fcps.edu .

Feel free to email the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors who have final approval of the school budget and share your thoughts (email addresses at  https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/government/board/board-of-supervisors-flyer.pdf )

New School Construction to be Voted on November Election Day Ballot

Unfortunately the Democrat school board members pushing the costly and divisive name changes are not on this coming November 7 Election Day ballot.  However, there are many other Democrats on the November 7 ballot who want to culturally cleanse society of any unkind American history.  

There is also a school bond referendum on the ballot this November 7.  Included in school bond referendum is the construction of a new school that can be named anything they want at no additional cost.  They can name it “Mendez” or “Justice” or “School Board Corruption is Wrong.” 

School Board Member who Initiated Renaming to be Recalled so as to Ensure Justice

Not announced at the school board meeting is that a movement has been started to recall the school board leader named Sandy Evans who pushed the name change and worked relentlessly with special interest groups to make it into Justice High School.  www.recallsandyevans.org

They are looking for people to help assist with obtaining petition signatures for the recall effort.  Who knows, but maybe if they are successful, then others might be able to be recalled, also.

Here is a comical video that someone created recently that summarizes the frustration with Democrat Sandy Evans and her million dollar name change crusade to stomp out history unless its rewritten to her liking  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwCBcZqcNb3gakhWNVBYV1FhclU . 


Eric Johnson


Well, the deed is done.  On October 26, 2017 the Fairfax County School Board recklessly voted against the overwhelming consensus of both the student’s and the local community’s wishes and decided to change the name of JEB Stuart to (IN)JUSTICE HIGH SCHOOL for a cost of one million dollars and "no obligation" for private contributions to pay for the unwanted expensive name change (while class sizes are increasing and teacher salaries are flat). 

One down, and 30 more politically incorrect school names to go in Fairfax County at a cost of up to 20 million dollars, courtesy the Democrat party who want to culturally cleanse America of history (sweeping out the good with the bad).  Next up, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson, Madison, Mount Vernon, and Fairfax High Schools.  And all it requires is a few vocal students working with special interest groups to complain about a perceived offense and the school board will break every rule in the books to help ensure "Justice."

And the school board did it by once again violating more school policies, regulations, and processes and went off the rails on their own initiative to change the school name to the concept of “Justice” which was never even submitted by the community nor voted on by the community, but instead was a variant title for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, which was rejected by the community by a two to one margin who preferred (JEB-less) Stuart.

Must watch Hilarious Video on School Board Member Sandy Evans who is now being Recalled

Here is a hilarious video someone recently created mocking the school name change ringleader Democrat Sandy Evans https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwCBcZqcNb3gakhWNVBYV1FhclU .  Sandy has been the target of 10,000 FOIAs that allegedly reveal a public official colluding with special interest groups and who has continuously violated existing policies, regulations, and procedures to get the name changed. 

There is also a group that has started a signature petition to recall Sandy Evans  www.recallsandyevans.org , and they said they need help volunteers and other assistance.  After they get enough petition signatures, then its off to see the judge to review her list of offenses and infractions and validate the recall effort.

Gang of 8 Name Changers are all Democrats who want to Eradicate History

Seems like recalling the dishonest and corrupt ringleader is good start, but Sandy was part of a gang of 8 school board members behind this injustice of truth, honesty, and democracy, as well as the new disturbing and dangerous movement of cultural cleansing of history where they recklessly toss the good out with any bad. 

All together, the gang of corrupt 8 Democrat ideologues are:  Sandy Evans (Mason District)  ssevans@fcps.edu;  Ryan McElveen (At Large) Ryan.McElveen@fcps.edu; Ilryong Moon (At Large) ilryong.moon@fcps.edu); Karen Gamarra (At Large) Karen.KeysGamarra@fcps.edu; Pat Hynes  Pat.Hynes@fcps.edu; Jane Strauss Jane.Strauss@fcps.edu; Dahlia Palchik  dapalchik@fcps.edu; and Karen Sanders klcorbettsan@fcps.edu .   Karen Corbett Sanders technically left the meeting early to allegedly “catch a plane,” so she (conveniently) did not have to be placed in a public position to “vote against Stuart” but wants everyone to know she cares about everyone. 

Feel free to send them some thoughtful remarks, as well as the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, who have final vote and control on the school budget should they “want to” intervene. (See links   https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/government/board/board-of-supervisors-flyer.pdf )

Also, be aware that there is a bond school bond referendum on the November ballot.


Eric Johnson



Absurd Theatre with Expensive Ticket Price

In a surreal moment of absurdity, after two years of wasting tens of thousands of dollars overseeing a corrupt process, the Democrat controlled Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) is set to waste another $800,000 to vote to rename the popular “JEB Stuart High School” to the obscure name of “Justice High School” in what can be described as nothing more than complete utter dishonesty, deceit, and violation of basic democratic principles.  And they are doing this all in order to placate the small but powerful special interest group(s) and a vocal 100 or so (dishonest and nasty) activists.

Attend, watch, and boo (at the risk of being thrown out) at the historic school board meeting vote at 7pm Thursday October 26 at Luther Jackson Middle School or watch it on internet tv at fcps.edu .

Those that appear to be voting for eradicating history instead of teaching history are:  Sandy Evans (Mason District)  ssevans@fcps.edu;  Ryan McElveen (At Large) Ryan.McElveen@fcps.edu; Ilryong Moon (At Large) ilryong.moon@fcps.edu); Karen Gamarra (At Large) Karen.KeysGamarra@fcps.edu; Jane Strauss Jane.Strauss@fcps.edu; Pat Hynes  Pat.Hynes@fcps.edu; and Karen Sanders klcorbettsan@fcps.edu; Dahlia Palchik  dapalchik@fcps.edu .

And don’t hesitate to let the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors know about how you feel about the one million dollar name change expense and poor priorities of the local school board who’s budget they have ultimate control over.

Shouldn’t it be Renamed Injustice High School Instead?

The public should know that the JEB Stuart Community voted overwhelmingly on September 16, 2017 by a 2 to 1 margin to retain “Stuart High School” over the second place finisher (Thurgood Marshall).  But the school board is now asserting that even just the name “Stuart” is still somehow racist, even though there are hundreds of Stuarts in the phone book and even some students in the school named Stuart.  They do not even realize that by discriminating against people with the name “Stuart” they too are now in violation of their highly prized “One Fairfax Resolution.”

But the most astonishing and dishonest part is that it was the school board itself that insisted and voted on July 27, 2017 to include “Stuart High School” in the renaming effort to be determined by the community so as to minimize costs (save $300,000) and offer a compromise with students, faculty, and alumni.  (see the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20S98ndwkA )

Here’s a copy of the official July 27, 2017 FCSB Meeting transcripts:

Ms. Evans moved, and Ms. Hynes seconded, that the name of J.E.B Stuart High School be changed no later than the start of the 2019 School Year; that the Board direct staff to start the renaming process this fall and that as part of that process--in the spirit of compromise and in recognition of the need to minimize costs as well as the desire for continuity by alumni--staff request that the Stuart community consider “Stuart High School” as the new name.”

The main motion passed 7-2-2: Ms. Hynes, Ms. Palchik, Mrs. Corbett Sanders, Ms. Strauss, Mr. Moon, Mr. McElveen and Ms. Evans voted “aye”.

And even more dishonest, the seven school board members who insisted on including Stuart High School in the renaming effort all previously praised the newly sanitized name of “Stuart High School.”

Their own comments are so damning of their contrasting actions, that what conclusion can one take other than it appears as nothing more than blatant lies to the community and larger public.

Remember, the July 27 compromise solution was introduced by school board member Sandy Evans and Patty Hynes, before being endorsed and voted on by Moon, McElveen, Strauss, Sanders, and Palchik.  Ilroon Moon even states, “It is a good compromise.”  And Corbett Sanders  resounds, “We need to heal this community, and I suggest that we need to come together with Stuart High School.” 

But the Appearances of Deception and Dishonesty are also Found Elsewhere

Here’s what they said at the July 17, 2017 School Board Work Session on the subject before formalizing and endorsing the “Stuart High School” motion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1yspt1Fl1s :

Jane Strauss states (at 5:45 mark) "I am willing to change the name of JEB Stuart, and I will just again reclarify what I would support.  One is to remove the JEB, and it becomes Stuart, which then becomes an English/Scottish clan name, just like McLean.”

Corbett Sanders (1:56:25 mark) - There is precedent in the country for removing the first name and just leaving the last name for the family.

Ryan McElveen states, "A woman who emailed me suggested we name it after Gilbert Stuart. That’s my humble suggestion.”

Ilrong Moon (at 1:49:45 mark) - I will consider Gilbert Stuart, Stuart clan ...

Pat Hynes (at the 1:58:45 mark) - Finding a compromise to smooth over past to future would be great ... fair to say the process has not been great.

And here is what they actually said at the July 27 School Board Meeting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20S98ndwkA :

2:32 - Moon - would support the motion ... I will consider Stuart clan.  

2:14:20 - Corbett-Sanders - Name should respect long-term name - Stuart should be possibility - not brand new suggestion


Current Students of Stuart High School Shocked and Stunned

But it’s just not upset parents and taxpayers watching million of dollars squandered on unnecessary and divisive issues (while class sizes are increasing, teacher salaries are flat, etc.), it’s the current students that are most shocked and stunned, as they were completely misled. 

Yes, the current students at Stuart High School are just flabbergasted, as they were led to believe by the school board’s insistence of including “Stuart High School” in their July 27 vote, that if the community voted for the name on September 16, that they could retain the name and there was nothing to worry about.

After the September vote occurred, the student body (football team, teachers, etc) accepted the results and the compromise (of removing the name JEB, but keeping just the ambiguous last name of Stuart), and were rebranding themselves as “NuStu” all under the need to accept compromise and move on, just like the school board was asking on July 27.

Even more bizarre is that “Justice High School” was not even voted on at the September 16 community ballot, but was instead lumped in with alternative names for “Thurgood Marshall,” who ended up with half the number of first place votes as “Stuart High School.”  So according to the school board’s own  rationalization of the latest charade, even fewer people in the community support “Justice High School” than the winner “Stuart High School.”

And the government torture and abuse of the public does not stop there as these same students will now be forced to spend upward to an estimated $200,000 on new spirit wear for a name change they did not want nor support, and impacting many students in poverty and families who are struggling financially.

How did this Million Dollar Debacle Happen?  

A student poll in 2016 showed that 90% of the students at JEB Stuart High School either liked the current name JEB Stuart or saw no compelling need to change the name.  The school is 75% ethnic minority representing 80 different countries, and praised for its diversity and integration.  After 60 years of tens of thousands of graduates, there were no official reports of the name causing disruptions and discrimination, and many African Americans support keeping the name, tradition, and heritage.

It was only two years ago, that a handful of students and teachers started raising a fuss about how the school name must be changed because a war fought 150 years ago was still oppressing people in the school (but not the rats and cock roaches that are found roaming around freely in the school).  And their revolutionary movement conveniently omits that 100 years of reconciliation and healing occurred between warring factions (as directed by President Lincoln who insisted Malice Towards None), which eventually included as part of the healing process of honoring noble veterans of war for both side of the terrible conflict (as illustrated in US Arlington National Cemetery where both Confederates and Union Soldiers are honored by Presidential and Congressional decree).

The renaming of JEB then gained a big push from several Stuart alumni from Hollywood who wanted to rename the school for African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (who once lived in the Stuart Pyramid and sent his children to a private school).  The Hollywood alumni also sponsored a Change.org petition that gathered 35,000 signatures where most are out of county residents, and made it seem like there was widespread community support for the renaming effort. 

It should also be pointed out that after a 50 years of opportunity, Hollywood just released a movie this month on “Thurgood Marshall” to just magically coincide with the school board’s renaming decision of “Justice (Thurgood Marshall) High School.”

Coincidence or corruption?  10,000 FOIA’s obtained by the name keeper group found that Sandy Evan’s and other school board members worked directly and behind the scenes with special interest groups, who were found to provide input for high school newspapers, bring in outside activists to protest, and even participate in the name change process.

Eradicating History in the Schools instead of Teaching History

The school board and activists kept relentlessly pushing the narrative that an incredible and honorable Virginian soldier who did his duty and fought for his State was somehow now a monster, and that school was named in direct response to Mass Resistance in the 1950s, even after these statements were proven false by citizens trying to ensure a fair process was maintained on behalf of the community. 

Perhaps the most embarrassing part was that the school board and activists were so sure of their self righteousness indignation that they were not even aware that the school was named after JEB Stuart for the sole reason it is a very rich historical site in Virginia history, where former West Point graduate and cavalry officer JEB Stuart gained world attention for his military guile and tactics at Munson Hill which was at the tip of the spear after the First Battle of the Civil War where everyone was watching whether the Confederates were going to finish off the retreating Union and invade Washington in order to secure independence for their breakaway country.  

There were skirmishes all around the present day school property, where JEB Stuart led a small army and established his military headquarters (where each sided wondered and watched to see if the other was going to launch a major assault).  Even President Lincoln visited the historic Munson Hill site after  Stuart vacated the premises, as the Union sorely discovered Stuart had created a ruse of deception of logs painted as cannons (aka, Quaker Guns) to intimidate the Union from not attacking.  The Union Army then used Munson Hill as their own fort, and nearby the Battle Hymn of the Republic was composed.

So revered was JEB Stuart that Northern newspapers praised and honored him in their obituaries after his death, and even today African Americans belonging to the National Buffalo Soldier group, say leave JEB Stuart alone.  But that’s not what the school board and activists wanted to hear.

So a bus tour of the historic site surrounding JEB Stuart High School was set up for School Board members so they could learn the local history.  But none of them showed up, as its easier for them to eradicate history.  Instead nasty activists showed up and heckled historical tour guides and attempted to disrupt the educational event offered to the public.

Should Bullying be Allowed by Special Interest Groups and their Supporters in the Schools?

As for the students at JEB who either liked the name JEB or just want their various opinions heard or respected, they were bullied, threatened, and intimidated by activists by being called Racist, White Supremacists, Hitlers, and other derogatory names.  Instead of being encouraged to debate and discuss civilly, the students were shamed, berated, and pressured into silence and inaction.  They even testified to the school board about this, and school board did nothing.

Ironically, this is all in violation of school system policy, and even the “One Fairfax Resolution” the school board used as a basis to justify the name change.  It’s even more stunning that the school board and school system allowed a minority to bully and discriminate against the 75% of the student population comprised of other minorities who were content or saw no compelling need to change the name.

Yes, Please Vote to Change

So while the school board is voting to unjustly rename JEB Stuart High School on October 26, please remember that the ones doing the eradication of history are all Democrats of which many will be on the ballot throughout the Fairfax County and State of Virginia on November 7, 2017.

If you are not happy with your government officials and their priorities, just vote them out of office on November 7.

We Need someone to schedule a teleconference for this Monday or Tuesday Evening to Discuss Mobilizing to Stop the Harmful "One Fairfax Policy" the school board will be ramming on Nov 9 and 23

Eric Johnson



Hi. We Need someone to schedule a 45 minute teleconference for this Monday or Tuesday Evening to Discuss Mobilizing to Stop the Harmful "One Fairfax Policy" the school board will be ramming onNov 9 and 23.

The draft One Fairfax Policy is unfair and discriminatory (specially towards Asian-Americans) because it: Places quotas and restrictions on high achievers and reduces the numbers of Asian Americans who earn the right to participate in AAP classes and Thomas Jefferson School of Technology; will unfairly redistribute resources, computers, new construction, supplies, and after school programs to other groups (not based on need or merit), but based on passed perceived injustices; will lower the standards for punishment, discipline, and suspensions, and increase disruptions, crimes, and unwanted behaviors (not based on merits, but because of perceived group or past injustices); and will be used to force males into girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms, whether a child or parent does not consent (as it will be seen as discriminatory and oppressive to one of their protected classes).

The agenda meeting for the Monday or Tuesday Teleconference should be:

- Fully understanding the Broad Implications of One Fairfax Policy (which can be used to justify any radical idea, including racial quotas to discriminate against high academic achievers);
- Obtain a briefing from Jun Yuan who attended the October 16 FCSB Committee meeting on the subject;
- Organize letter writing campaigns and meeting with school board members to stop One Fairfax Policy;
- Write articles and opinion pieces for various Chinese-American news and church outlets;
- Line up school board meetings speakers and making PowerPoint videos;
- Raise awareness with other Asian-American groups to increase pressure against the school board;
- Briefly explain why Chris Grisafe lost and why we should not be discouraged.

I will be glad to facilitate the meeting and walk through the agenda items, but we need someone from your community to schedule the conference call and send out the email invitations to your key members and representatives to participate in the teleconference.

We've got two full weeks to ramp up to defeat this. We can do this if we organize and mobilize all our friends, neighbors, churches, and communities who know how wrong, harmful, and unjust the proposed this One Fairfax Policy is.

Thank you for the consideration.

Need to Mobilize the Chinese-American Community to Fight Against School Board from Ramming the Unfair and Discriminatory One Fairfax Policy Through on Nov 9 and 23

Eric Johnson



Hi. It has been confirmed that the Fairfax County School Board will ram through the unfair and discriminatory One Fairfax Policy through on School Board Meetings to be held on November 9 and 23. That is, unless we stop them.

We can stop this if we organize and mobilize the various communities to derail this, starting with the Chinese-American community here in Fairfax County. The New One Fairfax Policy is unfair and discriminatory (specially towards Asian-Americans) because it:

- Places quotas and restrictions on high achievers and reduces the numbers of Asian Americans who earn the right to participate in AAP classes and Thomas Jefferson School of Technology;

- Will unfairly redistribute resources, computers, new construction, supplies, and after school programs to other groups (not based on need or merit), but based on passed perceived injustices (in some cases over hundreds of years old, including slavery);

- Will lower the standards for punishment, discipline, and suspensions, and increase disruptions, crimes, and unwanted behaviors (not based on merits, but because of perceived group or past injustices)

- Will force males into girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms, whether a child or parent does not consent (as it will be seen as discriminatory and oppressive to one of their protected classes).

We'd like Mike Nie to schedule a 45 minute conference call with your key community members this coming Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday evening so we can ramp up fast with our effort to mobilize local Chinese-Americans and others to derail One Fairfax Policy. Things to discuss at Mike Nie's teleconference meeting are:

- Fully understanding the Broad Implications of One Fairfax Policy (which can be used to justify any radical idea);
- Obtain a briefing from Jun Yuan who attended the October 16 FCSB Committee meeting on the subject;
- Organize letter writing campaigns and meeting with school board members;
- Writing articles for various Chinese-American news and church outlets
- Lining up school board meetings speakers and making PowerPoint videos
- Raise awareness with other Asian-American groups to increase pressure against the school board

We've got three full weeks to ramp up to defeat this. We can do this if we organize and mobilize all our friends, neighbors, churches, and communities who know how wrong, harmful, and unjust the proposed this One Fairfax Policy is.

Thank you for the consideration.

One Fairfax - Detailed Information You Should Know

This information will need to be put into small flyers and easy to read presentations, but here is information about One Fairfax, including impact highlights, articles for proof of its intent and effect, and background:

"One Fairfax" is cutesy euphemism for "None Fairfax" or more fully known as "None Fairfax PS&FAW" which when spelled out stands for "None Fairfax Public Services and Funding for Asians and White" which is a blatant unconstitutional discriminatory Race Based Socialist Redistribution Scheme effecting ALL COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICES in ALL AREAS of the COUNTY.  Areas of government reach and effect include (1) Education, (2) Land Use, (3) Zoning, and (4) Law Enforcement. 

See the One Fairfax Resolution attached.

Your county government overlords who know best and what's just will taketh from Asians and Whites and giveth such things to Blacks and Latinos as these items:

(1) Education racial base control =
  *   Racial quota access to TJ
  *   Racial quota access to AAP (Advanced Academic Programs)
  *   Racial quota access to IB (International Baccalaureate) acceptance
  *   Less extra curricular activities at your schools like Science Olympiad, Robotics, Chess Club, Foreign Languages
  *   Affirmative Action Racial-Equity based quota of teachers hired and retained, not based on merit or best qualified
  *   Less specialized schools in your areas period
  *   Less SACC for you
  *   Less building improvements or enlargements
  *   Less school buildings period
  *  Change existing or decide on new school names just because there is not enough represented of Hispanic or African American race versus others regardless of historic significance of existing names or community's desire to not spend money on such non-essentials
  *  Less suspension / "Re-education" of trouble makers if from Hispanic or African American races.
  *  Less school awards or honorable mentioned achievements
  *  More Mental Health services lectures drummed into our kids' heads on diversity and inclusion and equity
  *  Other?

(2 & 3) Land & Zoning Use:

  *   Less Permits for upgrades or building
  *   Less choice of use of land
  *   More Immigrants relocated to your neighborhoods
   *  More lower income housing projects in your neighborhoods
   *  More Public housing, jails, correction centers, dumps ? 
   * Less new schools, renovations, business parks, community parks and rec centers, libraries, road and bike trail improvements, stores?

(4) Law Enforcement

  *   Less criminals in jail
  *   Less punishment overall for criminals
  *   Less arrests or criminals
  *   "Restorative Justice" in society and in school, which also means more Mental Health services lectures drummed into our kids' heads on diversity and inclusion and equity
  *   # of law enforcement per area officers reshuffled

Equity? = Try selective justice and access by their racial quota requirements not merit for Education, land use and zoning and law enforcement.  This is special rights for select racial groups, not equity.

Racial justice and inclusion as One? = Try unlawful, unconstitutional racial discrimination!!!  Thanks a lot peace and harmonious Fairfax, this just promotes new waves of racism and divisiveness.

Perhaps it is time to reduce the current School Board and Supervisor Board Members' time in office and my tax dollars to your services.  Time to drain the school swamp in Fairfax County!

Time to call out what is unconstitutional and just wrong!

They will defend their "community" involvement with this "It was developed in a joint effort by the Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County School Board, and stems from the work of Fairfax County's Successful Children and Youth Policy Team (SCYPT), a task force comprised of government staff, school board members, and community representatives that first convened in May 2013." 
Who is this task force but a bunch of county and community and health and human services government workers and liberal PTA! guided by a "collective community impact" charter, that's who = https://fairfaxcounty.gov/living/healthhuman/scypt/member.htm).

Please note that the start of this was in 2013.  Funny thing is that there was a directive for a 2013 deliverable of "One Community One Product" principles by the UN Agenda 2020/30 group.  See here how it is apart of the UN Agenda 2020/30 communistic, globalistic agenda for the "One Community One Product" principle to be facilitating economic development of small communities" at

But did We the Citizens get information in proper amounts of time to give our voting consent on ANY OF THIS type of use of our money?  No!   Here we are with another unlawfully executed resolution filled with unconstitutional activities (this time racial discrimination against Asians and Whites) already pumping through our communities and schools.  They are taking our tax money and doing as they please with it with a smile and a bow on it and saying how dare you not want equity and inclusion!

ARTICLES of PROOF of intent and effect:
Find below 5 Articles listing a litany of actions already taken/taking place under this policy, after which you can find more Background about how One Fairfax exists?

Please note in Article 2, there is a history of such unconstitutional racial quotas tried in Fairfax County, but there has also been a history of parents succeeding in rising up, speaking out and striking it down.  No need to shy away this time!!!!  The law and history are on our side to STOP THIS!!!
(ARTICLE 1) =  racial based quotas coming your way for AAP acceptance, IB program acceptance, teacher recruitment and retention, and student discipline.

Already have a Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC) conducted studies and reported the results on May 30, 2017  "showing "troubling pattern" when examining teacher recruitment and retentionstudent discipline, and minority student participation in advanced academic programs at FCPS..... The committee found that black applicants are less likely to be hired for teaching jobs.  In addition, black and Hispanic children are more likely to be suspended from school for subjective infractions, such as......  Those same students are also less likely to be accepted into advanced academic programs, including AAP and International Baccalaureate programs....   One Fairfax "could help eliminate any disparities in its policies and practices...

Analyzing job application data from 2012, the GMU study, "Where Are All the Black Teachers? Discrimination in the Labor Market," published this Spring 2017, the study found that black teachers who apply to FCPS are significantly less likely to receive job offers than their white counterparts, despite generally having more work experience and more advanced academic credentials, according to The Washington Post.   On May 31, 2017, leaders or the NAACP's Fairfax County chapter met with FCPS Superintendent Steve Lockard and a school board rep to discuss the report findings.  Fairfax County NAACP president Kofi Annan says..."I can't say we were totally surprised by the study...Now we have some hard evidence that we can present to the school board to demonstrate that there is a problem within the school district.

"FCPS has increased minority hiring by 40% since 2012, despite the availability of teaching candidates nationwide hitting its lowest level in a decade....Fairfax County school system has partnered with several colleges and universities that have significant minority populations, including VSU, Spelman College, and Hampton University, to encourage those students to pursue teaching.   But Annan says it is a hiring discrimination issue not a supply issue. 

As well, Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionally given out-of-school suspensions for offenses where officials are given discretions in determining discipline, but when it comes to conduct violations with mandatory punishments, students are suspended at comparable rates regardless of their race or ethnicity" - http://www.fairfaxtimes.com/articles/study-suggests-ethnic-inequities-exist-in-fairfax-county-public-schools/article_961ade1e-4d44-11e7-b0b4-bfed1136cff6.html
Black and Hispanic students and faculty members still encounter biases in the school system that make it more challenging for them to succeed, according to an annual ...
(ARTICLE 2) = racial based quotas for acceptance into TJ coming your way

Please note in Article 2, there is a history of such unconstitutional racial quotas tried in Fairfax County, but there has also been a history of parents succeeding in rising up, speaking out and striking it down.  No need to shy away this time!!!!  The law and history are on our side to STOP THIS!!!

Or how about on April 26, 2017, Lisa Rab of the Washingtonian writes an article entitled "Does the No. 1 High School in American Practice Discrimination?  Fairfax's Thomas Jefferson High School is still less than 5 percent African American and Latino.  Improving that number has proved complicated.....  Should TJ rely on standardized testing to decide admissions?  Or should it include what one Fairfax County School Board member at the time called "human judgement"? .... 

Here article continues later with, "In the first state, applicants take an entrance exam.  Their scores and GPAs determine whether they're asked to submit essays, resumes of activities and awards, and teacher recommendations in the second round.  A committee then scrutinizes the submissions for evidence of STEM aptitude, intellectual passion, and any background or skills that will promote "diversity in the student body".  But in the first disqualifying round, decisions are numbers-driven and gender-, race-, and income-blind... In the 1990's the school board launched a program called "Visions" to try to raise the African-American and Latino student percentage at TJ.  As well, Arlington County offered a lottery that favored black and Latino students to attend an Arlington County kindergarten.  But  local parents knew about the Supreme Court threats to AA programs and challenged similar programs at local schools.  Fairfax County's lawyers said TJ's affirmative-action plan had to go.  Board members voted to end Visions, too, worried that it would invite lawsuits." 

The article continues through a history of 3 more efforts started by Fairfax County, including summer test prep and school0day programs - they didn't work to raise the acceptance rates of Latinos and African Americans.

The article mentions a 2004 proposal to read the entire application in the first round, including essays and teacher recommendations.  Parents struck this down.

The article mentions the 2008 EEOC's "four-fifths rule" hiring guidelines which state a school's demographics should be within 20 percent of the district's.  For TJ, that means at least 19% Latino and 8% African American.  According to this rule and Donna Ford, an expert on multicultural gifted education at Vanderbilt University, intentionally or not, "the school district is practicing discrimination".  

The article also states worries about the new testing format coming this year because the company that used to make the TJ test announce it would no longer produce it.  But the new testing format maybe making things worse because it favors more science over essays and recommendations.

The article concludes, "One solution still not on the table, though, is a more holistic evaluation.  As board member Tamara Derenak Kaufax says, "if things don't change with this next round of testing... I would definitely be willing to [speak] to my board on what we can do to make this more equitable for everyone."    But others think that tests are the most objective way to screen students, "I think, given the high degree of rigor... it's appropriate to have a standardized test as a part of the application process," says school-board member Megan McLaughlin, a former admissions officer at Georgetown. - https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/04/26/is-the-no-1-high-school-in-america-thomas-jefferson-fairfax-discrimination/

JEB Stuart High School's name change NEEDS to occur because the Fairfax government says so because of the One Fairfax Resolution mission.  FCSB Member Sandy Evans stated in her motion the need to change the school name because (Racial) Diversity and Equity are one of (One) Fairfax's mission and so is part of the COMPELLING NEED to do so, regardless of lawful processes or local people's wishes.  See July 27, 2017 FCPS School Board Meeting Video where Sandy Evan's motion states the need for "values and diversity, inclusion and equity... which is Fairfax County's and FCPS mission" which is One Fairfax verbatim.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20S98ndwkA&feature=youtu.be  1.03.07, item 4.02 "JEB Stuart High School Naming".  She uses this as an excuse to run over the people's fair process and wishes.
This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

**** Did you know Unlawfully implemented without our knowledge or consent Restorative Justice Program (less suspension for trouble makers) is already in schools and community, whether you agree with it or not, whether its worked in other communities or not?!  This is all because too many Hispanics and Blacks are in jail or suspended, so they won't do that so much anymore, instead they will be re-educated, and you will be too with many more lessons on diversity, inclusion, equity, etc... because it is you who caused them to be troublemakers, etc...  In other words, more and more Mental Health services lectures drummed into our kids' heads on diversity and inclusion and equity.

Restorative Justice Program is a whole other unconstitutional, illegal and unwise programwhich you can read about here.

Maybe that's why McLean HS doesn't get a new score board or Spring Hill ES doesn't get expansion or new additional school nearby a promised but what else does?

Well, how and why did One Fairfax get unleashed?

Is One Fairfax locally brewed? 

Nope, its another program picked up from UN's "Communist Programs R Us" shops as part of the deliverables to make possible the grandiose UN Agenda 2020/30.  It has simply been local branded and maybe tinkered a bit to make a more personalized fit to make it seem as if local.  See all of these similar brews (note all are in very liberal cities!!!):

  • One Montgomery
  • One Houston
  • OneBaltimore
  • One Colorado
  • OneChicago
  • One Minneapolis
  • One NOLA
  • One LA-IAF
  • One Seattle
  • others?

Possibly also related to Top Globalist Promotional Singer Bono's ONE album and ONE campaign in Africa?

See here how it is apart of the UN Agenda 2020/30 communistic, globalistic agenda since the "One Community One Product" principle for facilitating economic development of small communities was a UN 2013 deliverable:  see "UN 2013 deliverables, 'Facilitate economic development of small communities according to the One Community One Product principle.'" at :

On July 12, 2017 Fairfax County and FCPS voted unanimously to adopt the One Fairfax Resolution, which has "intentional racial and social equity policy at its core for all publicly delivered services. A racial and social equity policy provides both the direction and means to eliminate disparities, and work together to build a vibrant and opportunity-rich society for all."  See attached.

The resolution defines racial equity as policies and practices that can "reverse racial disparity trends" and social equity as the "intersection and compounding effects of issues such as poverty and disability with race and ethnicity."

"One Fairfax emphasizes the importance of making county-wide decisions through the lens of racial and social equity," Board of Supervisors Sharon Bulova said.

As of late July, the County staff had yet to establish a timeline for developing the policy requested by the resolution, but it could affect how policymakers make decisions regarding EVERYTHING from the placement of recreational facilities to school procedures for disciplining students.  They started meeting again about this in September during their SCYPT meeting.   This meeting and how to meet the problems pointed out by SCYPT brought together the idea to use One Fairfax as the solution, but it broadens SCYPT's focus beyond children to ALL county residents, and it applies to ALL GOVERNMENT SECTORS, from land use and zoning regulations to law enforcement and education.

SCYPT examined how the county could help children stay in school and succeed, for instance, by improving its economic support system for families or changing how it distributes social services throughout different neighborhoods, i.e. REDISTRIBUTION OF TAX MONEY & OPPORTUNITIES BASED ON RACE = RACE BASED SOCIALISM.

It was developed in a joint effort by the Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County School Board, and stems from the work of Fairfax County's Successful Children and Youth Policy Team (SCYPT), a task force comprised of government staff, school board members, and community representatives (who ? - a bunch of county and community and health and human services government workers and PTA! guided by a "collective community impact" charter, that's who = https://fairfaxcounty.gov/living/healthhuman/scypt/member.htm) that first convened in May 2013.  SCYPT's mission is that the Fairfax Community (government groups) collectively ensure all children, youth, and their families and communities have EQUITABLE ACCESS to quality services, supports, and opportunities to further their success and well-being.  SCYPT was organized in response to racial and economic disparities in the FCPS system.  Specifically, reports suggested that a disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic children were getting expelled from school and winding up in the criminal justice system."

This is based on "equity is just and fair inclusion - must drive all policy decisions" mission research done by The Equity Manifesto, by PolicyLink (http://www.policylink.org/sites/default/files/pl_sum15_manifesto_FINAL_4app.pdf)
. "Justice Research" done by Policy Link and a California University research group.

The PolicyLink.org = "Racial Equity is Good Business" with and "Equity Summit in 2018!"  Crafting equity public policies, including equitable development tool kit

Back in 2010, Fairfax County began a concerted county-wide effort to address racial equity by creating the Disproportionality and Disparity Prevention and Elimination Team (DDPET) ...  Being that "FCPS", the 10th largest district in the country... and being that FPS has disaggregated data on student achievement, discipline, attendance and more by race... through the multi-layered analysis of data,  Fairfax County was a natural candidate to join the national level pilot of GARE's Racial Equity Scorecard.

"It is a conversation across all government planners, zoners, the business community and Human Services." - See the bottom of  http://www.racialequityalliance.org/jurisdictions/fairfax-county-virginia/ Fairfax County is A national pilot program of GARE's Government Alliance Racial Equity Scorecard which developed in partnership with PolicyLink and justifies less or none government services even less HEALTH SERVICES allied for you if you are the filtered out White or Asian just because there's too many of you already meritorious.  See http://www.racialequityalliance.org/jurisdictions/fairfax-county-virginia/

Using collected data on students and family related grades, crime / suspension / jail and income as proof of need for government intervention program to redistribute your hard earned tax money based on racial equity and not merit for distribution of funds to programs and permits and such related to these 4 areas of funding:

(1) education,

(2) law enforcement,

(3) land use and

(4) zoning based to achieve RACIAL EQUITY outcome in income, grades and crime.

Not sure but seems funded / backed / inspired by Aspen Institute (International All Star Team of Globalist Communists) = "The Aspen Institute is largely funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, by seminar fees, and by individual donations. Its board of trustees includes leaders from politics, government, business and academia who also contribute to its support."https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspen Institute

(10/15/2017 More Information)

Talking with an insider, here is more information. 

FAIRFAX COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD (Committee Meeting on Monday Oct 16 now at 3:30pm to 4:30pm at 8115 Gatehouse Road, Room 1600 in Falls Church.

Beside AAP quota, TJ high school admission will also be in scope to put in quota to prohibit over-representation by Asian over-achievers. Our children’s TJ pathway and ivy league dream will be further endangered. Please do attend this one hour meeting and report back the key takeaways of the meeting. Any stay at home or work from parents to step up?

Coach Mike and Alice


(Committee Meeting on Monday Oct 16 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm at 8115 Gatehouse Road, Room 1600 in Falls Church)

Eric Johnson



Hi.  As you know we are fighting the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) on many different issues.  The one that needs to be urgently brought to the Chinese-American community's attention is the "One Fairfax County Policy" which is now being drafted and finalized and will allow for quotas to punish hardworking students and their high achievement to compensate a vague victim class (in some cases dating back more than a hundred years ago). 

In July 2016 the school board passed the One Fairfax Resolution, which puts force the goal to redistribute wealth in the county by correcting (perceived, vague, and unproven) past historical injustices, even though some were more than five generations ago.  Now it was discovered this past week that the school board and school administrators are working on a “One Fairfax Policy” which attempts to codify the resolution and bring full hurricane force to provide justification to rationalize anything the school board can dream up.   The final school board vote on One Fairfax Policy will most likely come up in the next month.

All parents should be concerned as the One Fairfax Policy allows for the Fairfax County Schools to implement quotas and mandates that punish students who work hard to achieve and earn better grades and perform better.

How to stop the Unfair and Unjust One Fairfax Policy that Penalizes Hard Working Students who Excel and Learn to be Sucessful

If one does not like the unfair and discriminatory One Fairfax Policy then one just needs to engage the political process by writing letters to school board members and meeting with them, speaking at school board meetings to tell them how unfair and discriminatory it is, sending announcements and talking to neighbors and friends to raise awareness in the community and mobilize, and helping to elect new school board members and other politicians who understand how wrong it is to punish hard work and human achievement and merit.

Please feel free to send as many emails as possible and meet in person  with

Also, don’t forget newbie Gamara who needs a nice warm welcome.

Also, Please Attend "Secret" One Fairfax Policy Meeting at now at 3:30pm to 4:30pm Monday Oct 16 at the Gatehouse Building (aka, FCPS HQ) where School Board Members will draft the Policy (without anybody watching)

Please attend this meeting or send representatives to observe and send the school board members a message that you do not support the One Fairfax Policy that punishes children for working hard and succeeding.  The location of the committee meeting is in room 1610 of the FCPS HQ Gatehouse Building in Room 1610 in Falls Church, Virginia.

Thank you for the consideration.


(1) Fairfax County Reaffirms Equity with a Resolution for “One Fairfax”

(2) Fairfax County Resolution Makes Racial and Social Equity A Priority

(3) History of some Racial Profiling being shot down in Fairfax County


Agenda Item Details for FCSB Committee Work Session on Oct 16, 2017 on new "One Fairfax Policy" Now rescheduled for 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Key Points:


In July 2016, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County School Board jointly adopted the One Fairfax Resolution that directed the development of policies and strategic actions to advance opportunity and achieve racial and social equity in Fairfax County.


In June 2017, a draft One Fairfax Policy was completed and presented at a Joint Boards work session on June 13, 2017.  The Successful Children and Youth Policy Team (SCYPT) Executive Committee reviewed the draft policy and individual Board members, paired by district, were briefed on the policy July-September 2017. 


The proposed One Fairfax Policy defines expectations for consideration of racial and social equity, and in particular, meaningful community involvement when planning, developing, and implementing policies, practices, and initiatives.  It provides a framework to advance equity in alignment with the stated visions and priorities of Fairfax County.  The policy is intended to inform all other policies and applies to all publicly delivered services in Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools.




That the School Board adopt the One Fairfax Policy, as detailed in the agenda item.



One Fairfax Draft Policy-Final

One Fairfax Draft Policy- Track changes

Local Sources for Areas of Focus to Promote Equity

One Fairfax PowerPoint Presentation

ONE FAIRFAX POLICY – DRAFT – October 3, 2017 
Fairfax County embraces its growing diverse population and recognizes it as a tremendous asset but also knows that racial and social inequities still exist.  This policy defines expectations for consideration of racial and social equity, and in particular, meaningful community involvement when planning, developing, and implementing policies, practices, and initiatives. It provides a framework to advance equity in alignment with our stated visions and priorities. This policy informs all other policies and applies to all publicly delivered services in Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools. 
This is a new policy. 
Equity:  The commitment to promote fairness and justice in the formation of public policy that results in all residents – regardless of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status or neighborhood of residence or other characteristics – having opportunity to fully participate in the region’s economic vitality, contribute to its readiness for the future, and connect to its assets and resources.    
Equity Tools:  Information and processes used to identify who is affected by a decision, policy, or practice; how they are affected; and to guide recommendations to encourage positive impacts and/or mitigate negative impacts.  
Publicly delivered:  The services provided by government or public schools either directly (through the public sector) or through financing the provision of services.  
Race:  A socially constructed category of identification based on physical characteristics, ancestry, historical affiliation, or shared culture. 
Racial Equity:  The absence of institutional and structural barriers experienced by people, based on race or color that impede opportunities and results.  
Social Equity:  The absence of institutional and structural barriers experienced by people, based on  other societal factors  such as age, sex, sexual orientation,  gender identity, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, socio-economic status, neighborhood of residence,  that impede opportunities and results.    
Helping people reach their highest level of personal achievement is vital to our county’s successful ability to compete in the global economy. Linking our residents and families to opportunities including education, workforce development, employment, and affordable housing helps ensure lifelong learning, better health, resilience, and economic success.  The systems, structures, and settings in which our residents and families live, work, play, and learn, create an equitable community and are, in part, a product of policy and resourcing decisions.  

Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools, working in conjunction with higher education, business, nonprofit, faith, philanthropy, civic and other sectors, will give particular consideration to these initial areas recognizing that additional areas of focus may emerge based on changing factors and that assessment and prioritization are necessary to guide and inform collective actions to support a thriving community and promote equity with a goal of achieving the following:  

1. Community and economic development policies and programs that promote wealth creation and ensure fair access for all people. 2. Housing policies that encourage all who want to live in Fairfax to be able to do so, and the provision of a full spectrum of housing opportunities across the county, most notably those in mixed-use areas that are accessible to multiple modes of transport. 3. Workforce development pathways that provide all residents with opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to participate in a diverse economy and earn sufficient income to support themselves and their families. 4. An early childhood education system that ensures all children enter kindergarten at their optimal developmental level with equitable opportunity for success. 5. Education that promotes a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture where all feel valued, supported, and hopeful, and that every child is reached, challenged, and prepared for success in school and life. 6. Community and public safety that includes services such as fire, emergency medical services, police, health, emergency management and code enforcement that are responsive to all residents so that everyone feels safe to live, work, learn, and play in any neighborhood of Fairfax County. 7. A criminal justice system that provides equitable access and fair treatment for all people. 8. Neighborhoods that support all communities and individuals through strong social networks, trust among neighbors, and the ability to work together to achieve common goals that improve the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. 9. A vibrant food system where healthy, accessible, and affordable food is valued as a basic human necessity.  10. A health and human services system where  opportunities exist for all individuals and families to be safe, be healthy and realize their potential through the provision of accessible, high quality, affordable and culturally appropriate services.  11. A quality built and natural environment that accommodates anticipated growth and change in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and equitable manner that includes mixes of land use that protects existing stable neighborhoods and green spaces, supports sustainability, supports a high quality of life, and promotes employment opportunities, housing, amenities and services for all people.  
12. A healthy and quality environment to live and work in that acknowledges the need to breathe clean air, to drink clean water now and for future generations.   13. A parks and recreation system that is equitable and inclusive by providing quality facilities, programs, and services to all communities; balancing the distribution of parks, programs and facilities; and providing accessible and affordable facilities and programs.  14. A multi-modal transportation system that supports the economic growth, health, congestion mitigation, and prosperity goals of Fairfax County and provides accessible mobility solutions that are based on the principles associated with sustainability, diversity, and community health. 15. Digital access and literacy for all residents. 16. Intentional, focused recruitment efforts that bolster a diverse applicant pool; hiring and evaluation practices, and processes for employee feedback, to achieve and preserve a culture of equity and fairness for all employees.  17. Policies that prohibit all forms of discrimination under Federal and State law in county and school system activities, and ensure that all practices provide fair treatment for all employees, contractors, clients, community partners, residents, and other sectors who interact with Fairfax County including higher education, business, nonprofit, faith, philanthropy, and civic. 
To achieve equity and advance opportunity for all, Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools will work in partnership with others and utilize the influence of each respective institution to leverage and expand opportunity.  Organizational capacity in the following areas will enable the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, programs, and practices that advance equity:  
a. Community Engagement To foster civil discourse and dialogue, community engagement shall ensure that the breadth of interests, ideas, and values of all people are heard and considered.  Outreach and public participation processes will be inclusive of diverse races, cultures, ages, and other social statuses.  Effective listening, transparency, flexibility, and adaptability will be utilized to overcome barriers (geography, language, time, design, etc.) that prevent or limit participation in public processes.  Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools will engage with sectors such as higher education, business, nonprofit, faith, philanthropy, civic and others to collectively address barriers to opportunity.

b. Training and Capacity Building Training will be designed for individual and collective learning with an emphasis on building competencies and skills to implement strategies that promote racial and social equity in employees’ daily work.    Foundational training will include, but will not be limited to:  an understanding of implicit bias; institutional and structural racism; and the use of equity tools. Additional training for role and business area specific training will also be provided.    
c. Applying Equity Tools Consideration will be given to whole community benefits and burdens, identifying strategies to mitigate negative impacts, and promoting success for all people in planning and decision making. 
Equity tools such as structured questions, equity impact analyses, disparity studies, etc. will be used to ensure that equity is considered intentionally in decision-making and the One Fairfax policy is operationalized.   
d.  Racial and Social Equity Action Planning All organizations and departments within Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools will conduct analysis, devise plans, set goals, and take actions through specific practices, policies, and initiatives within their purview.     
e. Accountability Framework  Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools will incorporate data and publish performance measures that can be analyzed, quantified, and disaggregated to evaluate the extent to which our systems are achieving goals identified through the racial and social equity action planning.    
Fairfax County Government and Fairfax County Public Schools will designate and support staff members to lead the implementation of the One Fairfax policy.  These staff members will work in conjunction with:     
o The Board of Supervisors, School Board, and  One Fairfax Executive Leadership Team to provide strategic, collective leadership in support of the equity-informed planning and decision-making processes prescribed by this policy and the development and pursuit of identified equity goals; and  
o A multi-department, cross-systems equity staff team to facilitate coordination of racial and social equity action planning, collective action, and shared accountability across and within county and schools organizations.    
o Boards, Commissions, Authorities and Advisory Committees to promote stakeholder engagement and input in support of equity informed planning and decision making.  

Related policies and regulations: Fairfax County Public Schools Policy 1450 – Nondiscrimination  Fairfax County Government Procedural Memorandum 39-06 – Harassment  Fairfax County Government Procedural Memorandum 39-04 – Reasonable Accommodation in Employment Fairfax County Government Procedural Memorandum 39-05 – Reasonable Accommodation of Services and Devices  Fairfax County Government Procedural Memorandum 02-08 – Language Access Policy  The Code of Fairfax County, Virginia – Chapter 11 – Human Rights Ordinance

(VA) FCPS Students Being Given Surveys with Three Genders, Parents Outraged

FCPS Students being given surveys with Three Genders. 😡😡😡


(10/12/2017 @Matt) 

Rocky Run Middle School survey. I was shocked by the gender selection. Youths and adults have a third option! Pathetic school board uses gender neutralization to poison students and parents. 

(10/12/2017 @Emily)

Please be clear we are not against LGBT. We are against LGBT have more rights than other students. We are against FCPS promoting LGBT life styles to turn normal kids to LGBT.

(10/12/2017 @Chris)

As hard as we are working to educate and train our kids, this gigantic FCPS train is going in the wrong direction, fast and furious, insanely derailed, pathetically off the track and completely devoid of common sense. Even if we can't get the train back on track, at least we can put up a fight and tell our kids about it!!!

(10/12/2017 @Jane)


(10/12/2017 @Tom)

Be sure to send emails to the FCPS SB members to let them know what you think about LGBT History Month.

FCPS School Board Meeting - October 12, 2017

Published on Oct 12, 2017

Parents outraged after kindergarten teacher discusses gender identity

Published on Aug 22, 2017

David Chen,
Oct 19, 2017, 7:52 PM