(VA) Battle of Good vs Evil Heats Up in Fairfax County

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RECAP OF FEBRUARY 8 FCSB MEETING:  Battle of Good vs Evil Heats Up in Fairfax County

By Eric Johnson

Several people have said that the battle of the school board is spiritual warfare for the minds and souls of our children.  They may be right, as the February 8 included several teachers who confessed to actively undermining parental authority and wishes by initiating their own promotion in the class rooms of gender dysphoria by presenting it as normal, healthy, and proper (aka, enabling).  They also demand that the school system reinstate the suspended July 2016 transgender regulations.  The two teacher transgender activists can be watched at https://youtu.be/S5p-4EjY4MU?t=5531 .

FCPS School Board Meeting - February 8, 2018

Volunteer Speakers Won’t Be Silenced when Children are in Harms Way

Fortunately, several volunteers understand the high stakes and took the activists and school board to the woodshed by speaking out and exposing their moral corruption.  The first speaker, a mother named Kathleen, spoke at https://youtu.be/S5p-4EjY4MU?t=6507 and questioned how the school board could even contemplate reinstating the ill-conceived suspended transgender regulations without answering the long list of legal, safety, health, and privacy issues that were submitted in July 2016 and were the basis for suspending the poorly thought out and illegal regulations.  She also recommended that the school board and Dr. Brabrand review the Alliance Defending Freedom’s legal opinion that offers a path to protecting all students, parents, and teachers, rather than punishing many to satisfy a small fraction of a group (see attachment).

Transgenderism Push Creates New Victim Groups

Another volunteer speaker named Alan then blasted the constant push at recent school board meetings by activists to reinstate the suspended 2016 transgender regulations, when they result in the creation of many new victim groups, including:

-          10,000 female students who are sexual assault victims, of which many carry depression, trauma, and are suicidal, and who do not want males in the bathrooms or locker-room with them as they undress;

-          Many special needs students with anxiety disorders, depression, and suicidal thoughts who do not want to share bathrooms and showers with the opposite sex;

-          Female athletes who would be discriminated against in direct violation of Title IX, and possibly severely injured by allowing males to compete in sports;

-          Thousands of children in poverty in the county who would be taught confusing harmful concepts, which they would then have to sort out on-top of all their other challenges in life;

-          More than half the school population that is strict religious adherents, including 35,000 Muslim children, 35,000 Catholic Latino children, and 30,000 evangelical Asian children.

Fabricated Transgender Regulations Violate the First Amendment Rights of Others

In addition, he pointed out that such a proposed oppressive regulation flagrantly and illegally violate so many Constitutional protections, including the First Amendment.  He asked is Fairfax County really going to punitively coerce speech among the non-consenting, force unwanted associations and suspend privacy concerns, penalize religious students and teachers, and ban any news reports that does not affirm the delusions of activists?

And why would the school system jeopardize its prestigious academic reputation by relying on activist propaganda that is so full of error and false science, including such absurdities that one can choose their own sex or be one of any 60 different sexes.  And what of the feminist movement?  How can 100 years of advances in women’s rights be so easily discarded to allow the trivializing of females who can then be demeaned by the whims of how a male feels on a given day to include pretending to be a female. 

Instead of pushing for radical regulations that elevate a tiny group with a medical disorder while punishing the rest, the school system should be ensuring the protection of all students to have equal access to a quality education without coercion, harassment, punishment, and exploitation by the school system.  

Transgender Push May Lead to Sterilization of Innocent Children

Interestingly, even an Asian parent speaking at the school board meeting on gun control all of a sudden switched topics and started talking out of the blue how children are starting to withhold from going to the bathroom in order to avoid sharing facilities with the opposite sex due to the push of transgenderism in the schools.  He talked about the unfairness and dangers of creating health problems that did not exist before (i.e., urinary tract infections which if left untreated can lead to sterilization of children and other health complications like cancer).  He then challenged the school board not to do something they would not want to inflict on their own children.   His speech can be watched at https://youtu.be/S5p-4EjY4MU?t=6244 .

School Board Members Don’t Care about Well-Being of Children

Witnesses in the audience said that the school board members appeared to disengage and not want to listen to the health, safety, privacy, and medical concerns that challenge and expose their negligence in pushing radical and harmful sex ideologies.

However, a Chinese-American parent named Mike got them to suddenly listen intently as he changed the subject and confronted the school board on their poor contract management practices, as the school board was reported to have suddenly woken up and started to squirm like they had accidents in their pants. 

Basically, Mike confronted the school board on not doing anything to address the 67% of school board contracts that were audited and found to be sole source contract (non-competed contracts).  He said this is three times the number of federal sole source contracts allowed, and an indication of poor management as it invites fraud, inefficiencies, high cost, and even potential bribe and kickback schemes.

He then asked where was investigation of former Superintendent Garza’s conflict of interest in approving of Battelle for Kids contract extensions in 2016, while simultaneously taking a job offer from them?  He also asked how can Battelle for Kids contractor still be allowed to do business with the county? 

The school board may not care about children, but they appear to be concerned about being implicated in financial scandals.  Watch Mike’s speech here https://youtu.be/S5p-4EjY4MU?t=5934 .

FLE (Sex Ed) Committee Controlled by Religious Bigots

While the school board meeting was going on, at the exact same time in another nearby building (ie., FCPS Crystal Palace), the FLE (Sex Ed) Committee was meeting to go over proposed changes to its curriculum.  Roughly two dozen concerned parents showed up and witnessed a corrupt bunch of religious bigots stifle debate and pass changes to the curriculum to include such fundamentally anti-scientific beliefs as “Sex assigned at Birth.”

What is revealed at the FLE (Sex Ed) Committee is that it has been completely rigged to be dominated by school staff, students, and appointees by school board members (at the exclusion of concerned parents).  In addition, it appears to have numerous committee members who are openly hostile to Christianity and display hateful bigotry.  The worst offender may be LGBT activist Dan Press.  While religious bigotry is an American freedom, religious discrimination is not allowed in school related activities, including committee meetings and members.  Concerned citizens should perhaps file complaints with the proper authorities?

Besides cleaning up the current FLE (Sex Ed), other initiatives local concerned citizens are working towards are: making the FLE (Sex Ed) OPT IN; and having the school system provide alternative FLE (Sex Ed) curriculums.  Get involved with other local parents and citizens and make it happen.



1)      The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday February 22.  Speakers and videos are needed (See https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-meetings).   


2)      Write Letters and Contact FCSB Members opposing any attempts to try to Reinstate Suspended July 2016 Transgender Regulations (that allow males into girls bathrooms), and demand they answer honestly all the unresolved legal, health, safety, and privacy questions and liabilities identified by the school board in July 2016 when the suspended the ill-conceived plan (including increases in Urinary Tract Infections and Sterility).


Also, ask them to follow the Alliance Defending Freedom legal opinion, which ensures protecting the rights of all students, and prohibits the advancing of a small special interest advocacy group as the expense of the non-consenting.


Also, let them know of your objections to their censoring speakers by only allowing feedback on current school board agenda items (See 

https://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/fairfax/Board.nsf/files/AVSMPJ5C301E/$file/citizen%20participation-redline.pdf ), as well as let them know that religious bigotry by school related officials will not be tolerated.


The email addresses of the 12 school board members are: 












tawilson1@fcps.edu .


RECAP OF JANUARY 25 FCSB MEETING: Relentless and Demanding LGBT Activists attempting to Enact Transgender Regulations to Penalize and Harass Non-Consenting

By Eric Johnson

The January 25 FCSB Meeting was dominated by several relentless and demanding LGBT activists who are not happy just to keep their sex beliefs and practices to themselves, but want to force and demand the rest of society accommodate, affirm, promote, and participate in their sex beliefs and practices no matter how harmful, dangerous, or rooted in delusion and false science. 

It has now been confirmed they are colluding with school officials to implement the suspended July 2016 transgender regulations and force boys into the girls bathrooms, et. al. (despite Trump’s overturning Obama’s mandates).  They appear to want to implement it in the next month (or so).

Who’s the Bigot and Intolerant?

The first public speaker was Mary, who was a former FCPS teacher and now appears to be a full time LGBT activist and intolerant bigot, and whose speech can be watched in its entirety at    https://youtu.be/eS6DZOt0zCc?t=2415 .   

FCPS School Board Meeting - January 25, 2018

Please watch the video and make your own interpretations, but here is one such interpretation.  Mary does not say it directly with her carefully crafted words, but she appears to believe FCPS should force opposing parents and students into supporting and enabling transgender delusional sex beliefs and practices, and false realities (even if it hurts the child, as well as other children whom Mary cares very little for).  She also appears to want to suspend the First Amendment rights of others and create a totalitarian society where LGBT rule over other people and punish parents, children, and educators who do not agree with their disturbed and harmful world views.  She wants to coerce speech, force unwanted associations, punish religious adherents, and prohibit any news reports that do not affirm her delusional beliefs.

She said if transgenders are not fully enabled and people don’t promote their false reality, they are rejected and commit suicide (even though medical studies show that many more people with gender dysphoria commit suicide by enabling, not to mention experience dramatically higher health and safety problems from unstable relationships, STDs, substance abuse, and domestic violence).  She also demands the FCSB impose new regulations to enforce her radical sex beliefs on students, faculty, parents, and community, despite harm created and any objection by non-consenting (including female rape survivors who carry trauma, emotionally distraught children or those with anxiety disorders, strict religious adherents, etc).  

She then handed her baton to Rigby who has been speaking and advocating LGBT issues at every school meeting and wants to enact the 2016 transgender regulations now.  He says that the recent Democrat election victories dictate that suspended regulations from 2016 be reinstated.  Says they have implemented it elsewhere, and he will personally provide the school board with guidelines.

He then brags that because there 5 open lgbt politicians that it demonstrates the necessity (to suspend the First Amendment rights of others and force his harmful and dangerous sex beliefs unto others by coercion, threat, and penalty).  He also advocates that the school board usurp state and federal law, including the First Amendment, and force their radical sex beliefs on all parents, students, and teachers.  However, he did not demand everyone wear brown shirts though. 

While one can lampoon in disagreement with the bigoted, intolerant, and radical LGBT activists, they are gaining ground because nobody was at the school board to counter their persistent message.  If people on our side do not show up to speak on the issues and show visible political opposition, the school board will use this as an opportunity to pass the suspended 2016 Transgender regulations.  This is a very real threat and concern at this junction in time.


So much so that the same time the next school board meeting is being held on February 8 at 7pm, the FLE (Sex Ed) Committee is stealthily meeting to try to gin up support to reinstitute the suspended 2016 Transgender regulations to force males into the girls bathrooms, et al.   And they are doing this without the school system providing answer to the (dozens) of legal and liability questions that board members presented to the legal council before it was the vote to suspend the poorly thought out and illegal transgender regulations.  It would be great if we flooded the committee meeting with signs and supporters, as well as had some speakers at the school board meeting blasting the diabolical plans to harm children.


Not All Speakers Delusional and Self-Centered


A parent named Mike provided a welcome reprieve from the lunatic fringe which has seeped into the mainstream https://youtu.be/eS6DZOt0zCc?t=2810 .   Mike’s message was simple and sweet and said that  FCPS teachers salaries are lagging and not competitive.  He said the school board has misplaced priorities and they should stop wasting money on unnecessary and divisive school name changes, 80 hours of sex ed, and rewarding poor performing teachers.  Instead reward good teachers and spend the money on supplies, salaries, and school related necessities.


Well, the reprieve from insanity was temporary for after Mike spoke another adult spoke saying he wanted to force students to write essays on what “Justice” High School means to students.  Wonder what the students at JEB Stuart who were bullied and threatened by name changers would interpret “Justice”?  Wonder what JEB Stuart students think of “Justice” when 90% of them voted to keep the name or showed no compelling need to change the name, but then watched the school board disregard their vote?  Wonder what poor students think of “Justice” who have to pay $200,000 in new spirit wear for a divisive and unnecessary school name change?  


So far after 3 months of fund raising (including with Hollywood Big Name supporters), the name changers have only raised a paltry $43,000, meaning that the taxpayer will pay the remaining difference for the high school name change which is estimated to be $450,000 to $800,000.


Hostile School Board Censoring Parents and Citizens by Changing Rules

A very concerned parent named Monique spoke at   https://youtu.be/eS6DZOt0zCc?t=3404 .  She said she was flabbergasted the school board would attempt to further censor and discourage public participation by changing speaking rules to restrict speakers even more.  She pointed out the rule changes passed in committee Monday January 22 aim to prohibit any people from speaking unless it was on an agenda topic narrowly crafted and determined by the school board.   That is, the school board does not want to hear the issues or concerns nearest and dearest to the parents.

She then pointed out that FCSB is already the most restrictive and oppressive school board in the region, and none of the other counties attempt to censor and control public feedback.  Where do all these totalitarians come from?

Also in the News…State Legislation to Consider Making FLE Opt-IN

There are two important bills being proposed in the Virginia State legislature regarding FLE (Sex Ed) that are now in committee.  The first one is LaRock’s mandatory FLE OPT-IN bill.  The second one is Rasoul’s banning of abstinence and marriage in the FLE.

(1) Monday February 5:

HB 159 (D-Rasoul) is up in the full House Education committee.   This worst bill of the session wants to remove Abstinence and Marriage from VA BoE FLE law!  (http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?181+sum+HB159)

Contact Rasoul or anyone you know in Roanoke to tell Rasoul that Rat in Soul or Rotten-soul should be his last name.  Tell him and other committee members NO to HB159, and say YES to LaRock's 1168. 

(2) Wednesday February 7

Possibly and hopefully on this day Superstar R. Del. LaRock will get his fabulous FLE opt-in bill (HB 1168)  into the HE Committee session. http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?181+sum+HB1168

Several contacts you should contact to voice your support for the FLE opt-in bill:

Contact Dave LaRock  (p) 540-751-8043 ; (e) DelDLaRock@house.virginia.gov

Contact R. Del. Leftwich of Chesapeake to persuade him to join a YES for LaRock's 1688 and NO to Rasoul's HB159.

Contact Jay Leftwich (R, 78) at 804-689-1078 tel:(804)689-1078>, 757-382-4156 tel:(757)382-4156>, deljleftwich@house.virginia.gov<mailto:deljleftwich@house.virginia.gov>

Contact any of the House Education Subcommittee members:  Pogge (Chairman), Robinson, Leftwich, Davis, LaRock, McGuire, Bourne, Boysko, Hurst, Turpin, Landes



1)      Please attend the 7pm Thursday February 8 FLE (Sex Ed) Committee where they plan to take up and reinstate the suspended July 2016 transgender regulations (allow males into female bathrooms, et al).  The meeting is at at the Gatehouse Building at 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church.


We need very strong presence.  It is open to public and not recorded, so come and video or audiotape so we can shine a light on the deviant schemers.   Bring small protest posters too (of hip, but not derogatory or offensive).


2)      The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday February 8.  Speakers and videos are needed (Seehttps://www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-meetings).   Although its at the same time as the FLE (Sex Ed) meeting, we need to call out the school board and the schemers.


3)      Please write Letters and contact FCSB Members and state your opposition to any attempts to try to Reinstate Suspended July 2016 Transgender Regulations (that allow males into girls bathrooms), and demand they make public the answers to all the unresolved legal, health, safety, and privacy questions and liabilities identified by the school board in July 2016 when the suspended the ill-conceived plan.


Also, let them know of your objections to their censoring speakers by only allowing feedback on current school board agenda items.


The email addresses of the 12 school board members are: 

ssevans@fcps.eduRyan.McElveen@fcps.eduilryong.moon@fcps.edu); Karen.KeysGamarra@fcps.edu;

Jane.Strauss@fcps.eduPat.Hynes@fcps.edudapalchik@fcps.edu;  klcorbettsan@fcps.edu

Megan.McLaughlin@fcps.edutdkaufax@fcps.eduElizabeth.Schultz@fcps.edutawilson1@fcps.edu .