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White House Backs Senate Bill To Cut Legal Immigration, Move To Merit-Based System

11:15 AM 07/13/2017


The White House is working with leading Republican senators to draft a bill that would slash annual legal immigration levels by half, part of a broader reform that would move the U.S. immigration system from family chain migration to a merit-based approach.

President Donald Trump plans to back a bill from GOP Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia that would cut the number of legal immigrants admitted to the U.S. each year from about 1 million to 500,000 over the next decade .

The proposal, which is set to be introduced later this summer, has been closely coordinated with senior Trump advisors Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, reports Politico. Miller and Bannon are known for their hawkish positions on illegal immigration and also for advocating a reduction in legal immigrants.

White House officials told Politico the upcoming bill is a revised and expanded version of the RAISE Act, which Cotton and Perdue introduced in February and which Trump touted at the time. The RAISE Act eliminates the visa lottery program, caps refugee admissions at 50,000 per year and, perhaps most importantly to immigration hawks, ends so-called chain migration.

Current law allows U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to sponsor their parents, siblings and married adult children for immigrant visas. Under the Cotton-Perdue proposal, only spouses and minor children could be sponsored.

The legislation spearheads a broader immigration reform movement within the GOP to implement a merit-based immigration system — something closer to the Canadian or Australian approach — that limits acceptance of poor and low-skilled immigrants. Cotton, who has taken up the mantle as the Senate’s leading immigration hawk, argues that mass immigration undercuts wages for native-born workers and reduces economic opportunity for poor and working-class natives.

“Sen. Cotton knows that being more deliberate about who we let into our country will raise working-class wages, which is why an overwhelming majority of Americans support it,” Cotton spokeswoman Caroline Rabbitt told Politico. “He and Sen. Perdue are working with President Trump to fix our immigration system so that instead of undercutting American workers, it will support them and their livelihoods.”

Even though the proposal has White House backing, it likely faces an uphill climb in Congress. The GOP will have difficulty taking up a major immigration reform bill while also dealing with other priorities, including passing Obamacare repeal, tax reform and an infrastructure package.

In addition to the crowded legislative agenda, resistance from the GOP’s immigration doves in the Senate could also sidetrack the the bill. Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona dismissed the RAISE Act when it was introduced, exposing deep intra-party divisions on the issue of limiting legal immigration.

“Over the next 20 years, one thing I can say for certain is America is getting older and the number of workers coming up in the system is not where it has been in the past,” Graham said in February. “We’re going to need to replenish our workforce.”


量變到質變 研擬法案:合法移民10年減半

編譯彭淮棟/綜合15日電 2017年07月15日 21:54






「傳統基金會」(Heritage Foundation)研究發現,低技術移民家庭每年接受價值3萬160元的福利與服務,而平均納稅額是1萬573元。常有人說美國無情,其實美國接納20%全球移民,而且移民人均享受的社福額度全球第三高。


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Chris Grisafe Announces Run for

Fairfax County School Board At-Large Seat


Veteran & national security professional seeks to 

“protect excellence in FCPS”

FAIRFAX, VA, May 31, 2017 –

Chris Grisafe has announced he is running for the Fairfax County School Board at-Large position for the upcoming special election to be held this summer. The date of the special election, which has not yet been determined, will be set by the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court in accordance with Virginia law.


The seat is currently held by Jeanette Hough, who was elected in 2015, and will be vacated as of May 31, 2017. Hough has announced she must leave the School Board position governing Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a result of her husband's service. The family is being transferred overseas.


A national security professional and veteran, Grisafe said he's running because "I want to protect the excellence in Fairfax County Public Schools." With a special election taking place in the summer, Grisafe will focus on reaching out to voters during a time when most Fairfax County residents are not thinking about returning to the voting booth.


"FCPS must continue to provide a high quality education that prepares all students for the modern workforce, higher education, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship,” added Grisafe, who also serves as a volunteer advisor and mentor to college students.


Having tragically lost his mother early in life, "I cannot overstate the importance and influence of the many teachers and mentors who have been consequential guide posts in my life," said Grisafe. "I know personally how important it is to empower and educate our students so they can lead successful and meaningful lives."


Among the nation’s largest school systems, Fairfax County Public Schools has been ground zero for social and academic experimentation. "A local school board's emphasis must be on the students," Grisafe added regarding his desire to run.


Talking from personal experience, he said he was greatly influenced by dedicated teachers and mentors to succeed in community college, serve in the U.S. Coast Guard, graduate from Loyola Marymount University and earn an MBA from Virginia Tech.


“It is imperative that we keep FCPS focused on its primary mission – to provide a high-quality education,” said Grisafe.  The current School Board’s May 25th vote to balance the budget for the next fiscal year by increasing class size is just one example of why “Fairfax County needs an at-Large School Board Member who will insist on evidence-based data in its decisions to benefit all of our students.”


Prioritizing rigor in the curriculum, workforce and college readiness means “the School Board must focus on good metrics, eliminating redundancy and encouraging efficiency,” said Grisafe "to enable FCPS to allocate our precious resources where they are needed most - for our teachers and our students in the classroom.”


Parents and community members have often been frustrated with by the School Board’s focus on issues other than student academic achievement. Fairfax County voters overwhelmingly rejected a Meals Tax Referendum last November which was advertised ostensibly to add the tax, in part at least, for education needs.


"I will approach policy matters with an open mind and seek to understand issues with compassion," said Grisafe. "Still, the focus must always be on the merits those issues and the data to support good decision-making."


Once the date of the special election is set by the court, Fairfax County residents will elect the new at-Large School Board Member to serve the balance of Hough’s term, which ends in November 2019. All registered voters in Fairfax County are able to vote for an at-Large candidate.



For More Information, Contact: Chris Grisafe Campaign