(MD) Montgomery County Substitute Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse Of A Minor


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Montgomery County Substitute Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Vanessa Herring, Barry Simms, WBAL-TV 11
Steven Katz
Credit: Montgomery County Department of Police

A substitute teacher has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor and fourth-degree sexual offense in Montgomery County.

Now, school officials are concerned he may have been involved in inappropriate behavior with children in other school districts where he worked.

Montgomery County police arrested Steven Katz, 59, of Columbia, following a complaint from an 11-year-old boy who attends Clovery Elementary School. The boy told his parent and investigators that he felt uncomfortable about the way his substitute teacher touched him. Katz has worked for other school districts, including Howard County, and is accused of inappropriately touching several elementary school children.

Katz is out on $10,000 bail.

A court charging document indicates the 11-year-old boy claims Katz touched his shoulder and then moved his hand down to the child's buttocks. According to the court record, Katz denied, then confessed, admitting to investigators he apologized to the victim for touching him on his buttocks and that it was an "accident."

"He did touch the back of the female student, and advised that he apologized to her," charging documents stated. "Katz also stated he touched the waist of another student in the class and apologized to that student as well."

"We're asking all of our parents to have conversations with our young people, if they've had any interaction with this individual, to bring that forward immediately," said Dr. Michael Martirano, Howard County Schools interim superintendent.

Howard County Schools found out about the arrest Saturday. Katz has worked for that school district for six years, assigned as a substitute at Gorman Crossing Elementary in Laurel and Fulton Elementary in Fulton, along with 42 other schools. The interim superintendent found the allegations upsetting, saying the district's workers undergo background checks.

"Also understand that we cannot always control the behaviors of individuals," Martirano said.

Still, officials with the school system said they will review its current policies and procedures. The district had not received any official complaints about Katz.

"There were no reports involving any involvement with a child based upon the initial reporting," Martirano said.

Martirano said the county will work with law enforcement agencies and neighboring counties to improve communication and share information to better protect children.

"One of the things I'm most concerned about is cross-county communications. I will tell you that we have a level of concern as superintendents, as education leaders, that we have to share this information. I can't be sitting there in isolation thinking that things are fine. We have a responsibility to share information with other jurisdictions and I think we can improve on that as well," Martirano said.

Baltimore County Schools said Katz worked in that school system for one day in 2013.

(World Journal) 記者羅曉媛/馬州報導

蒙郡公校的代課教師Steven Katz因不當觸摸未成年學生被控罪。(蒙郡警方提供)蒙郡公校的代課教師Steven Katz因不當觸摸未成年學生被控罪。(蒙郡警方提供)


59歲的代課教師卡茲(Steven Katz)家住馬州哥倫比亞市,原先在哈維郡公校代課六年,曾在43所學校任教。他於2017年5月轉到蒙郡公校任教,直至東窗事發才於3月12日被解僱。蒙郡警方表示,被卡茲「不當觸摸」的銀泉鎮Cloverly小學學生年僅11歲,他將「卡茲以讓他不舒服的方式觸摸他」一事告知其父母,稱卡茲觸摸其肩膀,再往下到其臀部。


蒙郡學監史密斯(Jack Smith)19日向社區表示,雖然此事僅發生在一所學校,但卡茲在蒙郡多所公校代課,包括Brooke Grove、Burning Tree、Burnt Mills、Burtonsville、Olney、Seven Locks、Sherwood、Wayside小學,William H. Farquhar、Robert Frost、Thomas W. Pyle中學,以及John F. Kennedy、Sherwood高中。這些學校的校長已通知所在社區,正為學生提供諮詢或其他支持服務。


由於卡茲此前也在哈維郡公校代課,哈維郡臨時學監瑪迪拉諾(Michael J. Martirano)也在19日舉行記者會。他說,校方每天是在竭盡所能地保護學生安全。如果哈維郡公校的成員、義工或其他任何人對孩子造成傷害,公校將當機立斷採取行動,確保下不為例。


他並介紹,哈維郡在代課教師上崗前,需經過犯罪背景調查、打指紋,並提交詳細徵信調查(reference check)。而卡茲在背景調查階段並未發現任何異常,校方目前已在審核所有要求,並打算採取更多周期性背景調查。他說,哈維郡公校雇有1萬2000名全職或半職工從事背景調查工作,但畢竟無法控制個別行為,因此需要社區支持,及時通報不妥。



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