Mad Dad vs Dog Man - RECAP OF Virginia Department of Education Public Hearing - 6/27/2017


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15 concerned parents, grandparents, and taxpayers stormed the Public Hearing sponsored by the Virginia Board of Education on June 27 who traveled to Fairfax County to obtain feedback on education related issues.  And wow, did they get an earful and lesson on all the problems in the Fairfax County Public Schools as created by the out-of-control and corrupt school board. 

Dog Excrement now the Standard for Excellence in Education in Fairfax County Public Schools

The first speaker was a Mad Dad named David who told them he and his wife were just another overworked, financial struggling family just trying to survive, but did not feel or see a need to intervene in the public schools until the May 2015 decision rammed through in two short weeks without an impact analysis or waivers in allowing males into girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Upon investigation of how such an ill-conceived and haste decision could be made, he met other parents and citizens who shared that there are many problems hidden from the public with regards to the health, safety, environment, and quality of the schools being created by a reckless and out of control school board.

He then exemplified the severity of the problem of age inappropriate material to the Virginia Board of Education by providing excerpts from a book called “Dog Man” which his 2nd grade child was encouraged to bring home and read from the elementary school library, which contained on page 124 detailed graphic description of characters playing with dog excrement and smashing it around with their hands as part of a big humorous joke.  The Mad Dad then said it was an utter disgrace for the school system to encourage a child to read the celebration of dog excrement as one of the first books a child should read.  He then inquired if this was the new standard of educational excellence in the Fairfax County Public Schools? 

There were three school board members in attendance at the public hearing (Hynes, Strauss, and Palchik).  After having to sit through and endure Mad Dad, Patty "Loveless" Hynes left the public hearing early and looked paler, bluer, and more ice cold frigid than usual.

There are 250 copies of “Dog Man” in the Fairfax county school libraries (costing $2,500). There are also  25 copies of “Two Boys Kissing.”  And 4 copies of “I am Jazz” (transgender propaganda), including one copy for the "lucky" parents who have young children enrolled at White Oaks Elementary School.

More than a Dozen of some of the Finest Speakers in Virginia Spoke and Advocated for our Cause

Mad Dad was just the warmup act for more than a dozen other tremendous speakers who gave wind for our sail, pride for cause, and powder for our cannons.   Highlights include:

  • Fred, who gave up his evening to celebrate his 58th Wedding Anniversary that day with his wife because he said it was more important to his wife and him that they speak out on why marriage is important.  He then outlined how many of society’s problems and suffering could be eliminated if society just emphasized, educated, and encouraged male-female marriage.  He then said the goal of the FLE (Sex Ed) should not be on sexual recreation, but to reduce divorce to 1%.
  • Similarly, a father named John stated that the FLE (Sex Ed) should be completely re-evaluated and assessed as it appears to do more harm than good is some, possibly many areas.
  • A grandfather named Jack highlighted all the problems from the school system pushing transgenderism, including stating that the school systems is creating unlimited number of liabilities by reckless experimenting and endangering the 99% of the normal and healthy student population with false and misleading information, unproven and risky theories, and a large increase of new vulnerable situations that did not exist before.
  • And educator and mother named Cathy took it further by not just pointing out how poorly thought out the schools decision to promote allowing males into female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, but lampooning the absurdities.
  • Monique exposed that the annual objectives of the FLE (Sex Ed) written in the Spring are so broad and ambiguously that they allow for a wide range of interpretations, and that parents are misled into believing that the public is allowed to review and scrutinize the actual FLE (Sex Ed) material before it is presented and distributed in the class rooms (which is simply not the case).
  • An educator and mother named Kathryn stated that a main responsibility of the school board is to keep the public informed, but this school board has consistently done the opposite, specially in its promoting of transgender ideology, where they secretly colluded with outside activists, shut out the public, rigged a vote, refused to disclose the name or payment arrangements of an transgender consultant they hired, nor his final report -- despite repeated requests.
  • Another mother and educator named Kathleen pointed out how the FCSB has gone off track and are not focused on the Virginia Board of Education mission.
  • A father named Mike with young children in the public schools illustrated how the school budget keeps soaring year after year while greatly outpacing inflation, but somehow the school administrators work lavishly is a glass crystal sky rise palace while his son is forced to take classes in a third world trailer.

Mike Nie speech at Virginia Department of Education Hearing - 6/27/2017

  • A father named Andre advised the Board of Education that if one is to rename schools anywhere in State then to avoid all the pitfalls and failings the Fairfax County School Board seems enjoy providing demonstration to.
  • A mother named Laurel was stunned at amount of time and money wasted by the school board on non-education related topics, and believes they need to go as they are too irresponsible.
  • And lastly, a mother named Meg stated that there were endless problems with the FCPS she could talk and advise the Board of Education on, but said she was limited to only 3 minutes.

In total, more than half of the speakers in front of the Virginia Board of Education completely embarrassed and undressed the fairfax county school board in-front of their higher level peers. However, even if they have no shame, the effort by the speakers showed them that there is a price to pay for their reckless actions (creating deterrence and accountability), that we are expanding our activities and on the move, and that all politicians and officials are being put on notice in the State.

The only downside with the public hearing was that it was not televised or video recorded, so you will have to rely on your own imagination to help visualize how pale, blue, and ice cold frigid Patty “Loveless” Hynes looked afterward.

Upcoming Events

  1. The next FCSB meeting is July 13 at 7pm and speakers are needed. 
  2. The decision on JEB Stuart’s name will be at the July 27 FCSB Meeting.
  3. Chris Grisafe is on the ballet to replace At-Large school board member Jeanette Hough, and he needs volunteers and financial contributions.  Chris Grisafe served with honor in the US Coast Guard and is now a Security Analyst who has the smarts we need with his MBA to help manage the messed up school finances.  He also supports us on our social issues.  His web site is https://www.chrisgrisafe.com .  Please rally behind him, and help him get elected.  The special election (may be) on Tuesday August 29, and is open to all county residents to vote.  Arrangements can be made for early voting.

FCPS School Board Meeting - June 22, 2017

(Fairfax, VA) Regarding the FLE (Sex Ed) curriculum for the Fairfax County School System

From: Edward Hara 
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017 4:08:50 PM
To: FLEComments@fcps.edu
Subject: Regarding the FLE (Sex Ed) curriculum for the Fairfax County School System

Dear School Board Members:

I have had the privilege of addressing the school board on two occasions to express my concerns about the current FLE curriculum and the impressions that this teaching is leaving on the minds of our young and impressionable students. In both occasions, I spoke of my own personal problems which have been created by my falling into the trap of pornography (which is what the current FLE curriculum is) at an early age.  At the last presentation, I left my business card with each of the school board members and invited you to call me and talk with me so that I could share a bit more with you about how over-sexualizing a child leaves permanent scarring on the mind and psyche of a child.

Sadly, no one has taken me up on this offer.

As the June 18th deadline approaches for the review and acceptance of FLE materials for the teaching of students, I hope that you will consider the following:

1.  Pornography taught me (or I should say indoctrinated me) at an early age to view women as objects. I did not see them as full human beings, but rather only saw those private parts of theirs as something I wanted for my own pleasure, much the same as one might want a good meal for the pleasure of eating it.

2.  Pornography gave me a false sense of gratification.  We are designed by our Maker to find ultimate fulfillment in the giving of ourselves in love to another.  Pornograpy allows a man to simply take what he wants with no need to be self-giving, which is the heart of what it is to love another person. Sadly, even after I got married,  I found it hard to give of myself in loving sacrifice, but rather just wanted to be satisfied by my wife. She got very tired of my selfish attitude, but somehow we managed to stay married for thirty four years until she passed away in 2006.  I wish I could go back and redo my life, giving myself to her in service more and demanding less of her.

3.  Pornography creates desire, and desire demands fulfillment.  How many young men have been sexually stimulated by programs such as the FLE program and have desired to find a way to satisfy that urge?  These young men go out and do everything they can to satisfy that urge, then leave the young woman to deal with problems such as pregnancy or STDs by herself. Do you understand that there is a real correlation between the rape culture on college campuses and the sex-ed programs in high school that have stimulated young men, taught them that women are objects for their pleasure, and given them no reason to control themselves?

4.  Does the FLE program teach that sex is for marriage and marriage alone?  Or does it infer that sex is just a good time, and "we are here to tell you how to have sex safely."  I have a feeling it is the latter.  Does the FLE program take the time to tell young people that they can control their urges, or does it simply stimulate and leave unfulfilled?  Again, I fear it is the latter.

5.  Does the FLE program teach concepts of right and wrong, or are such ideas considered "archaic and out of date?"  It seems that we have come to a point in this country that it is considered bad form to tell anyone that their behavior is wrong.  Where is the teaching in the FLE of that which is right and that which is wrong?

I have not viewed nor responded to pornography for about eight years now, yet the scars it has left on me still remain.  I find it hard to look at young women with purity of thought, for the human mind has an odd ability to remember pornography and pornograpic displays long after they are gone.  I find I can recall (many times without my desire to do so) pictures from forty years ago with a startling clarity.

And I don't want to!!!

I want to have a proper view of women, yet this has been taken away from me by the people who, in the 1960's, sold our society a pack of lies about "sexual freedom," and "freedom of expression."  Being sick from an STD is not "freedom."  Neither is being enslaved to one's passions.

And ultimately, the winners in all this will be Planned Parenthood, whose sole business is the killing of the unborn because of the inconvenience of an unplanned pregnancy.  it is hardly a wonder that they support materials in high school which teach that sex is okay outside of marriage and that anything you want to do sexually, you should be allowed to do. Planned Parenthood is a business, and the kind of textbooks they support are materials which will ensure a steady stream of customers due to young people experimenting with sex and experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

Please consider the moral, psychological, and sexual welfare of our children and examine the FLE handbook closely.  If the things being discussed within this handbook are not the kinds of subjects for discussion at a family dinner, then they do not belong in the FLE book either.  How many parents in the Fairfax County School System really want their children experimenting with sex before marriage because a textbook has created in them not only a great curiosity, but has told them it is okay to do it?  Any sex-ed program in the FCS system should teach the basics, be age-appropriate, not encourage experimentation nor stimulate desire, and be family friendly.  Parents should be informed of the curriculum and be allowed to "opt-out" if they find the material violates their moral principles.

Please think of the children.

Sincerely yours,

Edward A. Hara
Fairfax County Resident.


Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Attorney General 


(R) John Adams vs. (D) Mark Herring

Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back


On Friday May 5 FRC hosted a televised panel discussion including school board member Elizabeth Schultz, CPEFC Ex Director Meg Kilgannon, legal expert Josh Hetlzer, subject matter expert Peter Sprigg, and host Kathy Ruse on "Transgender Ideology in Public Schools and Parents Fighting Back."

If you can, you must watch this hour long program as one may never see a group of more articulate and masterful individuals advocating on behalf of our just  cause at http://www.frc.org/events/transgender-ideology-in-public-schools-parents-fight-back .   During the program they outline specifically how parents and their children were wronged by the haste and reckless school board, they highlight and address many of the issues that were ignored and never considered (of which many in the nation are now wrestling with), and what parents and the community can do to constructively fight back and win.

Transgender Ideology in Public Schools: Parents Fight Back

Fairfax County, VA is ground zero in the efforts to impose transgender ideology on American school children. The Fairfax County school system is one of the largest and richest in the United States, and its close proximity to Washington, DC has made it a target for the efforts to mainstream this radical ideology. Even after the Trump Administration revoked the Obama directive threatening the nation’s public schools, the fight rages on at the state and district level. 

This panel will present four of the central actors in resisting this imposition: School board member Elizabeth Schultz, who has fought district bureaucrats and the rest of the school board, practically alone, for three years; Meg Kilgannon, a parent of children in the Fairfax County school system who has created a veritable army of parent and taxpayer activists; Josh Hetzler, a legal expert who has traveled the state speaking to school boards and providing draft legal guidance letters, and FRC’s own senior legal fellow Cathy Ruse, who has testified several times on the legal and policy implications of these ill-thought policies. 

Take part in this pivotal discussion as the panel exposes the tactics used by the transgender lobby and the strategies parents and taxpayers have used to fight back.

The broadcast was streamed nationwide, and posted as a video afterwards.  Several news channels covered it.  Even the opposition was there, and will have difficulty with their negative spins.  However, as many of them are driven by hate we must be ready to repulse any negative online smear campaigns and defend our people who fight for us (i.e., keep an eye on Blue Virginia website, etc.).

During the panel discussion, a woman in the audience begged for the panel to find the cavalry to come and save the overwhelmed and stressed out parents in Fairfax County from this onslaught by predominantly outside special interest groups.  Meg Kilgannon of CPEFC replied and emphasized that we at the local level are the cavalry, so the sooner we realize no one is going to come to our rescute, and we start to ante up ourselves instead.  Then the better we will be, and the sooner we can achieve victory.

The good news is we have many local initiatives lined up to advance the ball.  However, they require volunteers to move the locomotive wheels of positive change.  Many of the initiatives require only 2 to five hours a month.  Please step forward if you are able.

The panel mentioned that Fairfax County is at the fore front of the national battle because it is in direct local proximity to the Nation's Capital and as one of the largest counties in the nation, everyone is watching in how we deal with this.  What they don't mention is that George Washington selected the Nation's Capitol's location.  This is his homeland, and every day we walk in the footsteps of the worlds finest, and live with the knowledge that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.  With this in mind, let us respond by showing the nation our true character, mettle, and determination. 

This can and will be our finest hour and greatest service to our country, as we lead the way by example.

God Bless.

Concerned Parents and Educators


Although spanking is not allowed in public schools anymore, numerous school board members got a severe one at the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) meeting on April 27 where six speakers took on different subjects and exposed the recklessness and corruption within the school board and school system.  The video of the six speakers can be watched starting at the 40:10 mark  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1vlTPJB4rI&feature=youtu.be .

The first speaker was a concerned Dad named Mike who is continually frustrated that the school system is so poorly managed and has misplaced priorities that it leaves his son taking classes in a portable trailer without bathrooms, and resembles something out of a third world county, and not one of the wealthiest counties in America with a once great reputation for public schools.  As the school pension was on the agenda, he criticized them for continuing to give retirees cost of living increases 3% or greater, when the rest of the nation uses Consumer Price Index (CPI) which has been 1% in recent years.  In his mind, those millions of dollars add up and can and should be used to get his child out of the trailer.

Afterward, an gentleman named Dave who recalls when his children attended and the Fairfax County Schools were the best in the nation lambasted the school board for engaging in harmful social experiments.  He criticized them for cruelly trying to force tens of thousands of emotionally distraught female rape and sexual assault survivors and religious observers to allowing males in the female bathrooms and locker rooms, or trying to suspend students if they mispronounce the wrong pronoun of something that is not rooted in science and medicine or defined and is based on whims.

He also exposed how several school board members unethically provided inside information so only their political party supporters and friends had sufficient notice to plan to attend and speak at the April 6 meeting where the school board revealed a new proclamation on "Diversity" to the public (released two days prior to the meeting) and did a pressure vote with the staged speakers and supporters who they brought in.  One school board member even snidely remarked, how can anybody not vote for this when it has so much obvious public support?

He then called out chairmen Ms Hines and Ms Evans for allowing the Garza conflict of interest to occur and not taking any action after it was discovered, and he called out Mr. Moon for being a disgraceful lawyer for not even understanding the history and legal background of Title IX law, which was used by Obama and the current governor of Virginia to justify this madness in the schools.  Lastly, he drilled them for secretly allowing males in the female bath rooms and locker rooms without telling opposing and concerned parents and obtaining their consent.

But he was only warm up for John who spoke next and went full throttle and hit the school board and school lawyer hard for not taking any criminal action this past year when a female complained to school officials that she found a 250 pound male in a dress when she went in to use the female bathroom at Luther Jackson Middle School last year.  (People need to understand that many of these public schools are used as mixed use facilities after school with both children and adults using the class rooms and gymnasiums.)  He then directly called out numerous school board members by name and asking them directly if they morally supported allowing a 50 year old man into the bathrooms with 13 year old girls?   When McElveen was asked he just laughed it off as he slouched in his chair. 

FCPS School Board Meeting 18 Part - 1, 4-27-17

When the smoke was cleared, four teachers union members spoke about the pension asking for more money, but never wanting to criticize the poor management of the hand that feeds them leaving it up to the overworked parents and tax payer to do the battles or pay the ever increasing tax bills.  (Later on in the evening the school board members actually had to discuss and debate ways to curb the unsustainable pension plans now that the County Board of Supervisors did not raise the tax rate, thanks to our speakers hitting them hard three weeks ago and reminding them a political price would be paid).

At the 1:04:55 mark a hard working mother named Deborah who made it her priority to break away from her relentless daily schedule to speak raised the bar on reasoned argument by going back to the founding fathers and quoting from the debates and arguments of James Madison in the Federalist papers.  She pointed out that there is a reason why we have majority rule and deliberate processes of government projecting individual liberty and freedom, and that a minority does not have the right to impose itself on the majority. 

The next woman who spoke was a gentle grandmother named Blanca who defended her Christian beliefs and heritage, and how it was morally wrong for the school board to discriminate against the many Christians and harass them.  She basically stated that Christian morality is rooted in rational thought and benefit to society that creates human betterment and blessings, and its morality is not some voodoo cult.

And the last speaker was a gentleman named Fred who stated that the FLE (Sex Ed) program creates more problems that it solves by promoting sex as recreation, rather than procreation.  He stated that the FLE (Sex Ed) program should be changed with a focus to reduce divorce down to 1% to the betterment of families and societies who take the brunt of ill effects from the sex crazed culture promoted by the school board.

It should be noted that there were about 100 school union people in the audience who deserve better than the school board is delivering, as well a dozen purple shirt activists hissing at our speakers.  It seems like our speakers are getting some attention now from the opposition and school board, who have sent their surrogates at "BlueVirgina" to do a political hit piece against Elizabeth Schultz and even our own school board meeting speakers who they label as hate mongers and crazy.  Hopefully, the concerned parents and citizens of Fairfax County who are sick and tired of these standard tactics by the "progressives" who unjustly routinely smear and defame good people will instead rise up and push back against these internet bullies.

FCPS School Board Meeting 18 Part - 2, 4-27-17

Also, FRC is hosting a nationally broadcast panel discussion on May 6 at 12 noon at 801 G Street, NW in DC in which Elizabeth Schultz, Meg Kilgannon, Cathy Ruse, and legal council will be sitting on and discussing transgender ideology in the schools and how parents are fighting back.  They are encouraging a strong turnout, but attendees need to register before hand at  http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=EV17D05 .

Lastly, the next school board meeting is on Thursday May 11 at 7pm Our speakers have been phenomenal to-date, but we need more ethnic minorities to speak at the school board meetings to remind them what real diversity and tolerance is about, and not just their narrow ideological version that uses and exploits ethnic minorities and then discards them when its convenient.

(VA) FCPS School Board Meeting 2-23-17 | Citizens question...

FCPS School Board Meeting 2-23-2017

(2/23/2017 @Mike) "Fairfax county school board meeting is on. Watch online streaming. Citizens question why the board fired the auditor, and avoided independent auditing."


The illusion that all is well with the Fairfax County School Board and School Administration was shattered at the Thursday February 9 School Board Meeting, where it was revealed wide-spread sexual harassment and religious discrimination of students against their will and beliefs, emerging scandals involving Superintendent Garza and the school Auditors, and appearances of widespread mismanagement of 2.7 Billion dollars.  It can be all witnessed starting at the 19:35mark on youtube at the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHBQWw4e0kU .

FCPS School Board Meeting - February 9, 2017 - Part 1

The first speaker was a brave high school student named Elisa who implied that although she opted out of the FLE (Sex Ed), she was forced to endure “a learning seminar on diversity” which was not disclosed before hand and was comprised of roughly 30 minutes of overview different diversity groups, but overwhelmingly dominated in time by propaganda promoting LGBT sexual beliefs and life styles.  She stated as a devout practicing Catholic she is respectful toward all people, but stated that does not mean she has to approve, accept, support, and participate in the sexual beliefs and practices of others, even more so in an academic learning environment that exists for all students. 

The student stated she was “stressed and uncomfortable” as they sexually harassed her, and disrespected and discriminated against her religion and desires to be left alone, even though she had not violated any school policies.  And she said many of her friends felt the same way. Even more disturbing is to learn that all the sexual harassment and discrimination occurred without the parents and communities knowledge, as the Fairfax School System secretly implements these programs to create a hostile and discriminatory learning environment for many of its students.

FCPS School Board Meeting - February 9, 2017 - Part 2

The second speaker was Anna who is a mother and a specialist in government procurement law, who revealed that Superintendent Garza accepted a senior position with Batelle for Kids in September, several months after the Fairfax County school system had increased an existing contract with Batelle by several hundred thousands of dollars.  She stated she believes Garza’s conflict of interests is not only against the school policy, but Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act 2.2-3100.  She recommends a full investigation and that the independent General Auditor office be fully empowered with broad oversight capabilities to restore and ensure public trust which has been destroyed by many abuses by school officials and board members.

At the 28:25 mark, the next speaker Monica (who is a mother of 3 school students) implied the existence of an emerging scandal involving the General Auditors abrupt leave of absence this past summer under a cloud of mystery, and non-transparency.  She stated that many of the audit reports the Auditor Generals had been performing were revealing widespread problems and abuses in the Fairfax County School Systems, including one such finding that over 60% of contracts issued by the school administration in their 2.7 billion dollar budget were single source contracts that were not open to competition (implying the potential for widespread abuse, fraud, waste, and corruption). 

The solution she said is to follow up the recommendations in the audit reports, and fully empower the independent Auditor Generals to do their jobs which is a valued public service, rather than stifle their investigations.  Instead of targeting waste and abuse, the school board wants to raise the budget again by 100 million dollars, as they have irresponsibly increased their budget by 25% in the last five years without sufficient justification all the while they’ve allowed teacher salaries to stagnate.

A concerned father and tax payer named Jim was perplexed why the highly effective Auditor General was placed on leave, and then replaced by another auditor with an unsuitable background in human resources.  He said the audits are needed as the county schools cannot seem to confirm all the causes for the constant budget increases, which far exceed the rate of inflation.  He asked them if they were caused by waste, fraud, abuse, poor management, chasing fads, or implementing obtuse and absurd policies like forcing children to pronounce the many whimsical preferred pronouns transgenders demand.  He then went into details pointing out that the current school board is now trying to stifle and reduce the role and scope of the Auditor General into a façade function.

A concerned grandfather of students in the public schools named Jack then spoke about the illegal implementation of policy 1450 where the school system is now bullying and penalizing students if they do not promote the biological impossibility of changing sexes.  He then stated that this is a violation of personal and religious freedom, but also an assault on common sense (and the essential need for facts, logic, and reason to safely and effectively navigate a harmful and dangerous world).  He states that the propaganda and intimidation by the LGBT, and now the schools, may now harmfully sweep in many innocent people who may have never been otherwise.

He then stated that allowing males to go into female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms where they are unwanted is a form of sexual harassment, as well as raises concerns of rape and sexual assault as barriers for protecting females are removed.  He also stated that it is immoral and illegal to experiment on the 99% of the mentally and healthy elementary school students, as well as to impose sexual concepts and materials on them at such young ages where they do not have the mental capacity developed yet to discern fact from fantasy in all matters and are highly impressionable and aim to please adults and authority figures.  For all these many reasons, he pleaded with the school board to repeal the ill-conceived policy 1450 modification.

A concerned mother named Karen then spoke of the need to independently audit the FLE (Sex Ed) program which has grown from a small seed program to combat teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the late 1980s, to an out of control monster of 91 lessons and 80 hours of sex classes that promotes illicit and harmful sex through a long myriad of contradictions, desensitization, saturation, misinformation, dismissive of moral values, and providing legitimacy to many forms of immoral and harmful sex behaviors.

She also pointed out that the need to independently audit the FLE (Sex Ed) curriculum items that exceed the Virginia State requirements, as well as are being illegally moved into the regular student health curriculum without out parent knowledge or ability to opt out.  Lastly, as stated that the FLE (Sex Ed) program should be independently audited to measure its effectiveness at combating its original intensions (as sexually transmitted diseases appear to be at record levels today, thanks in part to the FLE (Sex Ed program).

A concerned citizen named Tom spoke on the effectiveness of parental roles in producing successful students and members of society, and that schools should reinforce the parents values.  He then stated that the schools are now generating many kids who cannot analyze their way out of a paper bag because critical thinking skills are not being developed or encouraged.  He stated that the ability to understand, analyze, and compute, is just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Lastly, he said that the school board has become the enemy of the teachers, the school kids, parents, and the tax payers and they too need to develop critical thinking skills.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for 7pm on Thursday February 23 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  The school board states that they want public participation and offer 10 speaking slots at each board meeting for Fairfax parents and citizens to address the board.  Anybody want to address the school board and tell them what you think?

Concerned Parents and Educators




At the January 12, 2017 Fairfax County School Board Meeting the school board members got completely pummeled by army of bull dozers, starting out with a shy but highly articulate 7thgrade girl who gave a lesson in humility to the school board on why it was immoral, illegal, unfair, and in bad judgment to force males into the school female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. 

The brave young girl and the six other powerful articulate speakers can be watched in full video at the 23:15 mark at the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUoN_k346-o&feature=youtu.be 

1-12-2017 Fairfax County Public Schools Board Mtg #11

Adelaide, who is 12 years old student in the Fairfax County public schools, stated that she thought the new policy 1450 that allows males to use the female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms is a bad idea.  She stated that racial desegregation occurred in the 1950s because the US Supreme Court ruled that discrimination based on a superficial quality like harmless skin color was Unconstitutional.  However, unlike harmless skin color, she pointed out that that there are real and numerous important differences between the two human sexes/genders of male and female, including physical, psychological, and emotional components (that create a need to ensure both safety and privacy, specially for women and girls who are more vulnerable to sexual assault, exploitation, and prey in enclosed and unsecure facilities).

She next said that although she feels compassionate towards transgenders who may experience discomfort, she also stated that they do not have a greater right to impose the same discomfort upon a vast larger percentage of the population.  Specially when there are other options available, like the original school policy which allowed them to use a separate facility.

Lastly, she stated that she cares about sexually confused students, but does not want to enable because according to her research depression and sadness continues afterward (due discordance), and it is better to be supportive in other ways while they sort out their struggles. 

Helen spoke next at the 29:35 mark and stated she was supportive of the FCPS Human Trafficking Resolution.  But as a mother of three in the public schools she asked the school board members why then would they try to impose similar types of harmful abuses on school children?

She next stated that they should be aware that the definition of child slavery includes submitting children to threatening, abusive, and hazardous situations with the intent to exploit children at someone else’s gains. 

She then provided examples of the school boards abuses, like forcing students to endure members of the opposite sex using their bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, sexualizing impressionable children at younger and younger ages by exposing to harmful and inappropriate material while they still developing both psychologically and physically, forcing educators and students to lie and submit to false  science, biology, and realities, or coercing students to violate their religious faith (i.e., Christian, Muslim, Jewish) or risk being suspended or expelled from school.  She then pointed out that not only is this morally repugnant, but violates their own mission statement (implying that the board members should do some heavy soul searching).

Ruby spoke at the 36:00 minute mark and tore into the school board for abusing children by oversaturating them with sexual explicit material and warped human values.  She stated that the sex instinct is comprised of both affection and physical components, and that when affection is diminished or left out, then sex becomes meaningless and life becomes empty. 

She stated the school’s FLE (Sex Ed) curriculum minimizes the intimate, monogamous, and spiritual qualities of sex, and maximizes the explicit and demoralizing resulting in desensitizing and breaking down barriers of shame, disgust, and moral restraint.  She also said that medical professionals have pinpointed the rising rate of teenager suicides directly to the easy access to pornography on the internet and the oversaturation of sexual material in the schools.  Subsequently, the school board has a moral obligation to eliminate the proliferation of sexual explicit material in sex ed curriculum and elsewhere in  the schools.

Carol, stated that she felt compelled to speak out in support of the FCSB resolution on human trafficking, but asked why the school board is not doing more to stop drug trafficking.  She then tearfully stated that her son tragically died seven years ago due to drug trafficking in the schools, and the gradual escalation to addiction which she believes is not emphasized enough in the schools.

Kristen, a mother of four in the public schools, stated that she supported raising awareness of human trafficking, but also states the schools should also do a better job of sharing the information with parents who can join in and help.  She then stated that she did not support the graphic video on human trafficking shown to six graders, while not providing children with steps they can take to prevent.

She then lambasts the school board for stating that they are concerned about human trafficking, while trivializing the harmful effect and consequences of allowing males into the female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

Afterward, she laid into the school board for making the FLE (Sex Ed) provide the bare bones minimum on reproduction, giving a token nod to abstinence, and then providing a disproportionate large amount of time on sex abuse, STDs, alternative sex practices, and sex trafficking.  She said they manage to take something significant, beautiful, and worth waiting for, and turning it into something frightening, dirty, diseased, and terrifying.

John, a parent who students who have graduated from Fairfax County, pointed out how the Fairfax County FLE (Sex Ed) sexualizes children at younger and younger ages.  He then highlighted that some of the sex ed curriculums are even recognized by the schools themselves as being so harmful that teachers should consult counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers before the lessons are given to students.  He then stated that parents only learn about the sex ed lessons afterwards, and wonders if its so concerning to the schools then why are not they informing the parents better before the lesson is taught (so they may prepare their children better, intervene, or opt out). 

Mike, a Chinese American, stated that he too supports the FCSB human trafficking resolution as it is a severe problem in his home country of China, where one of his friends had their child abducted and the government is now beginning to discourage by giving the death penalty in order to deter perpetrators.

He stated that education is the key to get children to stay out of trouble, as well as make productive members of society.  He then raised the concern that American public schools have fallen internationally from 25th to 31st in the last year in math scores, and states that he and other parents are very concerned of the lack of focus by the school board.  He also stated that it is humiliating that our great country is falling so fast and failing its enormous potential. 

He stated the obsessed focus on gender identity issues and controversial sex ideology is wasting time and resources.  And he said while the Fairfax County students are spending 36 hours on sex education, Singapore students are programming code.

In his concluded remarks he stated that he welcomes the selection of a new school superintendent, and hopes that the new superintendent will bring a refocus on the needs of all students and core components students need to succeed in life.

In Conclusion

As good as these speakers were, it is sad to report that many school board members were found to be not listening to the public's concerns, and instead playing with their smart phones and texting during the public speeches.  While giving well deserved scorn to some of the school board members, please remember to thank our seven brave, fantastic, and honest speakers for giving voice to our concerns, and providing inspiration and recognition to what is important.

Lastly, on a humorous note, when talking about the budget shortfall next year, Patty (Loveless) Hynes recognized that there is a budget gap, but laments that the 70 million shortfall could have easily been solved by the meals tax which taxpayers rejected (as it would be easier for her to do her hired job).  Contrastingly, Megan McLaughlin asserted that the school board needs to start the processes to engage the community early to achieve consensus on the tough decisions ahead.

Other Announcements

We successfully ran Fairfax County school superintendent Garza out of town back in November 2016 (for deceiving, plotting, and conspiring behind our backs).  After we lodged numerous complaints about being excluded from the decision making process of several controversial policy changes (like policy 1450), the school board has decided recently to open up the selection process for the new school superintendent to public comment and feedback by both a short online survey form and numerous public forums at locations throughout the county from January 9 to  January 18.

#1. Please help to submit as many FCPS feedback survey forms possible with the qualities and priorities we want in the new Fairfax County School Superintendent, or we will get another rotten apple like Garza.  Located here: https://survey2.ecragroup.com/index.php/872978?lang=en  

It cannot be emphasized enough that if you do not want another backstabbing and dishonest school superintendent like Garza then we need to get as many concerned parents and citizens to fill out and submit these short forms to the school board.  Please fill out and encourage at least five friends, neighbors, and church/religious affiliation members to do the same.

While running Garza out of town may have been fun since she deserved it, the intelligent thing to do would be to invest a tiny amount of your time to get a better school superintendent and one that you want.  So please participate, this is what we wanted.  The survey form only takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and allows unrestricted editing and feedback.  Please spread the news and promote widely.

#2. Also, please plan on attending at least one or more of the remaining five public forums next week to discuss the qualities and priorities we want in a new school superintendent.  (See the links to the sign up genius at www.SignUpGenius.com/go/4090F4BA8A729A0FD0-opportunities).  Again, please call at least five friends, neighbors, and church/religious affiliation members to attend these short public meetings that last an hour and give you the opportunity to tell them that you do not want another dishonest, distrustful, and disrespecting of parental rights, like Garza.

Strong turnout is required to send a powerful message back to the school board that you want to be included in the decision making process and not cut out in back room deals like they have been doing with the previous school intendent Garza.  If you do not, the opposition will fill the vacuum.

#3. Lastly, the next school board meeting will be on January 26 at 7pm, please attend and consider speaking.  The real question is who would like to bring forward injury and grievances and speak to pharaoh next?

Best regards.

Provided by:

Head Coach, Speak to Lead, LLC



提醒大家注意,今天1/14号下午在 Fairfax ice arena 出现了男生擅自闯入女厕所事件,男生大约是teenager,身高一米六十左右,此事已向ice arena的职员反映过,请有女孩的家长特别注意孩子的安全。






The girl is smart.

"As good as these speakers were, it is sad to report that many school board members were found to be not listening to the public's concerns, and instead playing with their smart phones and texting during the public speeches.  "

I have been there several times, the above paragraph was not exaggerating, these school board members were definitely not listening to any counter opinions. We deserve better school board members.


I see their disgusting behavior as it is aired. It further evidences that the elected school board members have no professionalism and dedication to the school mandate. They don't deserve to take that "toilet seat but not p..." and should be voted down next season. We have learned the lesson and will not be acquiescent in the upcoming board election.

My speech in front of the Fairfax County School Board on January 12, 2017, titled "Make America's Education Great Again."


Speech techniques applied:

1. Use storytelling to begin, "One of my friends..."
2. Use a quote to end strongly
3. Use fact - US student math ranking slides to 31 out of 35 OECD countries
4. Use visual aid - a ranking chart
5. Use contrast - our students waste time on sexual materials while Singapore students study programming
6. Use logical reasoning - we school board should focus on education not sexuality
7. Use body language and eye contact to enhance the message
8. Speak impromptu as the topic "human trafficking" is a hard one to connect to the education theme

I welcome your feedback to make my future speech better.

Coach Mike

Mike Nie speaks at Fairfax County School Board 1/12/2017

(@FCPS 家长群 群主)

这里有一个妈妈 review 以后分享的 chart。家长们可以借鉴一下。