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FCPS School Board Meeting 9-14-17 (John Murray speaks at 1:13:02)


Dear friends,

As some of you know, I spoke at last week's school board meeting citing excerpts from a novel in the 8th grade health curriculum with a first person account of an adolescent considering suicide, with such phrases as:

Each ugly phrase deepens my resolve and makes my decision easier. The latest posting on the school website has a picture of me hanging from a noose. The animated image swings back and forth so peacefully, I think I’m ready. Ready to escape.

My life is nothing but a lie anyway.

I should have just killed myself when I first thought about it. 

I just got an email from Liz Payne, FCPS Coordinator for Health, Family Life, and Physical Education, and wanted to share this excerpt from her email:

"As a result of your concerns, I have reviewed the lesson and in consultation with School Counseling Services, it has been determined that the chapter excerpts will no longer be used in the lesson." 

Although the suicide excerpts should never have been included in the first place, it's a relief to know that they've been removed. It's also good to know that we can have an impact on the curriculum and that the Fairfax County School Board will respond - if not to all our concerns - at least some of them.

I'm sure you'll welcome this news as much as I do, not just for the change that was made, but for the fact that we got through to them. We still have a way to go, but this gives me hope, and I hope it does the same for you.


Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Governor


Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Lt. Governor


(R) Jill Vogel vs. (D) Justin Fairfax

Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Attorney General 


(R) John Adams vs. (D) Mark Herring


FCPS School Board Meeting 9-14-17

(Fairfax, VA) NAMES NOMINATED FOR JEB STUART INCLUDE: Bradley Chelsea Manning, Colin Kaeoernick, George Orwell, and Triggered Snowflake

By Eric Smith



Despite 90% of the students at JEB Stuart High School polled in 2016 either liking their current name or not seeing a compelling need to change the name, the out of control Fairfax Count School Board approved on July 27, 2017 the renaming of the tranquil and happy integrated 60 year old school comprised of students from 80 different nationalities.

This was even after it was revealed that the school name change would cost up to one million dollars, all the while the school board also voted to increase class sizes and curtail increasing teacher salaries. In addition, the school board ignored pleas by students who testified that they were being threatened and bullied into silence to support the name change, and that there were rats and cock roach infestations in the school.

And this does not even include that many African Americans do not support the name change, and that many poor minorities will now have to pay out of their own pocket an additional $200,000 in school spirit related merchandise. Nor that there are 30 more schools in Fairfax County with politically incorrect names associated with slavery including Robert E. Lee, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Mount Vernon High Schools.

How did this happen? 10,000 FOIAS of school board member emails revealed that Sandy Evans and Pat Hynes secretly colluded with the NAACP to ram the name change using a handful of noisy students and teachers as props and ignoring school name change regulations.

Ironically, many students, parents, and alumni have stated they would support a name change if it was earnest and a fair process that a majority of the community wanted. Instead, its been the complete opposite. Lies, deceit, corruption, unfairness, and injustice with poor JEB unable to defend himself from beyond the grave.


Not wasting time after the July 27 school board decision (or eager to act), within hours after the school board decision the FCPS staff issued a notice that they had already coordinated and reserved the JEB Stuart High School facilities on September 9 for the community to provide suggested new names, contingent on the school boards final approval, of course.

Despite a rumored Fairfax Court hearing failing on September 7 where JEB Stuart Name Keepers tried to plead a last minute injunction to stop the wasteful and sickening calculated political renaming because the school system convinced the judge that they had the power to call it Roger Taney or Joseph Stalin High School if they really wanted to.

So on September 9, 73 names were nominated at an open public meeting held at JEB Stuart, where out of state license plates were once again observed. The 73 names nominated at the FCPS sponsored function included the following:

- Barack H. Obama

- Bradley Chelsea Manning

- Colin Kaepernick

- Crossroads

- Evans and Hynes Institute for Public Integrity and Fiscal Responsibility

- George Orwell “Memorial”

- Gilbert Stuart

- Julianne Moore

- Number One

- Schooly McSchoolface

- Triggered Snowflake

- Walt Disney

- Ulysses S. Grant

Oh my! So this is what Sandy Evans, Patty Hynes, and the school board has to show after wasting two years of management time and squandering tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars on renaming a happy school that only a handful of students wanted to rename (in order to include in their college applications to Northern schools).

Normally this would be very hilarious, except the entire process is rigged to hose the students, parents, alumni, and taxpayers, as a more careful analysis of the list of nominees includes the NAACP sponsored names of Barbara Rose Johns and Thurgood Marshall (even though DC already has a high school named after Thurgood Marshall, and Fairfax County has a high school named after George C. Marshall (so football games will be Marshall vs Marshall, like the title of a divorce case).

So all it takes is a coordinated effort for the NAACP members to get the school name that they want, but nobody else wants.


So the rigged system all comes down to Saturday September 16, where between 10am and 6pm residents of only the Stuart Pyramid community get to vote at JEB Stuart High School for the name of their choice, subject to the school board’s further rigged final decision.

Yes, the out of state activists are upset they can't vote (to our best knowledge), but at least they have statues of Confederates, Lincoln, Columbus, and Catholic Saints they can continue to vandalize.

For those in the Stuart Pyramid, below is the information on how to make your vote to skeptically count. It would seem that since “Stuart” is still on the nomination lists, that would be the safe best, as a headless JEB is a good stop gate measure until students, alumni, and taxpayers get really mad and throw the bums out of office.

(Rumors also have it there is a growing movement to recall Sandy Evans.)


Dear Friends living in the Stuart Pyramid area,

Now is the time to make an all out effort to create an email chain to neighbors and friends to get out the vote for "Stuart High School." Please email at least 10 friends and ask they email 10 more to vote this Saturday, Sept. 16, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Only residents of the Stuart area can vote. One vote per household, bring an I.D. to the J.E.B. Stuart H.S. cafeteria.

Let your friends know that renaming the school "Stuart High School" is recommended by the School Board. Evans stated in her motion that “in the spirit of compromise and in recognition of the need to minimize costs as well as the desire for continuity by alumni – staff requests that the Stuart community consider “Stuart High School” as the new name.” This position is endorsed by the current Chairman Jane Strauss and At-Large Member Ryan McElveen.

Voting for Stuart alone increases the likelihood of Stuart being the #1 choice. If you feel you want to choose a second and third choice we recommend place names devoid of politics, race and gender. On the list are Peace Valley and Munson Hill, very neutral location names that shouldn’t cause trouble for the community 50 years from now.

For a full list of names on the ballot view


Whatever you do, vote Stuart for #1 and vote your conscience. As always thank you for standing behind J.E.B. Stuart H.S.


Here is the truth About the JEB Stuart name.

Every Day the name Jeb Stuart, influences my life.  I am Jeb Stuart,  in the last 55+ years each day I  am Addressed as Jeb Stuart.   In the last 55+ years here is my experience having the name.

Never has anyone thought negatively about the name or me until Political Agenda Based individuals have made an issue out it in the last 18 months.  I attended both Pace University, and then NYU in Manhattan for Graduate Studies.  Never did anyone treat me any different nor have a preconceived idea about me because of my name.   

I have been elected to public office several times, in a Yankee State, lol.  I have worked for one of the largest Banks in the USA, My name did not matter.   I have done business with federally elected Officials, Professional Athletes, and other Celebrities.  My name was not a factor.  

I promote my business and my Name in the area of JEB Stuart High School, and have had many minority clients.    They choose to work with me.   Any Documents originated from me, always cleary stated Jeb Stuart on top, and the name never had any negative influence.  

Now due to some Made up stories, I have hate directed at me, hate calls, internet trolling, called a traitor, etc.  I do not mind dealing with ignorant people slandering me, quite Frankly, I just Sue.  You may have noticed several very vocal people have withdrawn.

I have always been the one that wanted to help the underdog; The Students at JEB Stuart High School are the underdogs in many ways when looking at the Fairfax School system itself.  

They should be instilled with the spirit of anything is possible, and never give up instead of being used as pawns trying to divide a community for the personal short term agenda of a vocal few.  Isn’t it hypocritical that the ones that are preaching tolerance have none for me or my Namesake?

We have really lost Focus on the Learning Environment and Opportunities of the current and future Students.  I do not think anyone’s opinion has changed based on facts.  Lies and Fantasy appear to be the Reality of the day.  This Name Change is all about money and Political Motivations.   

Do not be misguided due to the Personal Agenda of a few.  Do the right thing, Keep the name, it’s not the name that’s the real issue here.

Jeb Stuart (Local Fairfax County Resident)

美国文革? (VA) FCPS SB votes to change name of J.E.B. Stuart High School - July 27, 2017

FCPS School Board Meeting - July 27, 2017



The July 27 FCSB Meeting was surreal, but predictable as the 7 hard core cultural marxists and 2 gutless abstainers all voted to change the JEB Stuart High School, after 100,000 graduates, highest diversity rate in Fairfax, zero reported race related incidences in decades, and 90% of the students polled recently wanting to keep the name or did not see a compelling need to change it.  The video of the full meeting can be watched here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20S98ndwkA .


The July 13, 2017 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) Meeting was noted by the public participation portion of the meeting that was completely dominated by speakers debating whether to change the 60 year old name of JEB Stuart High School, including six fantastic JEB Stuart "Name Keepers" who illustrated what a waste of money and misplaced priorities the school board has, and how corrupt and broken the processes are run by the FCSB led by Chairman Sandy "Mao" Evans who has demonstrated from FOIAs obtained to appear to be colluding with activist groups and giving them special privileges.

The school board meeting was also noted for the first appearance of the new school superintendent Dr. Brabrand who started his new job this week, as well as the late night revelation of what appears to be a secret "slush" fund of 8 million dollars of year end money that has magically become available a month after the school board increased class rooms sizes and imposed numerous student fees for sports and student testing.  The full youtube video of the July 13 FCSB Meeting can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dxKpJ5r0ss&feature=youtu.be.

FCPS School Board Meeting - July 13, 2017

The JEB Stuart Chinese-American Connection

Of the public speakers, the one that was the most startling was a Chinese-American named Mike who has two children in the schools and appears at the 13:20 minute mark of the video.  Mike stated that he is against wasting ten(s) of millions of dollars on school name changes when there are so many more pressing needs in the schools, including reducing class sizes, increasing teacher salaries, improving facilities, and ensuring students are given the skills and education to compete and succeed in the global economy. 

He also stated he was disappointed that activists are resurrecting a civil war fought 150 years ago and opening old wounds, who's outcome not only restored the  Union and freed the slaves of the North and South, but resulted in years of reconciliation and healing that lead to a stronger and better and more unified country.  For it was President Lincoln who set this tone after the South was defeated and right before his death where he asked the newly re-united country to move forward with "Malice towards None."  Looks like the school board wants to set the Nation back 150 years with "Malice towards JEB."

Mike then then stated that his home country of China had 5,000 years of brutal and oppressive rulers and slavery, and yet their legacies were interweaved into the cultures and character of the people until the brutal communists came into prominence in the mid-20th century and instituted "cultural cleansing" causing people to lose their identity and hope.  For if a people do not know their past, they cannot understand the present, nor be able to plan for the future.

Lastly Mike presented a resolution to the school board to prohibit costly and unnecessary school name changes anywhere in the county, including slavery related high schools in Fairfax County including Robert E. Lee, Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Fairfax, Chantilly, and Langley.  The resolution has the endorsements of former Congressman Tom Davis, former school board members, numerous local parents groups, taxpayer watchdog groups, key former alumni, authors, and a growing list of other prominent citizens.  Everyday citizens who want to sign the petition may do so at  https://www.change.org/p/fairfax-county-school-board-prohibit-unnecessary-and-costly-renaming-of-public-schools-in-fairfax-county-virginia?recruiter=44540875&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

More School Board Members Insinuated in Scandals and Unethical Behaviors

Vince, who was another "Name Keeper," spoke at the 10:00 minute mark and basically said its an insult to all the other students who went to JEB Stuart and graduated from the school over the past 60 years (including thousands of Black Americans) who were proud of their school and never had any issues or problems with its name until a handful of recent students started muckraking the past to further their own political agendas.  He also raised attention to a petition submitted by another county resident demanding school board members Sandy Evans and Patty Hynes recuse themselves immediately from the name change vote for appearing to engage in wrongful, unfair, and unethical behaviors resulting in conflicts of interests and compromised processes, or face possible legal action.

Another speaker named Andre chimed in at the 20:25 minute mark that he has nothing against changing the name, but he expects a fair and ethical process, which he and others have documented as simply not being the case, when 90% of the student population at JEB Stuart wants to keep the name or sees no compelling need to change the name and numerous school board members appear to be directly and secretly working with national special interest groups to rig the decision. 

47 Teachers have Left JEB Stuart High School in the Last Year

A former JEB alumni Matt spoke at the 27:00 mark and may have stumbled upon the most scandalous news of the night in that he reported 47 out of the 180 teachers and staff at JEB Stuart High School have left in the last year.  His source for the high turnover of teachers at JEB tries to portray the massive exodus as due to unaffordable housing, but when more than 25% of the staff leaves at a rate 65% above the national average it does make one wonder if its also influenced by the meltdown over divisive school name changes, stagnant teacher salaries, larger class sizes, students and teachers being called "Hitler" for opposing the NAACP activists, infestations of rats and cockroaches, and school board's mismanagement.  Even if its not a scandal, its an embarrassing high number and indicates a severe problem being neglected in the school, and possibly elsewhere.

After Matt spoke, a Latino named Christian spoke on the stellar character and accomplishments of military soldier and general JEB Stuart and how all that is needed to appreciate JEB is to educate, not eradicate.  (FYI, JEB Stuart High School is comprised of 50% Latino, 25% White, 15% Asian, and 10% Black, and has received celebrated recognition over the decades as a model community for minority and ethnic integration and harmony, at least until the name change poison was introduced two years ago by national activist groups (who some have accused as using it as a fund raising scheme).

The last speaker was Hugh Stuart who is a descending relative of JEB Stuart, and does not seem anything like a white supremacist hitler KKK segregationist racist neo-confederate the opposition likes to label and call their opponents, for as a taxpayer he just wonders where the ten(s) of millions of dollars is going to come from to change all the politically incorrect school names in the county which traces back to the early formation of the country.  He then asked specifically if the school board would be willing to give up each of their salaries to change the school names?

Upcoming Events

  1. The decision and fate of JEB Stuart’s name will be at the 7pm Thursday July 27 FCSB Meeting at Luther Jackson Middle School.  Please contact school board members and let them know where you stand on this costly, divisive, and unnecessary school renaming effort, which approved establishes a dangerous precedent for renaming schools across the county.  Their contact information may be found at https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-members . 
  2. Chris Grisafe is on the ballet to replace At-Large school board member Jeanette Hough, and he needs volunteers and financial contributions.  Chris Grisafe served with honor in the US Coast Guard and is now a Security Analyst who has the smarts we need with his MBA to help manage the messed up school finances and the integrity to address other problems.  His web site is https://www.chrisgrisafe.com .  The special election is on Tuesday August 29, and is open to all county residents to vote.  Arrangements can be made for early voting. 
    Friday, July 14: In-person absentee voting for the special election for school board starts 
    Tuesday, August 15th: Voter registration deadline for the special election (5 pm in person or11:59 pm online)
    Tuesday, August 22nd: Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot by mail
    Saturday, August 26th: Final day of in-person absentee voting
    Tuesday, August 29th: Special election day; absentee ballot return deadline at 7 pmwe'll need volunteers to hand out sample ballots at the regular polling places

    Note that for this special election, you will only be able to vote in-person absentee at the County Government Center (at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323, Fairfax); the satellite locations will not be open. You can vote at the County Government Center from July 14th to August 25th on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 am to 4:30 pm; on Thursdays from 8 am to 7 pm; and on Saturday, August 26th from 9 am to 5 pm. Please let your family and friends know about these deadlines, and urge them to vote in what will likely be a very low-turnout election.

J.E.B. Stuart H.S. Name Change Debate

J.E.B. Stuart 

JEB Stuart HS Name Change: $1M Waste by Fx County School Board

Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Governor


Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Lt. Governor


(R) Jill Vogel vs. (D) Justin Fairfax

Poll: 2017 VA State Election - Attorney General 


(R) John Adams vs. (D) Mark Herring


2017 VA State Election - Campaign Contributions


Lt. Governor


Attorney General

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