BBC Documentary The Crusades Crescent & the Cross Documentary

Published on Jun 16, 2016

BBC Documentary - The Crusades Crescent & the Cross Documentary.

The First Crusade was the most successful from a military point of view. Accounts of this action are shocking. For example, historian Raymond of Agiles.

The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the Lionheart Documentary

Published on Apr 7, 2011

Saladin and Richard the Lionheart are two names that tend to dominate the Crusades. Both have gone down in Medieval history as great military leaders though their impact was limited to the Third Crusade.

The Crusades, An Arab Perspective - Part 1: Shock

Published on Dec 7, 2016

The dramatic story of the Crusades seen through Arab eyes. In this first of a four-part series, we look at the background to the holy wars and the First Crusade's conquest of Jerusalem, a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The Crusades: an Arab Perspective - Revival: The Muslim Response to the Crusades (Episode 2)

Published on Dec 14, 2016

This second part of 'The Crusades: An Arab Perspective' explores the birth of the Muslim revival in the face of the crusades.

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective - Part 3: Unification: Saladin and the Fall of Jerusalem

Published on Dec 21, 2016

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective is a four-part documentary series telling the dramatic story of the crusades seen through Arab eyes, from the seizing of Jerusalem under Pope Urban II in 1099, to its recapture by Salah Ed-Din (also known as Saladin). This third part looks at the Battle of Hattin, Saladin's siege of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade.

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective - Part 4: Liberation

Published on Dec 28, 2016

From the Third Crusade to the siege of Acre - we explore how the crusader presence in the Holy Land was brought to an end and look at the long-lasting impact of this chapter in history.