UPDATE! FCPS putting Quotas at TJHSST and all Student Activities and Complaint system

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UPDATE!  FCPS putting Quotas at TJHSST and all Student Activities and Complaint system 

Seems FCPS is clearly working to put TJHSST Admissions under a quota system, but this time its called "Equity".  I brought this up last year and I believe one of you kindly talked to a school board member who said " oh no they are not doing this or have not done this."

I think it would be ideal to capture proof of that past conversation if possible because look here at this new executive movement that in short says "Effective October 1, Francisco Durán will become the Chief Equity Officer for FCPS. In this role, his responsibilities will include areas that have direct influence and are key leverage points for the district in areas of equity, including...Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions." -

Sadly, as the article states, it will impact all ."Student Activities and Athletics" and even the Hearings and Ombudsman that should be applied fairly not with Equity lenses.  

Student Activities and Athletics that people like you and I will have less acc SS and benefits from includes "safety patrols, publications, student government, performing arts, honor societies, and special interest clubs, in addition to opportunities for student growth and enrichment through athletics. " -

Whether we can catch an FCSB Member liying or deceiving a citizen or not is separate from the facts that FCPS' Equity Policy is unconstitutional and a violations of Civil Rights laws.

Below are my email from a year ago predicting that FCPS will do this under the One Fairfax Policy, which I'll call None Fairfax for people like you and I..

Let me know if you all have ideas for action.


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