Parents Outraged When Drag Queen Visits School for Career Day

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Parents Outraged When Drag Queen Visits School for Career Day

By Elizabeth Johnston

I think most parents would be stunned to find out that an adult entertainer came and talked to their children on career day.

One would imagine most teachers in their right mind would anticipate this.

So why, if it’s a cross-dressing adult entertainer is it suddenly OK?

2018, that’s why.

Parents at a Colorado middle school were stunned to find that, along with a policeman and an architect, a drag queen came to talk to their children about his career without notifying parents beforehand.

Local Fox 31 reports:

“I was pretty appalled. I was pretty surprised. It was a shock because no one was notified,” parent Jen Payer said.

Ms. Jessica is a gay man who was invited by one of her fans, a Rocky Top student, to come to career day. All of the guests talked about their job and its connection to literacy.

(Connection to literacy?! What connection does a drag queen have to literacy, reading the directions on boxes of false eyelashes?)

This person is an adult entertainer and is talking to 12-year-old students about something that’s adult nature,” parent Heather Rogers said.

Rocky Top principal Chelsea Behanna said the event reflected the diversity of the community.

In a letter sent to parents on Monday, she said “Jessica read a chapter from ‘Horrible Harry’ and she used the text to illustrate the damage bullies can do, the need to always put kindness and acceptance at the forefront, and the shortsightedness of judging a book by its cover.”

Ms. Jessica says she used career day to show kids it’s OK to be different.

“I had a couple kids that were like, ‘I’m gay in school and I get bullied every week and I don’t know what to do and just talking to you helped me realize that I can still be me and still be happy,’” Jessica said.

“I got messages being like thank you so much for coming to my class. I was having a really horrible week and you made my day.”

Children do not need a man who makes his living in nightclubs and bars to encourage them if they’re being bullied.

“Jessica”, whose stage name is “Jessica L’Whor,” may soon be making more appearances at schools as “she” says the experience was inspiring and the negative feedback from parents only motivated “her” to speak to more children about bullying.

The school principal, however, was forced to apologize for not notifying parents beforehand.

Translation: if you’re such a bigot you didn’t want your kids to hear a drag queen talk about literacy we should have given you the option to exclude your child from career day, rather than simply recognize that perhaps a drag queen isn’t the best guest for career day and instead of single out and punish your child, maybe we should let kids grow up before they decide whether or not they’d like to take career advice from a drag queen.

And they wonder why parents are pulling their kids out of the public school system.

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