More Parents Realizing that the Fairfax County School Board IS THE PROBLEM

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More Parents Realizing that the Fairfax County School Board IS THE PROBLEM 


By Eric Johnson

The November 8 FCSB Meeting can be watched in its entirety at , however, it is difficult to watch as it is filled with technical difficulties, including a 30 second delay between the video and sound.   In this climate of distrust and public corruption one always wonders if video problems are caused because 7 out of the 8 speakers did not have anything nice to say about the school board, and they want to hide public discontent and criticism with their poor management and decision making?

Telcom Towers are now FCPS Playground Equipment

Many of the public speakers complained about the new Telcom Tower policy 8335 which allows billion dollar Telcom companies to build Telcom Towers on Fairfax County School properties for relative small amounts of  rent.  They complained the school board is placing commerce over safety and best interests of students and the community. 

So passionate are the Anti-Tower citizens that they want to recall Patty Hynes and the other do-nothing FCPS (See infuriated speaker and Mad Mother Amy Shelton at who is mobilizing her community to stop the school board from placing a 13 story Telcom Tower feet from her child’s elementary school playground, where kids will have a daily contest to see who can climb to the top fastest).  Many of us beg to differ, as the FCSB does a lot, way too much, and they are consistently always doing the wrong thing. 

Mad Mother Amy was infuriated that Loveless Patty Hynes would have tea and crumpets with the billion dollar Telcom vendor, but not any of the angry parents who worried about their children trying to climb the bean stalk to see if there is a giant in the cloud like the story claims.

The juicy irony is that many democrats preach of the horrors of Wall Street but gladly take their donations and become their obedient servants even if they steam roller over the community members they are suppose to represent.  Interestingly, she claims that if the school board does not rectify the situation they are now the problem.  All we can say is welcome to the club.

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is Growing due to Harmful Brainwashing of Impressionable Children

A concerned mother named Stephanie spoke at who has three children in FCPS.  She complained of the inconsistencies of the school system teaching factual science and biology in one area of the school curriculum, but then suspending reality, fact, logic, and truth to promote the fraudulent belief that people can change sexes or are born to the wrong sex, and society should accommodate those confused people who believe otherwise.

She then talks about the harm the school board and their enablers are creating with the frightening reports of rapid onset of gender dysphoria in young children and young adults created by the propaganda and poisoned culture of normalizing psychiatric abnormalities resulting in social contagion.

Allowing Boys into the Girls Bathrooms and Locker Rooms Has Always Been Illegal

The next speaker was a parent of 3 students named Cole who took no prisoners.  Cole basically called out the wrongness of the stream of recent speakers wanting to formalize a school regulation to force girls to endure boys in the girls bathrooms and locker rooms with them while they are undressing.

He then says this is wrong and unlawful because Virginia laws unequivocally states that these types of facilities require minors to be segregated by, not feelings or wishful thinking.

He next states that Virginia has numerous laws on the books to protect against these similar types of scenarios in the restrooms, changing areas, showers, foster homes and shelters.  The intention of these laws are clear to protect privacy from the opposite sex.

He then recites numerous laws requiring protection of minors of their privacy from the opposite sex. If FCPS violates these codes, they are clearly violating the law.  He said no child should have their rights and privacy violated, and that all school officials and teachers should be notified to end any ambiguity created by the out of control school board.

Local LGBTXYZ Leader Keeps School Board Speaking Streak Alive

For those keeping track, the local LGBTXYZ leader kept his consecutive streak of speaking at school board meetings alive at 2,500, but instead of telling a sad story of how he and his friends are victims of an oppressive society that does not like boys in the girls bathrooms, he lobbied on behalf of secondary language programs like Latin which he teaches as he excels at singing and dancing to Little Latin Lupe Lu in the shower.  He also had some subtle propaganda, but why let a good opportunity go to waste?


1)      The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Monday November 19 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Speakers and videos are needed.  The next meetings after that are on December 6 and December 20.  To register to speak go to

2)      The next FLECAC Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday December 13 at the FCPS HQ Building at 8115 Gatehouse Road in Falls Church (aka, the Crystal Palace).  Volunteers are needed to provide presence and to recording the FLECAC proceedings.  If you don’t think it can get worse than “Sex assigned at birth” then show up and watch, record, and give your presence and silent protest.

3)      We need to identify more candidates for the School Board elections next year.  Please help us identify candidates NOW.

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