(VA) Jason from Friday the 13th Continues to Pressure School Board to Force Boys into Girls Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

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RECAP OF OCTOBER 25 FCSB MEETING: Jason from Friday the 13thContinues to Pressure School Board to Force Boys into Girls Bathrooms and Locker Rooms


By Eric Johnson

Fairfax County School Board is Now a Halloween Nightmare

Like Jason from Friday the 13th, the transgender activists and their misguided enablers are like the worst nightmare and won’t go away, but keep coming back relentlessly and lobbying and speaking at Fairfax County school board meetings demanding the school board allow them to do whatever they want in the public schools (like forcing boys into the girls bathrooms and locker rooms) and to punish anybody who disagrees with them, no matter how mad their delusions may be and how reckless and dangerous their ideas may be. 

At the same time, they continue to fabricate delusions of perceived victimhood aimed to convince the ignorant and gullible, while callously and conveniently ignoring how they may be harming children, as well as creating new victim classes with their radical and reckless agenda, starting with perverting the purpose of the public school and education, which has turned into some type of mad Stalinist sex indoctrination camp for future control of mankind .  Watch the LGBTXYZ madness in action at the school board meeting for yourself.  

Not Enabling the Sexually Confused Now Compared to the Worst Mass Shootings

A mother of five named Amanda spoke at the FCSB Meeting (see ) and said that as a proud Mom of a sexually confused child that she demands that the school board implement the suspended transgender guidelines and force boys in the girls bathrooms and locker rooms because its only fair to ALL children (except for ALL those girls who do not want boys in the girls bathrooms and locker rooms, which she does not care a hoot about).  The only thing important is her misguided beliefs, and the heck with anything else that stands in the way, including science, reality, and the human rights of the non-consenting.

She then says her daughter was harmed with anguish by a recent FCPS lockdown drill due to recent mass shootings in schools by psychologically disturbed students (ahem).  She then does leaps in logic and said that similarly she does not think its fair that her child does not have clear guidelines that allow boys into the girls bathrooms and locker rooms, just like the FCPS lockdown drill.  That is, the lack of clear guidelines is causing extreme anguish just like the lock down drill of mass shootings!!!

After the first sad sad story of victimhood, the local LGBTXYZ leader who has now spoken at 11 straight school board meetings in a row tried to outdo her victimhood story by saying more LGBTXYZ inclusion materials are needed in the schools to brainwash the public.  He also said that a poor suffering sexually confused child was recently left out in the hallway in Stafford County because they would not let the child use the opposite sex bathroom and locker rooms like the child demanded and infringe on other students and exploit them.  The poor inhumanity of nature giving a person a human body, and then saying tough you are stuck with it, including warts, smelly feet, bald hair, and love handles.  Its just not fair. Nature is just not fair and needs to be outlawed!

Relentless (and mindless) Rigby wants the suspended guidelines implemented now to force boys into the girls school bathrooms and locker rooms.  And if he does not get it, he will hold his breath until the school board admits that the sun is really the moon.   He does not believe science should determine sex and believes feelings should rule the day.  His favorite song of all times is “Feelings” by Morris Albert.

Lastly, a mother with two elementary school children in FCPS and a military spouse says that the Trumps admin is unfair to define sex by science (when there are 59 and maybe up to 2 million different types of genders in existence within Fairfax County which society needs to nurture and accommodate, as well as beat the heck out of anybody who does not agree to harnassing all the mighty forces of government to rectify the injustice of it all).

She says she just wants “Safety, education, and fair treatment.”  She claims to want to protect ALL students, but clearly she only wants to promote and push LGBTXYZ sex activities at the expense of harming and violating many others.  They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some say this could also apply to Bull.

Sanity Returned to the School Board Meeting Only After Two Smart Conservative Women Spoke

Thankfully, the Halloween madhouse was only temporary, as sanity returned to the school board meeting only after two smart Conservative women spoke (and more are needed in the future to stop the Halloween hordes). 

A smart mother named Kathleen spoke at with regards to Health Advisory Committee.  She does not see anybody on the advisory committee with knowledge or concerned about Mega School environments and how it diminishes the quality of education and promotes unhealthy emotional well being, as it is alienates students by creating abnormal settings.

She then said in order to navigate these types of Mega School settings, special interest groups are established to demand special privileges (like the LGBTXYZ sex obsessed army), at the expense of those who may not support such socio-engineering agendas, and do not want to be sexually harassed in the schools.  She then was rudely interrupted by the chair who attempted to stop her promptly at 3 minute mark.  At which Kathleen sarcastically thanks her for keeping accurate time, though she was in the process of wrapping up.

Another smart mother named Kelley spoke at .  She said the FLE (Sex Ed) program is not just teaching the false science of “sex assigned at birth,” but that children are being brainwashed.

She then asks three questions to the school board:

  1. Why are they teaching false science that conflicts and confuses developing children's ability to make sense of the world around them and to be consistent with their own observations?
  2. Why are they teaching age inappropriate material and desensitizing young children (and she gives the example of why are they teaching sexually transmitted diseases to nine year old children)?
  3. Why doesn’t the school board teach concepts that respect the human mind rather than coerce it, and why are they trying to condition young children to be receptive to engaging in alternative sex practices (even if its harmful and dangerous)?




  1. The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday November 8 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Speakers and videos are needed to beat back the Halloween hordes to prevent Halloween from becoming an everyday event at school.
  2. The next FLECAC Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday November 8 at the FCPS HQ Building at 8115 Gatehouse Road in Falls Church (aka, the Crystal Palace).  Volunteers are needed to provide presence and to recording the FLECAC proceedings.
  3. We still need to identify more candidates for the School Board elections next year.  Please help us identify candidates NOW.
  4. And remember to vote on Tuesday November 6.  Load up the van and bring your grandparents, uncles and aunts, college kids, church, softball team, and army division.  Toss all the bums out of office. 

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