Help with examples of harm from gender ideology

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Help with examples of harm from gender ideology

Attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, representatives from Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, and other interested parties met with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education to discuss the real (negative) impact of gender inclusive policies on school students. The meeting took place September 21.

As a follow up to the positive reception our team had at the meeting, we are looking to provide DoE OCR with examples of harms to students. This is the request from the attorneys at ADF:

Oct. 10, 2018Polling from Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock’s campaign shows a tight race in the 10th District. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

"My recommendation is that we should each get the word out through our available networks that we would like to hear from anyone who has a first-hand connection with (i.e., has spoken with directly) a girl (or parents of a girl) who has experienced any of the following in a school:

·        An assault by a male in what should be  a female privacy space (NT’s story)

·       A fear-inducing encounter with a male in a female privacy space (Alexis’ story)

·       Fear and anxiety about entering the restroom or locker room as a result of a transgender access policy, whether or not she has had an actual encounter.  Obviously, the harm and the Title IX claim will be more concrete if the girl has minimized or avoided trips to the restroom, or avoided changing or participation in athletic activities, because of her fear and anxiety about entering those spaces.

Separately, if you identify someone who has (anonymously) been “curating” reports of assaults, exposure, fear, etc. in women’s restrooms and changing areas that have occurred in the U.S. as a result of transgender access policies more generally (including outside of schools), it is worth asking that individual whether she would be willing to join a meeting with you with the OCR to provide an overview of those report."

If you can help provide any examples of those problems listed above or have your own situation/problem with gender accommodations in a school setting, please let me know. We can protect the identity of the persons involved if that is desired. Things like teachers reading gender confusing books to elementary school classes; students reluctant to use bathrooms and locker rooms bc of a perceived lack of privacy, etc. are all examples of stories we'd like to hear and share with our contacts at DoE.

Thank you for considering this request. 


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