Fairfax County School Board attempts to Lower Global Temperatures by Combatting with Foolishness

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Fairfax County School Board attempts to Lower Global Temperatures by Combatting with Foolishness

By Eric Johnson


School Board Spends Time and Money Passing Manmade Global Warming Resolution


At the last school board meeting the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) passed a resolution against Sexual Harassment all the while at the same time they and the school system are involved in five federal investigations and two lawsuits involving Sexual Harassment and Title IX discrimination (See the video clip of last school board meeting at ).


But not content with being perceived as foolish hypocrites, the school board did more virtue signaling and passed another resolution at the October 11 school board meeting, but this time in support of stopping manmade global warming, starting with the global wrecking ball known as the Fairfax County Public Schools!


Not only was their resolution filled with numerous falsehoods, it was delivered by two of the most uneducated and scientifically ignorant people in the county (aka, Patty Loveless Hynes the Slithering Lawyer, followed by Dahlia Palchik the Starbucks Powergirl).    The nauseating virtue signaling and ham bake can be watched here at .  Warning, one may want to mark the distance to the nearest bathroom. 


And remember, they claim they are passing the new resolution because they care about children (except when it comes to allowing boys in the girls bathrooms, sex drugs and harmful sex surgeries to kids, threats and bullying against conservative students, porn in the library and classrooms, and  bussing children against the parents wills).  Of course, several people with inside information have stated that several of the school board members may have conflicts of interests and may be promoting their business and investment interests by issuing the resolution (oh my! Say it is not true!  Not in Fairfax!).


While reasonable people can discuss and debate the merits behind the scientific research and data supporting or against an unproven theory, the larger question is why is school board wasting precious public time and money in the school system on an unproven and divisive theory driven more by politics and a substitute for religion?


LGBT Month is more Important that George Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays


The answer may be found by the same school board also supporting LGBT history month.  They just don’t care, its radical politics first for them.  Instead of teaching children American history, the school is laying the framework to teach LGBT propaganda that promotes distortions of people and events and their sex practices, while omitting any negative consequences from the harmful behaviors of these same groups (like record epidemics of deadly sexually transmitted diseases).


McElveen gladly delivered the LGBT History Month accolades, which can be watched at . While many of the school board members seem to not care if they are viewed as the most uneducated and ignorant people in the county, McElveen seems to believe it is a competition which he eagerly wants to win.  Oh the juicy irony of uneducated and ignorant school board members leading a large education institution.  In upside down world, this makes perfect sense.


While watching McElveen one may notice how he waives around the PTA endorsement (which is suppose to be a non-political entity), and that he has added Q to promoting “National coming out day for LGBTQ.”   Perhaps the Q stands for Quiche, and McElveen is setting the stage for his own coming out.


The most sickening part of the entire propaganda show was after McElveen was done speaking, all the school board members rushed to parade in front of the auditorium for a photo op with the LGBTQ and the “Rainbow Banner” of intolerance and hate.  It was interesting to watch that only adults participated (and no students) in the photo op for a school system that exists for students.  One also laments for the days of past when gays just wanted to be left alone and requested respect for their privacy, instead of today’s in your face sex politics and militant tactics and forced coercion and intolerance.


LGBTQ Activist Has Jaw Problems and Can’t Keep his Mouth Shut

The public speaker portion featured the local LGBTQ activist (Rigby) speaking once again (see ).  This makes roughly his 10th consecutive appearance at a school board meeting.   Obviously, he does not have any children or any hobbies of substance, other than providing constant entertainment in the theatre of the absurd. 

Once again Rigby did his usual comedy routine of thanking the school board for the opportunity to promote LGBT propaganda and push their kooky sex cult ideology (at which McElveen and the others clapped like virtuous seals).  He then attacked Trump and Kavenaugh saying it was very dangerous times in American (but he manages at the same time to believe that forcing young girls to strip for males in the bathrooms and locker rooms is not dangerous).

The local LGBT leader then engaged in propaganda techniques of lumping their sexual behaviors with race, physical disabilities, and women (so as to convey harmless, inborn, normal, and natural).  Lastly, he provided a fig leaf for school board to continue to engage in “The Resistance” against the Federal and State government and existing laws, regulations, codes, morality, and ethics.  At which time 10 school board members smiled like the Grinch who stole Christmas at the possibility to transform America into a third world country from the dark ages.

Other Public Speakers Filling the Void Caused by the Absence of Conservative Speakers

The first of the other public speakers at the school board meeting complained that the school system was not doing enough for their 3 year old's Speech development.    (See ).  Wow, so know there is cradle to grave socialism in the public schools and pre-kindergarten children are now the responsibility of the public school system?  Just put the new born babies in the hospital ward on a conveyor belt to the school systems and call it a day.

Ironically, the next speaker complained about the school board and system wasting money because they do not even know how to perform meaningful evaluations of their many different programs.  But who cares about performance, success rates and failures, and worthy improvements as long as there is a big fat blank check and school board members get to feel good about fighting Manmade Global Warming?

After which a school system union rep spoke and asked for more money for another program, while a  student asked for more money for solar panels for the schools (since her parents won't pay for the solar panels for her house).




  1. Please help to identify more candidates for the School Board elections next year.  Candidates need to be identified NOW.
  2.  has just made available their fantastic “FLE” Red-Yellow-Green Stop Light Charts to help parents navigate the FLE curriculum on what to OPT OUT of.  But remember, if in doubt, the smart Opt-Out.
  3. The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday October 25 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Speakers are welcome to address the school board and can signup at starting at 6am on the Monday before.
  4. The next FLECAC Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday November 8 at the FCPS HQ Building at 8115 Gatehouse Road in Falls Church (aka, the Crystal Palace).  Volunteers are needed to provide presence and to recording the FLECAC proceedings.

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