ANOTHER item for parents to Opt-Out = Fairfax County Youth Survey

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ANOTHER item for parents to Opt-Out = Fairfax County Youth Survey

By Laura Miller

Hello Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County,

Parents need to be aware of the Fairfax County Youth Survey's Opt-Out option and to push for the survey to be Opt-In too.  Any media attention on it or forwarding of this issue would be appreciated.  The link to their Opt-Out form is attached or found in a link at the bottom of the email I forward to you from Fairfax County Public Schools.

Below I lead up to the conclusion that this survey is another sample of our government's abuse and harassment of minors and we should add it to such lawsuit course of action and weight.

This Fairfax County Youth Survey is another school item that should be mandated to be Opt-In and changed from its current Opt-Out format.  The description about it should also be more transparent about the questions the kids would be asked because, of course, this survey asks everything under the sun to ripe young 6th graders and it gets even worse for the 8th, 10th and 12th graders.  

Below I have forward to you my notification of this survey taking place.  While it is good that they actually did that, notice: 

  • the burden is on me to print and sign and bring it in to my counselor should I want to Opt-Out!
  • I've received this on a Friday before a 3-day weekend.  Perhaps I've grown too cynical but I certainly that greatly increases the chances of this being dropped from a parents' memory and to do list, if they are even paying attention to Friday emails.
  • their notification the flowery description of what is in the survey, and as far as I have seen, 
  • it is in English only. 

Compare their summary description to the sordid data they've capture in their survey results reports, which I have attached for your reference (the most recent results available).  In short, the survey results shows:

• The Fairfax County Youth Survey asks questions to 8th, 10th, and 12th Graders, which remember are 13, 15, and 17 year olds, such as:  

  • how many times in the last month have children had sex (1,2,3,4,5,6 more?); 
  • number of sex partners, 
  • oral sex history, 
  • condom usage, 
  • heroin drug use,
  • every drug and inhalents imaginable use,
  • cigarette use,
  • alcohol use,
  • violent behaviors, 
  • delinquency behaviors, 
  • suicidal thoughts,
  • many other intrusive (are you eating your VEGETABLES?  are you able to TALK to YOUR PARENTS?) 
  • many other debasing
  • inciting anger and paranoia questions (are you recipient of racial or cultural discrimination?).

The 11 year olds or 6th Graders' survey seems primarily the same but (thank goodness) leaves out the sexual activity questions and asks not so many questions per topic area, but its more than enough of the sick-o stuff already. 

Of course, the survey may be keeping up with the coarsening of the FLE and so questions may be even worse on this years surveys.   I don't know.  Were parents informed if any changes were made?  I wasn't.  Were parents asked if they should be spending academic time on this?  I wasn't.

This awful survey on which the kids probably overexaggerate the answers, perhaps even purposely skewing some of the data, becomes a primary justification used by the county to justify their candid sex acts education and other mental health and "diversity" programs.  

And am I wrong to be vary leery of any such youth survey prepared by Indiana University home of Kinsey himself? 

Our Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County's Parent Information Package flyer informed parents of this Survey and Opt-Out form which they could find on page 7 of our CPEFC PIP, attached, but I doubt enough received it and used it to even be noticed, sort of like the effect of a few spit balls on their well funded battleship.

Their survey notification states that if we have any questions to contact Stefan Mascoll, coordinator, Student Safety and Wellness Office, at 571-423-4270.  My question is how does introducing just about everything in Pandora's Box to minors make them safe and well?  My question is why are they harassing minors with this trash?

Like the FLE, most parents are unaware that this long sex, drugs, and rock and roll survey takes place during academic time and that they can Opt-Out of the Youth (Sex) Survey.  Instead of STEM time its HARASS THEM time?  They are harassing the students with shocking questions about sex, drugs, violence and more.  

Once again, FCPS is proceeding to present this harassment-type information to minors without proper informed consent.

Seems this should/could be brought up as a harassment case onto minors!?  Add it to all the others abuses coming from of our public school system.

The sooner we clean up and kill this survey the better.


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