(VA) Fairfax County School Board is said to be under Federal Investigation for Five Sexual Harassment Claims!

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RECAP OF SEPTEMBER 27 FCSB MEETING: Fairfax County School Board is said to be under Federal Investigation for Five Sexual Harassment Claims!

By Eric Johnson


School Board Passes Sexual Harassment Resolution only to be Accused of Sexual Harassment


The September 27 FCSB Meeting was entertaining as once again the school board was exposed as hypocrites.  The evening started out as the school board brought forth another meaningless resolution aimed at generating “Fake Feel Goods,” but in reality doing nothing more than virtue signaling to the public.  Want to feel nauseous, then simple just watch Ryan McElveen (aka, the human worm) and the other school board members lecture the public that sexual harassment is unacceptable (   


Yet these are the same hypocrites that sexualize children at younger ages, push various porn and sex advocacy in the schools, tell children they can be any sex they feel like, and refuse to fully disclose the sex programs and materials to parents and ensure informed consent.


School Board is said to be under Federal Investigation for Five Sexual Harassment Claims!


The hypocrisy was not lost on a parent named William Park who brutally lit up the school board and FCPS for not just allowing sexual harassment in the schools, but then allegedly covering it up (See ). 


He then stated there have been numerous reported incidences of Sexual Harassment over the past three years at Lake Braddock and South County High School.  He then stunned the audience as he revealed that the school board is under federal investigation in five cases, plus two pending federal lawsuits (and violating Title IX regulations designed to protect children from sexual misconduct).


Whether what William Parker stating is true needs to be verified by independent sources and clarified further, but it has gotten so bad that anything is believable and possible with this out of control school board and school system. (Note - A second source has already been able to confirm much of this is true).


School Board Accused of Promoting Pedophilia


A retired teacher named Ellen spoke at  and said that the FCPS Challenged Material Committee should not be the first line of defense for filtering inappropriate materials in the school libraries and classrooms, as that it is much too late in the process.   She said if they were doing a better job then there would not be 250 copies of the book “Dogman” as well as LGBT propaganda currently in the little kids libraries and classrooms.


She then clarified that “Dogman" is a cartoon book that depicts dogs playing with and smashing their  feces and was part of second grader’s school lesson here in Fairfax.  The school board’s solution to this problem was to yawn.


Ellen next said Romans chapter 1 in the Bible sums up the long-term harmful effects of homosexuality, but if one does not believe this then believe the Center for Disease Control, which reports that homosexual men are 100 times more likely to contract deadly HIV and AIDS than other men, and hundreds of thousands have died from such practices.  And yet, despite all the dangers and death, the FCSB  are teaching children it is normal and healthy. 


Then she brought down the hammer by pointing out that the school board’s promotion of giving kids the sex drug PrEP has no other purpose than trying to stop teenage boys from getting hiv and aids from those who are infected, which are primarily adult males.  She then said that is by definition pedophilia.  Does that mean that the school board members are now groomers?


After she was done speaking the school union representative spoke next and stated enthusiastically on what a great job they all are doing, but they just need more money (and the school board needs to get going on raising taxes to make it happen!)


Local LGBT Leader Accused of Deceiving and Lying to School Board


A grandfather named Jack spoke at  and said he is concerned about the well-being of his grandchildren and the other children in the public schools.  He thought it was just shameful that the school board approved such harmful non-sense as teaching children that they can be any sex they want and that abstinence is not really 100% effective.


He next went after the local LGBT Leader for repeatedly stating at recent school board meetings that the massive avalanche of 1,300 public comments of which 85% were against the FLE (Sex Ed) changes back in June were really submitted by out-of-county residents or from fake accounts that were orchestrated by the Virginia Family Foundation and Family Research Council.


He said that this was simply a false and baseless allegation as the Virginia Family Foundation sent out mailing announcements to only those residents in Fairfax County.  He also said another local group called Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County (which has a local membership of 1,000 people) sent out an announcement of the FLE changes, as well.


He said the reality is people are just fed up with the abusive school board, and the movement is growing as more people find out what is going on in the public schools and the destructive management by the out-of-control school board.




  1. More candidates are needed for the School Board elections next year.  Please help identify candidates NOW.
  2.  has just made available their fantastic “FLE” Red-Yellow-Green Stop Light Charts to help parents navigate the FLE curriculum on what to OPT OUT of.  But remember, if in doubt, the smart Opt-Out.
  3. The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday October 11 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Speakers are welcome to address the school board and can signup at starting at 6am on the Monday before.

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