(Liziqi Videos) 中國農村意象 - 田園牧歌式的影像 海外走紅

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Liuzhou "Luosifen": Slurpy, Spicy, and Absolutely Satisfying

Published on Aug 11, 2019

(Liuzhou "Luosifen" is also known as Liuzhou rice noodles with river snails.) Summer is the on-season for processing sweet bamboo shoots. I made some pickled bamboo shoots. River snails and pork bones are stewed for hours to make a delicious stock. A handful of rice noodles, a few slices of vegetables, pickled bamboo shoots and green beans, chunks of "wood ear" fungus and dried daikon radish. Just before serving, sprinkle it up with pan-fried peanuts and tofu skin, and add a spoonful of chili oil. Sour, pungent, savory, mouthwatering, and steaming - this is how a bowl of Liuzhou "Luosifen", the legendary cuisine that has been listed as one of the intangible cultural heritages of China, is made.


Traditional handicraft. Turn a soybean seed into a drop of soy sauce

Published on Dec 4, 2019


Turn a soybean seed into a drop of soy sauce. Traditional. And hand-brewed.
With a history of 3,000 years, this intangible cultural heritage has become indispensable on our dining table.
Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea. That’s what Chinese have for a day’s meals.


In the cold winter,eat ginger,can warm the whole day


Published on Nov 23, 2019

Around the Beginning of Summer, plant a piece of ginger to grow.
Leave it to the sunshine and dew, and let a hot summer brew.
Dig it out and store in the cellar, right before frost and snow.
Make the remains into ginger-date paste with brown sugar,
Ginger-tangerine jam, and ginger-rice tea.
Stew some pettitoes in ginger vinegar, 
Or braise a duck with tender ginger.
Eat it, use it, every bit of it. What a treasure from nature!

阳光 空气 和雨露,历过炎夏
用剩角料做了红糖姜枣膏 姜桔酱和姜米茶

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Let me ask you, what would you eat on snowy days if not hot pot? ▎Snowy days go well with hot pot

Published on Nov 10, 2019


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Peanut and melon seeds, dried meat, dried fruit, snowflake cake - snacks for Spring Festival

Published on Jan 31, 2019

Chinese Spring Festival again, hahahahahaha.
Sugar gourd, fried peanut cany, all kinds of delicious candy...
When I was a child, I always looked forward to these.
So I added a special video of the snacks for Chinese Spring festival.

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It’s a red mountain, and in the fall, it’s natural to make some sweet persimmons.

Published on Oct 8, 2018

See also the mountain,
A small fruit dyed all over the autumn.
Pick a persimmon,
Delicious dried persimmons have another year~

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Using bamboo to make some sophisticated old furniture——Bamboo Sofa

Published on Sep 24, 2018

I have been wanting to buy a sofa set but the desired ones typically cost over 10k RMB. Last week, I found the bamboo sofa set that my grandpa made a long time ago, so I decided to try to make a brand new set. Items made from bamboo around this season, for example, a back basket, a chair or a rack, would not form bugs. I have made a back basket, a folding fan, and a sweeper once, but never a sofa set. I made a lot of mistakes, fortunately, I managed to make an arhat bed, an empress chair and a tea table. I am extremely happy and have a big smile on my face since I just saved a ton of money.

月儿圆圆,稻米飘香,正逢农家收谷忙Full Moon, Fragrance of Ripe Rice, Farmers Busy Harvesting Crops

Published on Sep 14, 2019

育秧 打田 插秧 生长 抽穗 扬花 灌浆 
再到成熟 收获至端上饭桌,

Plant a seed in spring, and you'll harvest hundreds of grains in fall. From the initial preparation stage including the nursing of rice seedlings, ploughing, and transplanting; to the growth phases including germination, heading, flowering, and ripening; 
to full maturity, harvest, and being made into food... 
Please do know where our foods come from. 
Treasure every grain of rice that comes from hard work. Eat well and stay healthy.

The best food for summer------Many kinds of jam.

Published on Jun 22, 2019

In spring there are countless flowers to see. 

In summer there is countless fruit to eat! 

I made a lot of jam and it should last for a while! 

Got up early in the morning, picked a lot of fruit & veggies + flowers for the day! 

And I made a solid breakfast. 

One day, two people, three meals, four seasons...

I planted shiitake mushrooms in the mountain!

Published on Jun 15, 2019

We don't have wild shiitake mushrooms here, so I decided to grow them myself.
This time, I planted spawns into the holes I made around the tree trunk before.
If the season is suitable, the mushrooms will be sprouting one after another in less than six months.
I planted them at the top of the mountain because first, the temperature up there is low; second, this way they won't get picked by others.
I picked out the better quality ones and made them into sauce. You can have it all the way through summer.

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