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Removing Wild Animals from Properties

Q. 请问一下,在马里兰用 trap 除兔子或者松鼠违法吗?

A. Trap 本身应该不违法,但要合法处置。Home Depot 有卖 Trap,有建议说放生 10 miles 以外,否则他们可能再回来.

Q. We got a skunk in our rental property, can anyone recommend a reliable animal removal service to take care of this?

A. I got that problem before. I bought 10+ bags of stones from Home Depot, blocked the holes dug by the skunk. The fighting continued over one week until the skunk gave up. Before 'do-it-myself', I tried an animal removal service (cost a few hundred bucks), that did not work.

Q. I saw a small hole in my side yard (next to the garage). Would the skunk dig other places if you block one hole? I put a 12*12 brick on the top of the hole, but the next day the hole goes to the side like a small tunnel.

A. I tried using bricks to block the hole, but the skunk dug another hole along the bricks. The stones (which are the sizes of chicken eggs) work better. 

The trick is: you need to keep buying stones to block the holes until the skunk gives up. I ended up using 10+ bags of stones. 

Q. How do you know it is a skunk? What do you do with the stones after the skunk gives up? Just leave the stones there?

A. There was a strong smell. My neighbor told me it was from a skunk. The hole size looked like that of a baseball.

I just left the stones there because I did not want the animal come back.  

Reply: Looks like it is not a skunk for my yard's hole which is about 2" and no smell. Huh, need to find out what it is....

Q. There are some wild animals in my house. They are in the attic/roof area. I am not sure what kind of animals they are, but they always make scratching noise every morning.

Does anybody experience the same problem and what kind of contract/service I can use to get rid of the annoying animals?

A - 1:

Do you have any attic fan and/or exhaust windows on the roof? The squirrels could get in from an opening on the roof or siding.

We had a similar problem a few years ago. The below contractor helped us out:

Environmental Pest Control

Tel: 540-441-7397

They blocked a few holes on the roof and siding with metal screen. The cost was a few hundred bucks. The animals have not come back since then.

Some folks recommended using "ultrasonic pest repellent". I have not tried one yet. 
A - 2: 

Google "ultrasonic pest repellent", "raccoon repellent", "rat repellent", etc..... that you can think.

No killing, no chemical poisoning, no harmful to kids and human, no expensive solution, and I think it is the best way to control animals in your house.

Must buy the right ultrasonic pest repellent for the animal that you are repelling to be effective, because each different kind of animal listening to different range of sound frequency.  For example, a mosquito ultrasonic repellent is not effective to repel raccoon or rat because they communicate at different sound frequency range.

Weiwei) 去 Home Depot 买类似的声音驱鼠,人听不到,但老鼠听到会发疯搬家。

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Q. (@maggie)


A. (@Sam)


A. (@文煊)

这是松鼠的表亲, 忘记叫什么了。我家屋外房梁管道住着一家,应该没什么影响吧

A. (@Sam)


A. (@待原)


Q. (@maggie)


A. (@待原)


Q. (@maggie)


Q. (@TZ伊)


A. (@Sam)


A. (@TZ伊)


Q. (@maggie)

嗯嗯好滴 我不想杀生 但是有没有药可以熏走?同问

A. (@Sam)


Q. (@TZ伊)


A. (@待原)

门前石梯周围都铺石子、不容易打洞。HOME DEPOT 还有一种会发人耳听不到的、但是chipmunk不喜欢的东西。插在那里附近就好

A. (@Sam)

@TZ伊  是的,不过石头长时间会生青苔

Q. (@TZ伊)

@待原  什么东西,发个样子看看

A. (@待原)

Sonic Mole Chaser   Underground Rodent Repellent

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A. (@TZ伊)


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