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Basement Wall Crack and Water Leaking


Could some one recommend a contractor to fix basement water leaking?
There is a crack on the basement wall which needs to be sealed/fixed from both inside and outside. On the outside, the crack is located ~3 feet below the ground - which means some dirt digging/removing work will be needed. In addition to sealing the crack, some grading work is needed to divert water from flowing toward the house during heavy rain.

Recently I had my basement wall crack and water leaking issue inspected by four contractors. Below are the proposals I got:
1. Allstate American, Inc.
      1) install 16 ft floor system;

      2) install 1 heavy duty pump system;

      3) install 1 battery back up system;

      4) install 16 feet Dura Shield Paneling;

      5) install 60 ft exterior drain buried.
total cost: $5,430.00
2. Seal-Tite Basement Waterproofing Co.
Fix from outside - excavate by hand 6.5 - 7 ft to footer, seal with hydrolic concrete swell-tite membrane, refill soil. 20 year warranty no leak.
cost: $2,000.00
3. TRIAD Basement Waterproofing, Inc.
Fix from inside: use epoxy injection
cost: $1,615.00
4. NV Waterproofing

Fix from inside: use epoxy injection. 10 year warranty

cost: $800.00
My tenants and I agreed to use NV Waterproofing to do the job. 


Q.  Did you get NV Waterproofing to work on your basement?    How was their work?   Is your basement dry with the recent rain?

A. The work was well done by NV Waterproofing. The basement has been dry since then. The price ($800.00) includes the 10-year warranty. Very happy with the service.

Q. Did they suggest you use epoxy injection or you asked for it?   I think the key is to find the root of the problem. 

A. The inspector from NV recommended using epoxy injection, and I agreed (I did some research before that).

Q. I just got a callback from NV. They can't send an estimator until three-week from now. Did you wait this long? I can understand that if they schedule their work a month ahead. Do you have an inside contact :-) ?

A. This is the contact info of the inspector:

The work was done in February, 2013. The basement has been dry since then.



Need help to diagnose/fix a water leaking problem.

There is water leaking in the basement ceiling near the fireplace. During the recent storm and heavy rain, water was running along a rafter (on the basement ceiling) and dripping to the basement floor. Water pooled about 1-inch high just outside that part of the house.

water-proofing contractor inspected the basement and outside, and concluded the water leaking is not from the foundation. We are not sure if the leaking is from the roof, or the chimney, or the siding.

Two handymen came and found the source of the leaking. They reproduced the water leaking using garden hose to pour water to the siding around the chimney - from bottom to up until the leaking occurred. They opened the siding, found a narrow gap on the joint between two pieces of plywood-like material. The rain water made through the siding, dripped through that gap into the basement.

They sealed that gap, put everything back. Poured water to the same area for a few minutes - no water seen in the basement.

The work was done in 4 hours, the price is reasonable.
There is one-year warranty.


The work was done in October, 2013. The basement has been dry since then.

Q: 求做室外疏通积水。后院地势高, 整个叙坡。下雨水往下流就到家里。请有经验的室外疏通积水的师傅高手。

A: José  (703) 675-2113, 他帮我做过院子地势平整, 埋了管子排水,效果很好, 解决了地下室sweat问题。

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