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Appliance Repair

I called Top Notch Appliance Repair (703-754-8188) to fix a number of things that have gone wrong with my kitchen appliances.  John replaced the hinges on my upper oven door (a job I had been delaying for years because I had been led to believe by an earlier repairman that it would be much more expensive than it turned out to be).  He then leveled my dishwasher (a problem which, as many of you know from having the same issue, has been attacked unsuccessfully over the years by Camberley, by the original appliance installers, and by other repair companies).  After this, he fixed the crisper drawer in my refrigerator (which came off the rails every time it was opened, another problem that no one else has been able to fix).  How is it that this is the only Viking repair person who actually knows how to repair Vikings?!


John was polite, professional and punctual.  The whole job was only $265.  I recommend Top Notch to all of you without reservation!  Peggy


p.s.  He takes care of Bosch, Thermador, etc appliances too.

- Meggy

Last update: 3/2/2015