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Winterizing Sprinkler Systems: Remember to winterize your personal irrigation systems and outdoor

Cleaning and Preserving Brick Steps: Hot water, a brush, and OxyClean works wonders for cleaning
black dirt, mold, or grime off your brick steps or entrance ways. Also, be careful about using ice melting
crystals, as some brands will dissolve mortar and damage your steps.

Using Porch Lights: Your outdoor lights may be shining into your neighbors’ homes. Reduce wattage to
decrease their brightness, and add a motion sensor to limit exposure.

Decreasing HVAC Noise: A noisy HVAC unit usually indicates that your outdoor compressor is low on
refrigerant. Having the level checked ensures it runs more efficiently and quietly, something to be aware
of in our close quarters.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Abbey Carpet has a quote of $3-4 per sq ft. The job takes three coats and three days. The price from China Rug is less, more like $2.5. Assume a lot of flooring companies do refinishing.

Last update: 03/10/2015