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“Power of Attorney” Authentication Process / 委托书三级认证具体过程

Helen Jiang


上个月由于特殊原因, 我需要尽快注销我在国内的户口.  因为我是美国公民, 请在国内的父母代办此事需要委托书(Power of attorney).  委托书必须经过三级认证. 国内才认可.  为了这事我着实愁了好一阵子.  感谢帮忙的朋友们.  现在终于办成了.  分享一下过程和经历.

1.  First step, prepare the documents in both Chinese and English version.  Make sure the documents meet the requirement.  You can consult people in China or Chinese embassy.  Once you have both English and Chinese version ready, go to Fairfax circuit court to get the notary.  You might be able to get from other places as long as the person who provides the notary service is certified within the same state.  You need to call county to confirm though.  I really think it would be easier to just get the notary from the local circuit court.  The following link is the notary office information in Fairfax county.

4110 Chain Bridge Road #116
Fairfax, VA 22030

$2.5 each document  I paid $5 cash for both Chinese and English documents.

2.  After the notary was done, Fairfax circuit court notary office gave me an “Authentication Request” form.  The following is the form image. Please follow the instruction and fill the form and mail it together with all documents plus a check. ($15 in my case because I have two documents) and the paid return envelop (I used to print the shipping label using the priority mail flat rate envelop at $5.05 ).  It only took four business days to receive the VA authentication.

3. Once I receive the VA authentication, I mailed all documents to US State department for authentication. The following link explains where and what need to be mailed.  You need to fill the form  DS-4194 and mail the form and together with all documents, plus check (in my case $16 because two documents) also include a paid return envelop.  (I used to print the shipping label using the priority mail flat rate envelop at $5.05 )

It took me 13 business days to receive the US authentication.  It is longer than I expected.  Their website said only takes 4-5 days.  I did call them and they said mail in documents need to be screened first before send to the State Department.  If you are in a hurry, walk in instead of mail.  The US authentication was signed by John Kerry.  Not printed but really signed.  That really surprised me.

4.  Once the US authentication is received, the next step is to visit Chinese Embassy.  The following link explained this step in detail.  I went there on Monday and picked the documents on Friday.  It took one week.  $20 per document.  Normally there are more crowded in the morning since most people tried to get their visa in the morning.  Afternoon would be better for authentication service.  Make sure get there in time because they close at 2:30pm.


8/26/15 morning got the notary from the county notarize service.  Same day mailed to state.
9/2/15 received the VA authentication.
9/3/15 mailed the document to US State Department for authentication
9/19/15 received the US authentication signed by John Kerry.
9/21/15 went to Chinese Embassy.
9/25/15 picked up the Chinese Embassy authentication.

Everything is done within one month.

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