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IRS 1099-MISC Basic

01/30/2015 - David (a Realtor and a landlord): 

I am preparing an IRS 1099-MISC (with the 'other' box checked) for a contractor. Do I need to file a corresponding form to IRS? If so, what is the name and # of the form?
01/31/2015 - Bonnie (a tax professional):

You need to file the forms 1096 together with 1099-MISC Copy A to IRS. For 2014 tax return, the due date to send IRS the 1096 and 1099-MISC Copy A is March 2, 2015.

01/31/2015 - David

In addition to filing forms 1096 & 1099-MISC Copy A to IRS, do I need to file 1099-MISC Copy 1 to VA State Tax Department?

I noticed the forms 1096 and 1099-MISC Copy A (downloaded from IRS website) are in RED color and are not supposed to be used. 

I sent an online request to IRS for hard copies, not sure when the forms will arrive. I don't want to miss the deadline (March 2).

01/31/2015 - Jiajia (a tax professional)

You can't use the downloaded 1099-MISC Copy A. You can either order from IRS or buy at the store. If you didn't withhold any VA tax, then you do not need to file 1099-MISC Copy 1 to VA State Tax Department

01/31/2015 - David

If I receive the hard copies from IRS, could l scan the forms to PDF files, then type on the PDF files (from computer), print out and send to IRS?

01/31/2015 - Jiajia

No, you can't. You need to print on the forms or hand write.

01/31/2015 - David

This is very helpful. I will wait for the hard copies to arrive. Thank you!

Last Updated: 02/01/2015