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Art Classes at US Arts Center

We offer weekly art classes all year round to students ages 4 years old to adult. We pride ourselves on our strong art curriculum which has been carefully put together with Western and Eastern teaching methodologies and with 18+ years of experience. All students will be taught by highly qualified and educated art teachers (all of whom have at least a bachelors degree in Fine Arts and many have a masters degree) and can expect to learn and practice using a wide variety of art techniques and mediums appropriately challenging for their level. All of our classes are in small sizes to ensure high teaching quality and individual attention for each of our students.

Please visit our website for more information and check class schedule:

At U.S. Arts, we provide an ideal learning environment where students are taught by an elite group of fine arts educators with emphasis on a combination of Eastern and Western teaching styles and methods.

Student Testimony

"I have been a student at US Arts for over 9 years.  Now, I am a senior at high school, and I plan to attend Carnegie Mellon University this fall.  Though I will not pursue the fine arts as a profession in the future, I could not be the person I am without the help and mentor of the faculty and staff at US Arts. I learned many valuable lessons and life skills through the eyes of an artist, and now have profound respect and appreciation of painting and drawing..."
-Aisha Han

Aisha was accepted with scholarship by Carnegie Mellon, Northeastern University, US San Diego, Loyola Marymount University, & NYU.

"After attending US Arts for several years, not only did my skills in drawing and painting improve, but also I was able to gain confidence through my artwork.  I couldn't have achieved this without the welcoming teachers who were always willing to personally help students. 

Thus, I am very thankful of these opportunity given to me here at US Arts."
-Wendy Tran

Wendy was accepted with scholarship by USC and UC Irvine.

Camp Programs

US Arts Center offers Spring Camp and Summer Camp for students from grades K-6, as well as an Art Boot Camp for middle to high schoolers.  Click on our individual pages for more information on our camp programs.





US Arts Center 
14101 Sullyfield Circle, Unit 100A
Chantilly, VA 20151

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