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Good Morning All, 

Tutor Pros is excited to have gotten so many responses for SAT Math Prep that we are adding a 10 week comprehensive SAT Prep session this summer. This will benefit students taking the Aug 25th, 2018 SAT test or others who want to prepare for the SAT in the near future. Details are:

  1. SAT Topic      :  Math
  2. Schedule       : June 23rd to Aug 24th, 2018
  3. Duration        :  2 hrs weekly held every Saturday
  4. Location        :  Centreville or Chantilly Library
  5. Sessions       :  In-Person Group sessions
  6. Registration  :  At
  7. Cost               :  Details at Register early for additional savings
  8. What we cover:
    1. Week 1         Fractions, decimals and percentages
    2. Week 2         Rate problems
    3. Week 3         Area, perimeter and Volume
    4. Week 4-5      Algebra problems
    5. Week 6-7      Geometry problems
    6. Week 8         Misc. (Mean, median, combinatorics, etc)
    7. Week 9         Tables, Charts and Graphs
    8. Week 10       Review of SAT formulas and concepts

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

Suresh Srinivasan
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We started this in 2005 when we found our passion for helping others as a Test Prep Tutor. Over the years, we have offered our services to many students who reached out for help with High School Math, Physics, TJHSST and SAT/ACT preparation. Through our years of experience, we have gained the reputation to guarantee great results, and the skills to get our students to excel in a variety of subjects. 

We are now introducing online tutoring to our to students. If you need an experienced Tutor, feel free to call or email us so we can set up an initial evaluation session at your convenience. We now have multiple tutors to assist your individual needs.

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