Public Speaking, Leadership Skills and Interview Skills Coaching

The program offers the communication / public speaking / leadership / social intelligence coaching services. I will apply the Toastmasters’ rigorous training structure to you, and motivate you to stand up, to think fast, to articulate, and to lead. The program provides you with a customized, mutually benefited environment for you to think, to organize, to articulate and to evaluate. 
Objectives of the program
  • Polish your communication skills in English
  • Master the interview skills to secure an ideal job, to sell your product, or to seal a deal
  • Learn the skills to be a speech coach for your child (24x7 coaching at home)
  • Strengthen your leadership skills: evaluating, mentoring, coaching and training
  • Expand your social intelligence
  • Augment your listening, critical thinking and judgment skills
  • Reduce colloquial accent
  • Enhance your mastery of vocabulary, idioms, and cultural elements of America
  • Make the best use of the waiting time in school
  • Have fun!

Special speech topics at your option

  • How to impress your counterpart with the first impression
  • How to excel in a job interview (phone interview, office interview, and panel interview)
  • How to ask for a promotion
  • How to diffuse criticism
  • How to manage a staff member
  • How to sell your idea to your team or supervisor
  • How to describe a complex concept in layman English
  • How to polish your interview skills


Mike有18年美国职场领导层经验(四大会计师所及邦金融管机构),持有特金融,注册会计师执照,工商管理士。Mike是Toastmasters的成员. Toastmasters 是一个专门培养沟通和领导能力的国际组织,在116个国家拥有分支机构。 MikeDistinguished Toastmasters (“DTM”) 称号。 DTM Toastmasters的最高 -全球四百万会中只有少于2%的成员获此殊荣。 Mike在大华府地区的Toastmasters演讲(励志,幽默及即兴演讲)比赛中取得冠亚军的成绩。


联系方式:公共演讲教练 Mike 703-606-0270. WeChat: mnie0001

Last updated: 02/15/2015