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Jen, founder of Prep with Jen LLC, is a curious self-starter on a mission to help overwhelmed teenagers navigate the stressful high school years. Having lived in Northern Virginia for most of her life, Jen understands all too well the pressure students in this area face.

Jen graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors in commerce and a minor in math. Since then, she has been empowering students to realize their own potentials. Over the years, she has helped students excel in academic math and conquer the infamous college entrance exam: the SAT.

Known for her encouraging teaching style and ability to demystify even the most difficult concepts, Jen has received rave reviews from students and parents alike. Her goal is simple: to help students master fundamentals, so they gain the confidence necessary for long-term success.

Through Jen’s personalized instruction and dedication to mastering her craft, many of her students have seen significant score increases of 200+ points and have gained acceptance to renowned schools such as Virginia Tech, The University of Michigan, The University of Virginia, and Princeton University!

Service Offerings

  • Private math tutoring

  • SAT Essay Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many students do you have per class? 

    Prep with Jen’s classes are very small at around 6-10 students. Our philosophy is to give all students the personalized attention they need to reach their own potentials.

  1. Who teaches your classes?

    Jen has over 7 years of experience helping students on the SAT and currently teaches all classes herself. This allows for full control so she can quickly adapt lessons to fit the unique needs of each class.

  1. How are you different from other test prep companies?

Here at Prep with Jen, our passion for teaching is evident in the enthusiasm we bring to every lesson. In return, our students are motivated to bring their best selves to class. This creates a collaborative environment that promotes highly effective learning. 

Our curriculum is an amalgamation of the most effective methods Jen has developed over years of working with different types of learners. We take pride in our ability to adapt to our students' needs. Even as Prep with Jen continues to grow, we will never compromise the quality of our services.

  1. What results can my student expect after taking lessons with you?

    Prep with Jen doesn’t give score guarantees. You can read our reasons here

    With that said, students will receive quality instruction from someone who has not only taken the exam, but has devoted years to creating streamlined strategies for each section. In the process, they will learn to think like test writers, recognize common traps, and improve their critical reasoning skills. 

Students who are engaged during class and work diligently to master the strategies we teach often see significant score increases. Notable mentions include going from an 1150 to 1400 and 1190 to 1530.

  1. Do you offer private tutoring as well?

    For SAT test prep, Prep with Jen offers private tutoring on a case by case basis. Private tutoring is a good option for students who are looking for targeted help in specific areas (e.g., reading only, grammar, certain math topics, etc.) or are already very strong test takers looking for a final boost in confidence and momentum. 

    We also offer private tutoring for the math SAT 2 subject tests and certain levels of high school math. 

Registration for our Summer 2019 PSAT/SAT Prep Course is now open!

Last update: 4/18/2019