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Here at OmniKids, we believe that all kids should have affordable and effective tutoring to help them learn and thrive at school. They should be able to achieve their dreams and when they need help, and they should have an easy way to access it. Old tutoring services are not always flexible, fresh, or entertaining for kids. can also get a bit pricey. This is why OmniKids may be the best choice for you!

In essence, OmniKids is a tutoring service where you can simply ask for a qualified tutor in a convenient manner. All you need to do is input the necessary information specified in the form provided. You can ask for several different session lengths, to suit your very own interests. Tutors will arrive at your house, and can provide a custom curriculum crafted to fit your student's needs!

Our service is purely community-driven and provides opportunities for qualified prospective tutors to earn experience and pay while also improving education in the Northern Virginia area. By booking an appointment with us, you can help both parties involved - teacher and student alike.

Last but not least, OmniKids tutoring is inexpensive compared to many high-end tutoring services! For a rate of $35 USD per hour, you don’t even have to leave your house, and you get a one-on-one tutoring service! We charge the same as many classes without our one-on-one flexibility. The course will be for your child and your child only. Now, isn't that nice?

If you have any questions about our services or have a lesson plan that we do not currently offer, please contact us at or call 240-661-1860.

Quality of Tutors

At OmniKids Learning, our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and have all been screened for your safety. A large majority of them attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, the prestigious magnet school located in Alexandria. They are well versed in many subjects and will most definitely provide the tutoring your child needs to succeed.

Many tutors have taken:

  • Freshman Biology

  • Precalculus

  • English 9

  • Chemistry

Some tutors have taken:

  • AP Biology

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Macro/Microeconomics

  • AP BC Calculus

  • World History I & II

OmniKids Learning also has many tutors who know important study tips and tricks for the TJ tests to prepare your student for a future at TJ.

Subjects taught:

Here at OmniKids, we possess a wide variety of tutors that teach a multitude of subjects including:

  • Elementary Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre Calculus, BC Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Competition Math (i.e. MathCounts, AMC 8)

  • Writing and Reading Comprehension

  • Biology, AP Biology,

  • Chemistry, AP Chemistry

  • History and World History I and II

  • TJHSST Preparation: Test studying and Essay preparation

  • SAT Subject Test {Math, Chemistry, Biology} Prep

Customer Testimony:

Currently, as a newly started business, we have had many happy customers. Here is a review from one of our customers who had a student wanting to learn a new subject, specifically economics:

“ In the fall of 2018, my daughter was enrolled in 10th grade at Woodson High School. She was very interested in the AP Economics course, but could not take it due to a course scheduling issue. Just as we were deciding on what to do, one of our friends introduced a tutoring service called Omnikids. We heard that the owners of Omnikids were TJ Students, and we decided to enroll in an AP Macroeconomics class with them. My daughter had no prior experience with Economics, so she was somewhat frightened before the first class. After the class, however, she already seemed very determined. Her tutor, Ameen, was very detailed in his teachings and after every topic he taught her he always made sure to engage her in the learning. Most importantly, he also furthered her interest in economics. After a few classes, her tutor increased the difficulty of his topics. He started asking her to look at the material beforehand and ask him during class if she had any questions. My daughter often spoke highly of both the tutor and the manner he taught in, and I feel that I have made a good decision enrolling with Omnikids. Omnikids provides quality tutors and great service! ”

Last update: 01/06/2019