2018 Summer SAT/PSAT/AP/Science Camp @ Oakton Academy

Oakton Academy

2018 Summer Programs

SAT, PSAT, AP Physics, AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Geometry

Science, Reading,Writing, Public Speaking, Debate

TJ, AOS, Private School Admission 

McLean, Falls Church, Vienna, Oakton, Chantilly, Fairfax


Contact: oaktonacademy@gmail.com; 571-354-7199


Full Day Summer Camp (6/25-7/20); 8/20-8/25; Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm

·       9/10/11th Grade PSAT/SAT English/Math

§  Highly qualified SAT instructors
§  Small Class Size
§  Individual attention, 1:1 essay writing conference
§  Excellent SAT Test Report from former students
§  Average 50-120 points increase
§  Many students received 1530-1580; 10 students received 2018 NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist)

·       7/8th Grade Advanced Reading/Writing/Math/Science (9 am - 5 pm)

§  TJ, AOS, Private School Admission Test Prep
§  Science/Math/English, SIS (student information statement essay writing practice

·       5/6/7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing/Public Speaking (9 am - 5 pm)

§  Daily Science Experience

§  Reading,vocabulary,writing,novels,magazine and newspaper reading

§  Public speaking

9-12th Grade Summer Weekend Sessions, 6/16-8/4, Saturdays, 8 – 12 sessions

§  AP Physics/Honors Physics, 10 am – 12 (Saturday), 7-9 pm (Thursday)

§  AP Calculus AB/BC (10/11/12th Grade), 12 – 2 pm (8 sessions)

§  Pre-Calculus, 2-4 pm (8 sessions)

§  Geometry, 10 – 12 noon (8 sessions)

§  Chemistry (Thursday 7 – 9 pm)

§  Public Speaking/Debate Class

§  August Intensive SAT Session (8/20-8/25), 9 am – 12 noon

11-12th Grade College Application Events (7/7 – 8/4), Saturdays

§  College Application and Essay Workshop

§  College Admission Interview; 1:1 coach and advice

§  College Application Form and Completion

§  Link: College Application

§  2017-2018 Admission updates includes: 

   Duke (3), Cornell (3), NYU (3), CalTech (1), UChicago (2), UVA (8), U. of Illinois (1), VT (scholarship), Johns Hopkins (2). We have students who applied for Princeton, WestPoint, and they are waiting for the updates in late March or early April.

7-8th Grade Advanced Reading/Writing/Math

An excellent enrichment program for rising 8th graders and advanced 7th graders. It has gained recognition and praise from parents and students. Most recently we just got the news that some students who came to our center last summer for 7/8th graders’ exceed many high school admission tests, including TJ, AOS, and private school admissions. Some students got admitted to governor’s magnet schools and honor programs in private schools with scholarship. We are waiting for more updates in April. Congratulations to them!

5-6-7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing/Debate/Public Speaking

This is a four-week long program focusing on Science, Reading, Writing, Debate and much more. Rising 5/6/7th grade (daily science experiment/daily creative writing/reading, all of which are key components in the students learning journey, as well as in their middle and high school standard tests.

Our highly qualified SAT teachers, excellent FCPS high school and middle school teachers, as well as highly motivated staff members are looking forward to working with our wonderful students and delivering the enrichment programs with dedication, discipline and determination.  Thank you!

Registration: www.oaktonacademy.com "registration" ! 

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, Vienna, Oakton, VA 22124

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