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2019 年精英教育夏令营

2019 年精英教育夏令营

Summer 2019 classes begin June 24 and end August 2, 2019.
Please contact ELC at:, or call at 571-217-2357 for details




  • 1年级和2年级的创新思维

  • 1年级和2年级的 NNAT / Cogat 考试准备

  • 3 - 6年级英语阅读写作与数学

  • 7年级学生的ACT/SAT读写和数学

  • TJ准备-八年级学生的阅读、写作、数学和科学


班级按年级设定,没有混合班。 每班仅限16名学生。

精英训练营是为111年级的学生设计的。 每个年级都有不同的课程设置和课程材料配备。






  • 火箭制造发射

  • 设计过滤系统

  • 电影制作+摄影

  • 创建视频游戏

  • 科学奥林匹亚和公平的技能组合

  • 科学项目



1 - 6年级(2周课程):

  • 第一期:   624 7 05

  • 第二期:   7月08  7 19

  • 期:   722  8 02 


7 - 8年级(3 周课程):

  • 第一期:   624 至7月 12

  • 第二期:   715 802


9 - 11年级SAT2周课程):

  • 第一期:   624 7 05

  • 第二期:   7月08  7 19

  • 期:   722  8 02 



  • 精英的所有教师均为国家和州教师资格证书 , GT教学资格证书,他们都是各自领域的专家。

  • 阅读、写作、数学和科学课程的老师都是来自Fairfax县公立或私立学校在职教师,拥有至少有10 年的经验

  • STEM教练拥有多年的科学项目经验,并有教学证书。


学生的安全保障和健康是精英教育的首要任务。所有课程均在公立学校举行,有校园的安保系统。学生在校内外的活动都有ELC 工作人员的监督和指导 。




  1. 注册 

  2. 登录后 ,就可以在ELC注册课程。

  3. 在注册时不收取付款。 在收到并处理您的注册表格和学费之前,我们无法保证您的位置。 请将打印好的注册登记表及学费尽快寄到ELC注册办公室,地址在登记表底部。


有问题? 请联系我们 ,或致电 571-217-2357 


2019 Summer Camp at Elite Learning Center

Summer 2019 classes begin June 24 and end August 2, 2019.
Please contact ELC at:, or call at 571-217-2357 for details

We are very happy to welcome you to the 2019 Summer Camp at Elite Learning Center. Elite signature summer curriculums in Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing and Math with specially designed learning materials provide campers achieve academic enrichment goals.  It is blended with afternoon STEM projects creative and fun summer camp recreation that fosters personal and social development, encourages physical activity, and offers a chance to have fun.

Signature Academic Enrichment Program in the morning:

We customize curriculums for summer enrichment, All English learning materials are selected from the latest English education resource based on AAP standards and requirements. We create specialized Math workbooks exclusively by Elite. We have added several additional courses and activities to the 2018 summer program based on the feedback received from the annual teachers meeting and parent survey. 

  • Critical Thinking for Grade 1 & 2

  • NNAT/Cogat Test Prep for Grade 1 & 2

  • English Reading Writing and Math for Grade 3 – 6

  • ACT/SAT reading and writing and Math for 7th graders

  • TJ prep - ACT reading, Writing, Math and Science for 8th graders

Class is set by grade level, there is no grade mixed class. Each class is limited to 16 students.

Elite camp is designed for the rising 1st - 11th graders. Each session has a different designed curriculum and materials over the sessions.


STEM Learning Pathways in the afternoon (No extra fee added): 


Provide grade 3 to 7 students the opportunity to take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the real-world challenges. Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, which campers explore through various projects and challenges.


  • Rockets build launch

  • Design water filtration systems

  • Filmmaking + Photography

  • Create Video Game

  • Science Olympia and Fair skill sets

  • Science project

The Summer Program Dates: 

Elite camp is designed for the rising 1st to 11th graders. Each session is designed with various curriculum and materials are based on the camper's advanced grade level.

Grade 1 – 6 (2 weeks session):

  • Session 1: June 24 to July 05

  • Session 2: July 08 to July 19

  • Session 3: July 22 to Aug 02


Grade 7 – 8 (3 weeks session):

  • Session 1: June 24 to July 12

  • Session 2: July 15 to Aug 02


Grade 9 – 11 SAT (2 weeks session):

  • Session 1: June 24 to July 05

  • Session 2: July 08 to July 19

  • Session 3: July 22 to Aug 02


Camp Teachers, Coach, & Staff

  • All Teachers at Elite are national and state certificated with GT program qualifications and experts in their field.

  • Reading, writing, math and science teachers from FCPS or private school with at least 10 years’ experience

  • STEM Coach holds many years of experience in Science projects and has teaching certificate.

Health, Safety, and Security  


Student safety security, and health are our top priorities at ELC. All programs are held at FCPS and have access to campus security. Students are supervised by ELC staff member on and off campus.



Online Registration

  1. To register online, you first sign up at

  2. Once you log in to, you will be able to register programs or courses at ELC.

  3. Payment is not collected at time of registration. Your space in class is not guaranteed until your Registration form and tuition has been received and processed. Please print registration form and make tuition payment to ELC Registration Office that is indicated on the bottom of the registration form.

We are looking forward to a wonderful eight weeks of the summer camp that fills with learning and fun for the campers and our staffs.

Questions? Please contact us at, or call 571-217-2357.

The ELC Summer Camp is the program of the Elite Learning Center, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization.

Last update: 6/15/2019