Prairie Landing Montessori Children's Center

New Program From Shou Chu Organization -

Reading & Writing Enrichment Class

For 1st-5th grade and up

Class Start On Oct 04, 2016  6:30pm-7:30pm (Every Tue, once/week) @Lakewood ES: 2534 Lindley Terrace, Rockville, MD 20850

Register today with Ms. Chang @ 301-762-4023

Language is the strongest power to enhance sucess. Shou Chu Organization is providing Reading & Writing Enrichment Class with the top teachers and best tuition to give our children a happy learning environment without the budget burden!

語言是提升競爭力的最佳優勢,守初語言學習課程擁有頂尖師資, 優惠學費, 給孩子一個最佳的快樂學習環境, 父母輕鬆無負擔!

Our Class for Each Grade:

English Reading and Writing Enrichment curriculum: Follow the Montogmey Public school’s indication and Enrichment curriculum for each Grade. *$15/per class (Class size: 12 kids) for early registration before Oct 04, 2016. $18/per class after Oct 04, 2016

Beginner Spanish Class for 5th Grade and up: Follow the Montogmey Public school’s indication and curriculum. *$10/per class (Class size: 15 kids) for early registration before Nov 15, 2016. $15/per class after Nov 15, 2016

Our Teacher Team:

  • Experienced current MCPS teachers with Nationally board certified.

Special Service Including:

**:Shou Chu’s teachers can help parents directly contact with your child’s school teachers to discuss students reading & Writing at school without any charge when you need. **

Yes!** You can withdraw & get refund if you are not satisfied!!

Refund Policy:

1) Full refund for Inclement Weather/Out of Power/Emergency MCPS Closing days.

2) Full refund for the teachers or school cancels the class days.

3) Yes!! After 4 classes, if you feel your kids didn't get improve, you can withdraw the class and get the refund for unused class days!**

See Details & Register today@