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SUMMER MUSIC! One-on-One Virtual Lessons (6/22 - 8/31) @ Chanson Music Studios 
Language & Music Immersion Program 
Music Appreciation & Composer Lessons
Piano & Violin | Group Lessons & Guided Practice
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7750 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20012

One-on-One Virtual Lessons (6/22 - 8/31)

Looking for summer activities for your children? Sign up for our one-on-one virtual music lessons! 

Choose the summer package that works best for you!

Lessons available in Piano, Violin and Viola.

A messages from us

As performing musicians and music educators, we believe appreciation for music is achieved through exploring and understanding the world of music. We aim to lead a journey of musical discovery filled with fun, imagination and inspiration. Our studio serves as a bridge connecting great teachers to the homes of music lovers. Our teachers guide students through the fundamentals of music and assist them with building musical skills. Through cultivating student’s interest in music, we hope to pass on the idea that music transcends time, words and cultural boundaries.

Music & Language Immersion Program

For students who are learning a second language in school, we offer a conversational immersion experience through piano/violin lessons. By enrolling in lessons with a native speaker, students not only receive quality music instruction but also get the opportunity to apply their second language throughout the lesson. (Program currently available in Mandarin and English. More language options coming soon.) 

Serving areas

Silver Spring, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Friendship Heights, Brookland, Capitol Hill, Rockville, Potomac. 


We welcome both young students looking to start their first lesson as well as adult students hoping to learn their favorite piece of music. Each of our teachers is interviewed and auditioned to ensure professionalism and musicianship. Students will not only learn how to play the instrument but also learn music theory, ear training and performance skills. Student recital will be held twice a year, serving as a valuable opportunity for students to learn from their peers, inspire each other and build self-confidence. 

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Last update: 6/15/2020