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AwesomeMath Academy Registration is OPEN - Classes begin 1/06/2018

Mailing Address:
3425 Neiman Rd.
Plano, TX 75025

Telephone: (702) RAD-MATH; (702) 723-6284

Training Tomorrow’s Thinkers for careers in STEM through rigorous Problem-Solving

2018 Spring Registration is open for our interactive, online math and physics classes!  Classes begin January 6th.
Why is our program unique?

Many enrichment centers focus on accelerated curriculum, teaching speed and accuracy to solve math exercises, and not math problems.

  • Our program focuses on problem solving. We are teaching our students how to think by providing the tools for how to approach problems in math and physics.
  • Our classes are taught by exemplary instructors who have specialized experience and education in their field and more importantly in math and physics competitions.
  • We use competitions as a vehicle to give students challenging problems, and more over, expose them to carefully chosen problems and concepts so that they can increase their understanding of discrete mathematics and their comprehension of how to solve competition problems.
  • All AwesomeMath programs place a strong emphasis on collaboration and are highly interactive. Further, students have access to chat sessions and office hours to increase their depth of understanding.
What students should expect when attending our program?
  • Challenging and dynamic curriculum that will provoke students to think deeply and broadly
  • Interesting problems that can be solved in many different ways
  • Exposure to Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics and Number Theory in our mathematics courses as well as classical mechanics with our Physics courses.
  • Learning how to problem solve from instructors with a passion for what they teach
  • Inspiration and perspiration that comes with the struggle and growth from solving elegant problems
  • Access to critical problems featured on American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) from AMC8 (Plano location) to AMC 10/12 through to AIME (online) as well as the F=MA competition for Physics (online). Students scoring well on AIME and interested in progressing to USA(J)MO levels to IMO levels, should explore the AwesomeMath Year-Round program (online)
  • Meaningful interaction with peers that share the same interest and love for mathematics and STEM fields, in general
  • Guidance from renowned mathematicians
  • Overall unique experience that no other local enrichment program can provide
Did you know?
  • Founder, Dr. Titu Andreescu, is a professor at University of Texas at Dallas and the author of over 40 math training publications 
  • Dr. Andreescu coached the US International Mathematics team the first year the US earned a perfect score (1994) and was the coach for the current IMO leader
  • Our program provides preparation for the AMC tests and many colleges that value STEM are asking for AMC test scores along with SAT/ACT results
  • Dr. Andreescu was the director for the AMC Math Competitions for 8 years
  • Our students learn Discrete Mathematics (the math of modern computing) topics such as Number Theory and Counting/Probability (Combinatorics)
  • Unlike other enrichment programs, AwesomeMath Academy focuses on developing our students’ individual strengths through problem solving as opposed to using a top down curriculum or rubric
  • Academy instructors have extensive competition math experience and are selected based on their exemplary reviews from teaching at the AwesomeMath Summer Program

Contact Information

Kathy Cordeiro, Marketing and Communications Director


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