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AwesomeMath Classes and Resources

Mailing Address:
3425 Neiman Rd.
Plano, TX 75025

Telephone: (702) RAD-MATH; (702) 723-6284

Training Tomorrow’s Thinkers for careers in STEM through rigorous Problem-Solving

AwesomeMath Classes and Resources

AwesomeMath Academy (Online Spring Classes in Mathematics Competitions, Combinatorics, Chemistry, and Physics begin January 12th)

AwesomeMath Year-Round (Registration is open until January 31st, there is still time to improve your proof writing skills before USA(J)MO)

AwesomeMath Summer Program (Early Bird Registration is open; the admission test will be posted on January 4th and people can take advantage of the early bird rates if they submit a completed application by January 20th)

XYZ Press (Winter Sale, 30% off Select Titles,  ends January 31st, order today to prepare for upcoming contests and programs)


Kathy Cordeiro, Director of Marketing and Communications


Last update: 01/10/2019