15 minutes from DC to Baltimore by maglev train - Planners pick DC location


Planners pick DC location for maglev train that could reach Baltimore in 15 minutes

By Melissa Howell and Chris Cioffi

The Superconducting Levitation train could take travelers from D.C. to Baltimore in as little as 15 minutes. (Courtesy of Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail)

WASHINGTON — The Mount Vernon Square neighborhood has been chosen as the place District travelers may one day pick up a high-speed train capable of transporting riders at 311 mph.

The Northeast Maglev, the company pushing for the new train system, released a new report recently that nixed two remaining station options in NoMa Gallaudet.

The train could take riders from D.C. to Baltimore in about 15 minutes, according to The Washington Post. One day the train will extend from D.C. to New York, taking passengers between the hubs in roughly one hour.

The stops on 40-mile “superconducting magnetic levitation train system” rail line would be the first piece of an above- and underground system, The Northeast Maglev website said.

At high speeds, maglev trains levitate using electromagnetic forces, and have no contact with the guideway the train floats above, the website said. Currently a maglev train operates in Japan.

The train would have an intermediate underground stop at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport between D.C. and Baltimore.

Planners have not yet announced where the Baltimore station would be, the Post said. But two areas — the inner harbor or a south Baltimore area slated for development — are being closely considered.

If the project continues on its current schedule, planners anticipate that tunneling for the maglev could begin as soon as 2020 and could begin operating by 2027, the Post said.

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