Is the WFG (World Financial Group) a scam? 是传销机构吗?

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Is the WFG a scam?

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@Steve Johnsen, former Insurance Marketing Consutant at WFG (2016-2017)
Answered Oct 24 2018

Yes, this is a classic MLM pyramid scheme.

Generally speaking, people don’t make money here by selling legitimate products. They make money by recruiting downstream associates.

They promise the freedom to be your own boss and earn a high residual income. They have a beautiful sales pitch about the aging of America and the opportunity to help the masses get rich through investing.

They encourage associates to be intentionally vague and not answer questions about the opportunity. They really, really don’t want people to know what they are getting into.

They state that "WFG associates are not required to purchase any products, goods, services, inventory, marketing plan or property of any kind, or pay any consideration in exchange for becoming or remaining an independent contractor of WFG." This is a flat out lie. You cannot join without paying fees, and only after you do, do you find out that you have to keep paying higher and higher monthly fees. Then, WFG threatens legal action against associated who do not pay their trumped-up fees.

Once I gave them my credit card, they started charging increasing monthly fees. I contacted them repeatedly (as an associate!), but they NEVER ONCE responded to any of my phone calls (endless phone system then hung up on me) or my emails or the contact form on their agent support website. What I saw while I was there was that they treated their customers in the same way they treated me. The seasoned agents and the office manager would not answer the phone. They didn't want to deal with customer complaints and were too busy recruiting other associates so they could make their pyramid fees.

@William Haro

Answered Oct 19, 2016

Yes, absolutely WFG is a scam. It's only a matter of time before the authorities catch up with this very fast and loose MLM. Already we see class-action lawsuits launched, and in the research phase, against its parent company Transamerica, and the Universal Life insurance it produces. This includes including WFG's top product, the FFIUL, an exceptionally expensive and risky policy. For more details on what I write, please go here:

What is the World Financial Group? (What is the World Financial Group?)

and also here:

Is the World Financial Group a scam? (Is the World Financial Group a scam?)

You shouldn't take just my word for this. Please read the links below, using your common sense to assess the quality of the reviews and comments you read. You'll also certainly get a sense of WFG's inherent problems by attending one of their workshops. Just please be careful and on your guard if you go. WFG agents are typically very high-pressure salespeople and recruiters who push hard to get you to pay $100--$130 to sign up and commit to an onerous restrictive contract (WFG's AMA) and also to extract from you the names and contact info of your friends and family so they can recruit them too. You can also go to sites like these to read more about WFG and also in general about problems with permanent-life insurance such as Universal Life:

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Hope this helps. Good luck and thanks for reading.


Answered Nov 17, 2018

Yes, it is a scam. They focus on recruits, tell you time and again you can work part time. It hassle you day and night with emails and text messages and demand long virtual meetings weekly. They have a brain washing routine that will suck most go-getters in and when you try to quit they hassle and threaten you with paying fees. OH! And somehow else, they don’t tell you about recoupments. That means that if a client doesn’t pay their premiums they will take the commission back! What does that mean?? That means you work for free. And then, because you have a life insurance license you are required to have Errors and Omissions insurance to the tune of 40.00 a month. This too comes out of commissions but you have the option to pay upfront for 30.00 a mon. The caveat is, is that you have to make money to pay it.

My advice: Don’t drink the kool-aid and run away fast!

@Financial Educator, former Finance at Wells Fargo (2001-2002)

Answered Apr 10, 2019

No it’s not a scam .

The company has been around since 1991 and it’s highly regulated by Finra.

You pay one time $100 to join and you have access to their seminars and education workshop (not all office offer - please check) . I know the WSB office usually offer it.

If you decide to get licensed , you will become independent licensed agent. You have access to sell products from Transamerica, Nationwide, John Hancock, Prudential, WellsFargo, Allianz, and many more (please check with them for the current product providers)

You can sell to anyone that wants to buy from you. You do your own marketing. The people who recruited you most likely will guide you and train you.

And if you want to recruit people and create your own team , you can do that. The company have a system to do that.

The company structure is not a traditional one that’s why I understand people jump to conclusion and called it SCAM or PYRAMID.

At the end of the day , if you are curious , find out about it yourself , worst come to worst you spend $100 and you get financial education.

And you can make your own judgement.


美国的WFG(world financial group) 是传销机构吗?


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一. 从WFG核心商品分析它为什么是骗局?

WFG是纯粹的骗局,它的祸害程度远重于安利。从最浅的开始说就是WFG所卖的保险价格严重偏高。 WFG会这么忽悠你:1.agent是自己选择卖什么产品的。真相:是可以选,但是所选范围内的东西均偏贵。2. 稳赚不赔。真相:宣传材料中举例所用的discount rate、通货率、收益率全都严重偏离实际。WFG内部的人,如果你唤醒良知,建议你去查一下宏观数据再给一个你的客户算一下。我估算premium至少算多一倍。例,一个20多岁健康的人premium每月要至少$100。说“稳赔不赚”才更合适。 3. 说到premium, 其实WFG的产品更多的是看似灵活的“投资”。他们绝对不会提commission fee和service cost。事实上,保守估计,medium service cost也至少$300每年,也就是你每年打水漂$300。想辩驳的WFG员工,请提供可靠数据说话。他们或许还会告诉你钱可以取出来,而且利息很低。首先利息绝对不是保证,其次来回friction cost,你自己花自己的钱还要交钱,亏损率可想而知。 4.保险性质的讨论。不要被所谓保险性质的辩论混淆视听,他们无法给出任何一种保险完整的明细,只会误导你去看一些看似独特的特点。WFG不会给你同其地方产品比较的机会。(PS. Transamerica那些公司自己的宣传册上就全是误导信息。。。不是错误信息,而是误导你。这就好比说,你看天上好多云要下雨了->所以买个皮包吧能遮雨。。。没一句假话,但是确是坑)

二. 为什么是传销?
首先大多数人推销的对象都是亲戚朋友。这本身就是传销的核心机制。WFG会常说自己只是marketing company来做挡箭牌。然而其全部的marketing机制,都是发展下线或者挖掘身边人。没有真正的media marketing。WFG里面很多人都是理工出身。自己干了多年后台,心中难免有些对前台的偏见。所以WFG在这里利用了这种心理,来帮你实现前台梦,让你当回salesman/woman。我在别处甚至看到有人为WFG这种营销模式辩解说 “华尔街那些人更会忽悠,更不讲道德”。我觉得大概是电影看多了。社会中各行各业可能都存在一些不道德的现象,银行家,政客,律师,寡头巨商很多时候会被描绘的贪婪的吸血鬼,但是从自己配偶、父母、亲戚、朋友开始吸血的模式。。。想想都心累。。。
WFG的吸血模式是无处不在的,上线下线间的剥削,甚至跨了6个管理层来分摊commission。这也逼着commission rate在无意间增高,甚至由此酝酿出旁氏骗局。$100只是个开始,考试费,参会费,书费一系列的费。。。no comment。。。

三. 关于税收

面试经历 World Financial Group 

有个认识不久的朋友知道偶在找工作,很是关心,给偶发了些招聘信息,说有个面试让我也参加一下。俺带上简历兴奋滴去了。到了地点,看到办公室透明的玻璃墙上贴着蓝色的“World Financial Group",哇还是个Group。进办公室,是个女面试官,递上简历,介绍了下自己,然后就是两个来钟头的面试。。。过程中好几次觉得这面试不太对劲。回家后Google了一下,别人帖子上的说法怎么看着这么耳熟。都不用费力写了(直接引用更客观),蓝色注解之,供今后有相似经历的朋友参考。

我没想到居然被所谓的校友骗了!!今天早上刚签的,回头google了一下,吓了一身冷汗。现在我想脱身,丢了100(说要交100background check事小,但是我填了ssn(俺也被问了有没有ssn,怕被别人利用了,我想问下如何捍卫自己的财产安全?

他们不会一次告诉你加入会要花费多少钱,如:入会$100(俺目前知道的信息只有这个,后面的价格会不会一步一步揭开,是不是该去证实一下?); 买书$150; 听课$400$; 考证$600; 考证以后每月要$90renew licence
我参加过WFG的几次training,对他们有点粗浅的了解。他们的运作方式已经形成了一整套叫做business formal system的系统(是听说有这么一套系统,经历了十几年的考验,公司越来越强大,在世界五百强中和苹果并列)Training讲来讲去主要就是怎么样"recruiting"

第一步就是Invitation,根据规则大致有这么些要点一是要电话邀请邀请的说法大致是我们公司作financial services的,周六有个open house,有关于投资理财的topic。这是一个很好的business opportunity,欢迎过来,或者说我认为你应该过来听一听

二是不能说太多,说太多对方可能就有怀疑不来了对方想详细问的话,就说我也是新人说不清楚。要是我已经是manager,那么主要有两条理由我不能在电话里详细说,一是说清楚大概要1小时,我想你也不想在电话里听一小时。二是有些东西你要过来看了才make sense,光说不行

三是我现在只是告诉你这个机会,而且是很好的机会,你只需要过来看看就行了,不需要做其他东西然后你参加完他们的活动之后,他们就会跟你约定一个时间,而且是最近几天的时间大家再见一见面,说是再多了解一下这个opportunity。一方面是趁热打铁另一方面让你没有太多时间和机会问朋友或搜索WFG。见面的时候就会推荐你买VUL,IRA之类的产品。同时邀请你加入,你有兴趣加入的话,才知道还要交100块钱说是用来检查你的background(是这个价,说是check你的犯罪记录),说是financial background干净的人才可以做他们的associate还有很多各种各样“实战”中总结出来的经验了,我还不完全了解。个人认为他们这套无数次实践中总结出来的business formal system的确是可以有效的把人拉进去,但是最后坚持留下来的很少,应了一句话:物以类聚人以群分。但是留下来的也许靠着大量干了一些工作但中途quit的人的劳动成果,能赚一些钱。据说那些CEO级的每年有几十万收入,而WFG有二三十个CEO(也给俺看照片介绍了一些人,是有好几个CEO

笑死了。。。作为一个MARKETING COMPANY 来说, 你没受到诱惑才更糟糕。对你受到地“WFG的诱惑”,偶深感骄傲。当然,某些同事的工作没做到家,以至于你连WFG是不是传销都搞不清。。。;)
说实话,偶可以讲上个把小时。 但在这里实在没必要吧,偶就讲一点点。一般来说,传销或者老鼠会都有两大特点:


The fundamental flaw is that there is no end benefit; the money simply travels up the chain, and only the originator (or at best a very few) wins in swindling his followers. 因此,传销或者老鼠会在世界绝大部分国家定义为非法或者欺诈活动。


你能想象WFG这么个巨大的非法组织搞欺诈活动,在美国这么个法制健全的国家,而且这么多年没被干掉吗?那一定是世界第八大奇迹 。。。。(这个想法俺也有,但后来想到了马多夫,奇迹毕竟不是绝迹)WFG的那些BILLION DOLLAR合作伙伴, FINANCIAL INDUSTRY FOR OVER A CENTURY,都瞎了眼猪油蒙心特别好骗吗?有些东西是COMMON SENSE的,自己想想吧。。。

不能说WFG的人都是骗人的,他们是需要考License的。卖的IRA,VUL之类也算是适合很多人的产品。但是他们的有些做法真是让人不敢苟同。我对VUL了解还不多,但是他们向那些靠TA工资生活和学习的同学甚至没有收入的同学都推荐买VUL之类的做法真是太不妥了。我想原因之一就是他们training中反反复复强调的recruiting recruiting recruiting,甚至说无论什么困境,都可以靠recruiting解决。


World Financial Group WFG 金融理财讨论

我做过WFG (World Financial Group), 很清楚里面的运作方式。他们必须要靠大量的下线不断拉客人,而且这些下线都会最后赚不到钱离开。不但赚不到钱 平时还得花很多时间跟应酬费。日积月累成本越来越大。也就是你自己会不断损失钱。还有这种不过是当个推销员。没有任何技术。他们所谓的技术只是耍嘴皮的技术。但很多年轻人跟容易被他们以「赚大钱」的美梦洗脑才会去做。即便是很上线,也未必是永久收入。而且他们把里面最上线的收入跟上班族比,当然会显得他们上线出色。他们自称自己每个人都是老板,就应该跟其它行业的老板收入比。跟员工比跟本不合逻辑。就以社会上工作人士比,平均100人有一人可以年收入50万。在WFG大约是2千人里才一人有这种收入。可见有一技之长跟他们整天只会推销差很多。

在WFG做事,如果不是很上线,连打工的钱都未必赚得到, 再则就是上线赚很多钱也可能突然底下团队突然没兴趣再做,导致突然收入从50万年收入掉到几乎没收入。在里面的人不过就是抱著一个发财梦。希望某天也可以钱突然从天上掉下来。这种心里跟中乐透的心态没两样。如果想赚很多钱,得真的花功夫学个一技长。修车也好,开餐厅也好,做美容也行,总之在社会上做个有用的人。用心做事自然之后回报越大。就好比85度C的老板 就已经收入超过WFG里面所有人。世界上没那么美的事,靠嘴皮子发财。脑袋里的人寿保险知识不过20分钟以内就讲完了。更本没内容。但如果开个餐厅,大大小小的细节,如何营运整个生意,从哪里进货可以降低成本,存货可以放几天不会坏。以及烹调常识及技术要不断更上一层楼。比起20分钟的保险知识来的太深入且专精。或你们也可以直接问他们,用制造苹果手机里面的所有技术跟他们的20分钟保险知识相比,哪个来的有价值。

WFG 自称拥有大量的金融理财高手。这术语里面就一堆的漏洞。




第三,真正金融高手一般百姓跟本无缘交往。高手只会对庞大金额会花时间赚。也就是只会跟社会里最上层的人打交道。也是只有自己在社会里是顶层,才会吸引到高手。像WFG 是任何阿猫阿狗都要吸进去也表示他们不可能是高手。就是所谓物以类聚。他们说自己要考执照表示这行有价值。但这保险照并不难考。可以说是跟驾驶照难度差不多。每个人都考的上。他们不过卖个保险,但不断把自己神格化。尤其越上线越是。越上面越是懒越不做事,越下面越赔钱事情越多。把自己吹捧得很高不过就是「变不出花招,硬要掰」的招式。他们所谓的成功者在台上很神气的演讲,要你们大家去听,只是要把观众认为他们是上帝。不断崇拜。其实他们不过就是跟 「乐透中奖者」是一样。在底下仰慕这些 「成功者」难道自己在幻想某一天也要跟他们一样中个大奖?这不切实际。如果还有人想加入,好好想想这公司到底可以撑多久。

社会上大部份的人已经知道这把戏,会想捞到钱已经不可能。之后生意只会越来越差。新加入的成员只会越来越多。这块饼已经吃不到。如果到时候公司一直亏钱,最后难再经营下去。公司里面的不管任何一位 「理财高手」或是 「成功者」也都开使一毛赚不到。必须要大家不断传给亲朋好友先打预防针。光是说WFG不好,说服力不够。要把以上的理由给他们说清楚。而且让他们给周边更多友人知道才行。不然会变成你周边亲友突然有一天一直要说服你进WFG. 接下来没完没了。这种东西就是当一被洗脑,要破除魔咒得先碰得一鼻子灰才可能。


近两年来,美东地区的华人社区掀起一股“热潮”,不少新移民家庭发现身边亲戚熟人中突然冒出来许许多多的 “专业理财人士”,他们衣冠楚楚,言辞中肯,谈及你的家庭保险财务需要时,更是一副“欲救你于水火之中”的恳切表情。将你的之前购买的各大公司保单和退休金产品攻击得体无完肤,而将自己描述成宛如福音传道士,信誓旦旦的对您承诺如果将原有保单推出,转至他们所代理的公司,必定是购买了理财保险的 “万应灵丹”,还热忱地邀请您参加他们机构举办的“如何获得财务自由讲座”。
可是当您和家人问到他们代理的公司产品的历史或他们从业的资历时,他们必定支支吾吾,顾左右而言他。这时必定有一个表情更加热忱,目光更加坚定,手势更加夸张的“上线”(当然,这群“专业人士”会尽量避免使用这个敏感字眼)出场,及时递上一张名片,名片上的头衔也是十分吓人,例如:市场主管marketing director, 资深主管senior marketing director, 乃至首席执行官CEO director 等等。

很多不明就里的消费者在这样 “公司高管”坐镇下,加上多年老友中“理财精英”的巧舌如簧声泪俱下的推销,而且如果在组织的大办公室内,必然还有一些其他或自称客户或“原先服务于大保险机构,现在弃暗投明”的经纪人的推波助澜,备受群体效应催眠的客户绝大多数情况下必然昏昏然签下转换(replacement)合约。

----如果您对以上一幕似曾相识,这就是近年来在美国东北部华人聚居区发展得如火如荼的世界金融集团WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP (简称WFG)这个以金融保险类产品为幌子的传销巨无霸公司,每日在他们的培训中心必定上演数十次的戏码。

本人曾经是Word Financial Group 的成员,当年在朋友周六“家庭聚会”鼓动下加入,在World Financial Group数年,去年离开这个金融传销巨头的时候职务已经是Senior Marketing Director。 我向大家写这封通告是因为本着经纪人的基本良知,解密环球金融集


不法的换取保单——Word Financial Group的生意大部分是Replacement保单替换, WFG的各层经理鼓吹新人接触现有人际关系和亲朋好友,利用普通新移民和美国普通外州大众贪心求财,善良无知的弱点来来推销产品给亲朋好友,这些普罗达众本来已经有人寿保险计划,WFG培训它多达十万经纪人去挑拨离间他们的亲朋好友,攻击他们目前人寿保险公司。
WFG经纪人的亲朋好友所投资的保单,不管是任何公司任何计划都会被WFG经纪人说成百孔千疮,各种夸大的言辞和一场场温情的“培训大会”,绝对可以令这些经纪人的亲朋好友不满意现在所投资的保险,随后WFG的经理就会教唆新人就会用甜言蜜语去推WFG的次等产品,WFG经纪人然后用1035 exchange来抽取亲朋好友保单中的现金,把这些钱注入WFG的新保单,WFG的经纪人不管亲朋好友的现在保险保了多久,有的保障已经止付(可以用红利代付保费)或已经接近停付,WFG的经纪人都不会管他们亲朋好友的损失,重新卖给他们新的次品保单,这些客人蒙受巨大的损失,因为他们买的新保单,是根据现在的客人的年龄,年龄大了,保险的消费用也就高了,很多例如两年争议或自杀条款都要重新计算, 而且新的保单要重新发放高达年保费80%-125%的佣金给经纪人。

都是WFG因为叠加式市场组织---就是常言道 “层级市场会”,通俗地描述, 就是“传销老鼠会”, 佣金要养很多不劳而获的“经理级别”,每一级别经理都贪婪吸取客户的保费利润,因WFG的系统是叠加式推销,每一位的经纪人后还有一位经理,层层叠叠多达八级以上经理层吸取佣金。

一般正统的保险公司不同,一般保险公司经纪人只有一位,所以WFG的保险都是养活一大批硕鼠,而且不少是根本没有任何财务和保险背景的兼职人员。 吃亏的是谁?必然是WFG的客人,不法的换取保单成为WFG的80%的生意来源,大多Replacement本是收州政府保险部严格管制的,需要详细向客户和保险机构解释和对照数据后才可以恶进行, 可是WFG的经纪人都用此手段来当作主业做生意。

误导保单内容——Misrepresentation 是指一般不法的寿险经纪人用模棱两可的语言来描述严格的金融产品,WFG有专门的培训,它的培训对新进经纪人洗脑,令新人对客人或他们的亲朋好友说一些美妙的谎言,WFG的经纪人到亲朋好友处, 假借帮亲人朋友温习保单之名,把别家保险公司或保单攻击成一文不值,WFG所代理的保险公司是大多是Transamerica旗下刚刚被并购的地区性二 三流公司,WFG的经纪人会用各种各样的花言巧语把他们所代理的低端公司说成最好的,最大,最完美,每年都能替客人赚大钱。 然后一堆无任何金融学历背景的WFG经理层利用“新经济理论”把一些正统的AA级别以上保险公司如纽约人寿,大都会,普天寿,万通互惠等公司说成次品。

除了夸大WFG所代理的边缘保险公司,贬低其他正统的保险公司,WFG的经纪人还会夸大他们推销的产品,他们所推销的产品都是业内最齐全的,十全十美的,不只是保险计划,还有教育基金+退休计划+护理计划等等,客人买了WFG的保单如同吃了仙丹一样,以后什么生老病死财务问题都可以解决。 其实在保险市场中,没有一种十全十美的计划,没有无成本的保险条款和免费午餐。

都是WFG的多达六级以上培训经理永远不会老老实实地告诉客人保险内容,因为他们很多也是半路出家被洗脑中成长, 他们只会夸大自己,贬低别人,结果大部分的 WFG的客人都会在误导信息情况下做出不该有的选择。

WFG的经纪人利用这几年股市高投资表现, 描述出一种生活伊甸园,他们永远用将来长达30年, 每年高达8.5%以上的年回收来误导客户,而绝不会提醒客户, 向美国如此庞大的经济体, 在客户将来数十年的余生中----有可能常年回收会如此惊人吗? 一旦回收达不到预期, 客户的保单将会在晚年最需要保险的时候, 戛然而止, 分文不剩。

非法无牌经纪 --- 大部分活跃在华人社区的WFG基层经纪人都是无执照无学历无监管的“三无”人员。


WFG招募这些人来推销寿险合约给他们的亲朋好友,因为他们很多基于学历太低考试无法通过,所以都是用有执照的上线经纪人来签约, 这些人本身因教育水平不高的关系,他们无法对经济和风险规划有认识,这样会损害保险消费者的利益,而上线更可以借着大批手下没有执照, 堂而皇之地将佣金纳入自己袋中。这就是WFG奉为圣经的“3-3-3”培训模式(三个人供养一个人)

WFG提倡全民卖保险,不管你是谁,你都可以成为保险金融一份子,这样WFG把需要很深专业功底的金融行业贬低成普通民众,家庭主妇都可以做的兼职工作。 这样子,大大的影响与损害了广大保险消费者的利益!

夸张的洗脑大会 --- 很多WFG的新人被WFG的经理层以各种美妙的“财富”天方夜谭欺骗和引诱而加入的,此金融巨无霸是邪恶的,它的目的是利用这些新加入无知无牌新人去接近熟人市场, 获取不义之财钱财。还有WFG的培训洗脑大会用各种 高级经理层层层盘剥来的财富去炫耀他们的豪宅名车挥金如土, 去蒙蔽那些无知的大众或天真的AMERICA BORN CHINESE, 加入WFG去卖保险,可以赚很多钱,很容易成为百万富翁,无数次热情邀约身边华人社区亲朋好友参加WFG,结果一传十,十传百,大家都会日进斗金,成为百万富翁指日可待, 请你想一下这是可能的吗?

WFG 永远用几个来历不明的高收入“偶像”, 例如A先生前年还在贫困线挣扎, 加入WFG现在已经月入数万, 或一些几十年如一日的老面孔, 例如一些加州或边缘州县的老牌传销巨头, 来现身说法, 让很多新人热血沸腾, 信誓旦旦的要成为市场主管(MARKETING DIRECTOR)!

可是这个金融巨无霸怪胎的洗脑大会, 永远不会指出, 和二十年来高达二十万人以上的被洗脑人员相比, 那些区区数人的所谓“暴富故事”多么的没有代表性。 本人前后约谈过15个WFG所谓精英团体---MARKETING DIRECTOR, 统计显示他们去年提成平均是$21,600, 可怜的收入水平刚好低于去市政府免费医疗补助线, 更不用说那些离MD门槛还望尘莫及的可悲人群。


WFG公司所属TransAmerica life母公司,目前主打IUL产品, 付出将近高达客户年保费125%的佣金给这个金融传销巨头, 可是经过各级别“上线”的层层盘剥, 新人只能拿到不到30%的佣金, 这样的低佣金, 在美国任何一个州的任何一家公司都是无法维系的, 但是无知的新人经过经理或熟人循循善诱的洗脑, 被将来所谓 “永续收入”这种不劳而获谎言蒙骗, 心甘情愿接受低得可怜的报酬。 一旦略有清醒者提出疑问, 在场大会参与者就会集中火力,用“团队” “合作”“美好未来” 让你哑口无言。

WFG的贪婪巨头在争取这么高额的利润之余, 还贪心不足, 常常组织各种在风景名胜例如夏威夷, 马里兰海滩, 加州马里布的洗脑大会, 用不到百元的团体旅游价格, 向会员出售高达每张数百元的门票, 美其名曰“您人生最好的投资,最美丽的旅程”, 一场几千人的大会, 公司的传销门票收入将高达百万美元, 难怪这个金融巨无霸大会小会不断, 高层笑纳万金。

除此之外, 这个巨无霸吸金组织将敛财功能发挥到极致, 在任何一个有良知的大保险公司都是免费的背景调查,WFG要收取$100元费用(想一下数十万人的组织, 每人百元的净利润),公司还贩卖一套60美元所谓“试题库”,让目不识丁的人能通过州府考试, 新人一旦生活难以为继不再参加洗脑活动, 上线就会利用各种借口扣发或滞留服务费支票, 所以无知新人不管去留, 高级上线永远是赢家。


面对如此多的客户误导和不当销售, WFG培育了一身刀枪不入的铁骨和脸皮, 其母公司高层公然宣称“基于销售队伍的发展, 我们无法也无力对所有新人监管”(这还是一家有基本企业廉耻的公司吗?)

这家传销巨头不断在美国威严的法律边缘游走, 通过改名字,换注册地, 换标志等变身手法逃脱金融管理机构的严惩。 可是即便如此,打开谷歌搜索,输入WFG三字母, 前三页的结果70%以上都和各项违规有关,打开美国最权威的维基百科WIKIPEDIA, WFG,打开美国最权威的维基百科WIKIPEDIA, WFG介绍页面上, 关于公司历年违规被判罚的诉讼, 我为你们摘录如下: 

Regulatory issues[edit]

WFG's stated mission goal is to "serve the financial needs of individuals and families typically overlooked by the financial services industry".[17] It is yet unclear how successfully the company has managed to distance itself from its more controversial U.S.-based predecessor WMA, associated with fraud, misrepresentation and false statements, and the subject of class action lawsuits, and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) disciplinary action.[18][19] In preparation for Aegon's acquisition in 2001, "World Marketing Alliance 'ramped up' compliance before the acquisition".[20] Aegon's Chief Executive Officer Alexander Wynaendts said on Bloomberg TV that "When we took the company over, we put in place very strict regulatory and compliance procedures. Of course, when you have such large numbers of people out there in the field, it is quite an effort. We feel comfortable that we now have the regulatory issues under control."[20]

  • In March 2011, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) reported that World Group Securities (WGS) had incurred ten regulatory penalties since 2004.[21]
  • A 2004 NASD disciplinary action report summarized disciplinary actions against WGS. According to the report, WGS "submitted a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent in which the firm was censured and fined $15,000. Without admitting or denying the allegations, the firm consented to the described sanctions and to the entry of findings that the firm permitted representatives to act in registered capacities while their registrations were inactive due to their failure to satisfy the Regulatory Element of NASD's Continuing Education Requirements. NASD also found that the firm failed to establish and maintain a supervisory system reasonably designed to assure compliance with the Regulatory Element of the Continuing Education Requirement by its registered representatives."[22]
  • In December 2006, WGS and one of its brokers were fined $150,000 by Missouri's commissioner of securities for selling unsuitable products to elderly people.[10][3][23][24] Other cases of private arbitration "where variable annuities were allegedly sold to people too old to realize any benefit before they died" were also reported. Utah's Division of Securities has cited at least four WGS brokers since 2006.[20][25]
  • In April 2007, WGS was fined $50,000 for failing to supervise its representatives in the State of Utah, who were misrepresenting their credentials and services rendered during free lunch seminars targeting seniors.[3][2][26][27][28]
  • In April 2010, WGS was fined in excess of $850,000 as the result of the unauthorized sale of private securities by some of its agents in the State of Arizona.[29][30]
  • In November 2010, the SEC ordered WGS to pay, among other things, a civil monetary penalty in the amount of $200,000 for the fraudulent selling of unsuitable securities in the State of California, which were funded using home equity, derived from the refinance of the customers' homes into subprime mortgages.[31][32][33][34]
  • WFG Securities (Canada) was under investigation by the Manitoba Securities Commission in 2008, after some investors say they ended up in financial situations they did not understand regarding leveraged accounts. The securities commission noted that the World Financial Group "did not have adequate controls and mechanisms in place to fully supervise the leveraged accounts." WFG Securities paid a $250,000 settlement to rectify the situation. Dennis Villarin of Winnipeg, MB, a former agent who opened and trained others to open the above accounts, was stripped of his licensing and charged by the MFDA. They noted that Dennis Villarin and his trainees "made it appear to WFG's supervisory and compliance staff as though the clients satisfied WFG's requirements regarding the use of leveraging, as set out in its policies and procedures."[35][36]
  • In January 2018, 12 life insurance agents who worked together at the same WFG brokerage in British Columbia, Canada had lost their licences because they all conspired to cheat on their qualification tests, according to the provincial regulator.[37]



5 Reasons Not To Buy Indexed Universal Life Insurance

James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP

Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) is an insurance product that seems to promise you can have your cake and eat it, too. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there are no free lunches. The devil is in the details, and when you really examine them, it becomes clear that these are products designed to be sold, not bought.
IUL is similar to the more familiar whole life insurance policy in that it is composed of 2 basic pieces: First, a permanent insurance policy that will pay a death benefit whether you die young or old; and, second, a cash value account from which you can borrow money tax-free (but not interest-free) in order to pay for expensive items, educational expenses, or your retirement. The difference lies in how the cash value account grows.
In a whole life policy, the insurance company determines the dividend rate. Each year, this announced rate is multiplied by your cash value and the product is added to your cash value. The insurance company is the sole determinant of what that rate will be, but it is generally considered to come from a combination of the insurance company’s portfolio returns, surrender fees, and the extra money available when people live longer than actuaries project.
With IUL, the crediting rate for your cash value is determined by a formula, instead of being at the insurance company’s discretion. The specific formula is outlined in the policy documents, but, in general, is related to the performance of the stock market.
Unfortunately, if you don’t listen and read carefully, you’ll misunderstand how the policy works and assume you’re going to get stock market-like returns on your cash value or, worse, on your premiums, not all of which goes to the cash value account due to the costs of insurance. The basic premise is that when the stock market goes down, you’re guaranteed a crediting rate of zero to 3%. When it goes up, you get to “participate” in that increased return.
Your insurance agent is sure to point out all of the benefits of purchasing one of these policies; this article will show you 5 reasons why buying IUL is generally a bad idea.
1. You don’t need a permanent death benefit
The vast majority of Americans, and especially high-income Americans like physicians, will, at some point, no longer depend on their earnings from work in order to live. This is called financial independence. Once you reach this point, you generally no longer have a need for life insurance.
IULs are, by definition, permanent life insurance policies. Term insurance is very inexpensive: less than $350 per year for a $1 million, 30-year level term policy bought on a healthy 30-year-old. The reason it is so inexpensive is that people are unlikely to die before 60. If everyone died before 60, those policies would be much more expensive.
Since everyone eventually dies, permanent life insurance must be priced so that there is enough money to pay a death benefit to everyone. As such, the insurance component is very expensive. The portion of your premium that pays for the insurance component cannot go into your cash value account. The more the insurance costs, the less you’ll have in the cash value account. You don’t need a permanent policy to insure against a temporary risk.
2. Complexity does not favor the buyer
IULs have many moving parts. The more complex the policy, the less likely you are to really understand how it will work in the future. The less you understand, the more likely you are to be disappointed when you eventually compare the steak to the sizzle you were sold. Also, the more complex the product, the fewer competitors it will have, and competition drives prices down.
Like any insurance/investing hybrid product, you need to hold a IUL for the rest of your life to achieve even a low return, and you are far less likely to do this when it turns out you bought something that isn’t what you thought it was. Those who sell these commissioned products are highly trained, but not in finance. Their training is in sales, and they are generally very good at what they do.
You may have noticed that the best products in life generally sell themselves. If a highly-trained sales force is the only way to sell something, buyers should probably wonder why.
3. IULs don’t count the dividends
You have probably heard that “the stock market returns 10% in the long run.” While this figure is approximately true—at least on a nominal (non-inflation-adjusted) basis—it includes the stock dividends, not just the change in the index value. IULs, however, only pay you based on the change in the index.
“So what’s the big deal?” you ask.
The big deal is that if you go back to 1870, the average dividend yield of the stock market is over 4%. Even now, at historically low yields of around 2%, the dividend still accounts for one-fifth of the market return. So if an index mutual fund goes up 10% (including a 2% dividend), an IUL may only credit you 8%.
4. IULs have cap rates
To make matters worse, IULs usually have a cap rate. That means if the stock market has a really great year, such as the 30% index return in 2013, your return is “capped” at some lower figure, often in the 10% to 15% range.
How much does that matter? Well, imagine if your policy had a cap of 12%. Any time the S&P 500 index returned more than 12%, you just get 12%. How often does that happen? Since 1928, the S&P 500 has had an index return over 12% 44 times, or about 52% of the time. It happens more often than not.
Even if you only go back 15 years to 1999, during this supposedly terrible period for equities, it has happened 7 times. If that cap wasn’t in place, an IUL purchaser in 1999 would have had 69% more money than he really ended up with.
5. IULs have participation rates
If that wasn’t bad enough, there is also something called a participation rate. If your participation rate is 80%, that means that if the stock market goes up 10% (not counting dividends) you get 8% credited to your cash value account. After 30 years, a nest egg growing at 8% instead of 10% ends up 42% smaller.
Adding It All Up
So how can IULs offer “market returns” while still guaranteeing you won’t lose money, at least on a nominal basis? They don’t.
You simply don’t get anywhere near the market returns due to the costs of the insurance, the additional fees, the loss of the dividends, the cap rates, and the participation rates. These products don’t pass the common sense test.
How can an insurance company give you most of the upside of investing in stocks while eliminating the downside? They don’t have any magic investments; they have to invest like anybody else. In addition, they have to generate enough money for profits and to pay hefty commissions to their sales force.
These policies are likely to provide a return very similar to that of whole life insurance (with the possibility of much worse performance), which is easily seen to be in the 2% to 5% range long term for a policy bought today and held for life. While it may have the word “index” in its title, an IUL has much in common with whole life insurance and almost nothing in common with a high-quality index mutual fund.
While guarantees are always nice, you don’t want to overpay for them. With IUL, you are doing so in the form of much lower returns.
James Dahle, MD, FACEP, is not an accountant, attorney, insurance agent, or financial advisor. He blogs as The White Coat Investor and is the author of the best-selling The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing.



By 冰河之隙


先说说老鼠会,华人圈内最著名的当属WFG(隶属于Transamerica),还有一个著名的是PFA,把传销的方式引入了理财(尤其是人寿保险)行业,过去坑害了无数华人,比如说他们过去卖的臭名昭著的VUL(Variable universal life insurance),在股市大跌的时候,让无数人在财富巨大缩水的时候,还要被迫做出以下的二选一:1)花更多的钱为了维持住自己的保险,2)不得不放弃自己的保险。不论那条路,其实最后的结果往往都是自己辛苦挣来的大部分钱全部给了那些老鼠会的吸血鬼,就是时间长短问题。对VUL如何害人想了解更多,或者WFG/PFA是什么组织的话,请自行Google,有很多揭发的文章。我要写的是老鼠会的最新害人手段IUL(Indexed Universal Life Insurance)。VUL由于过去太臭名昭著,老鼠会现在开始主推IUL,其隐蔽性和迷惑性比VUL又进化了很多,很多华人正在傻乎乎的上当。



1. 只涨不跌:经济好股市涨的时候,保险回报会涨;而经济不好,股市跌的时候,保险回报最差也是0,也就是说回报永远不会是负的。
2. 回报远高于其它life insurance,比如说whole life。他们甚至会给您看他们自己买的保险,以证明回报很高。
3. 付款灵活,每年想多付少付保费都可以,甚至有时候不付都没问题。
4. 可以很容易的借钱出来,而且借贷成本很低,比如说前10年0.9%,10年后不收利息。
5. 收取的管理费用透明,一清二楚,相比之下whole life是不透明的。


1. 只涨不跌的骗局:“只涨不跌”说的是您的回报,不是您的本金。比如说您放进去了100块,IUL保证的最差投资回报是0,但不是保证您的本金100块不会变少,因为老鼠会每年要从中charge高额的费用,所以您的实际回报其实可能还是负的。如果您具体看一下那个有法律意义的illustration的文件,您就会发现,即使是这种骗人的“只涨不跌”,IUL也只保证20年,而agent是绝口不会和您提这一点的,除非您自己仔细阅读后发现。如果您问到的话,他们就会说,那是worst case,永远也不会发生。请您用大脑想想,如果真的永远也不会发生,保险公司会加上20年的期限吗?保险公司雇了一大批人就是天天算概率的。如果您更仔细阅读那个文档的话,您会发现几十年后,IUL最终其实很容易lapse(也就是最后您的所有cash value和death benefit统统归零),即使是在每年index回报保证在6.5%的前提下,最后的结果也是lapse,就是您投入所有的钱和寿险都没有了,这就说明了IUL每年对本金的charge很高,而且是年龄越大越多,因为距离死亡越近了。

2. 回报很高:老鼠会的agent会把非常漂亮的数据run给您看,并给您看他们自己买的保险,以显示他们说得是事实。这里面有很大的猫腻。


其次,IUL的具体投资策略这样的:90%到95%的钱用来买bond类似的稳定但低收益产品,5%到10%的钱用来买index options这样的高风险高收益产品。这样的投资组合能保证一年超过8%的收益,那要买index options那部分收益非常高才可以。比如说,为了维持总体年收益有8%,如果bond的收益只有3%,那options要接近一年53%的收益(0.9*0.03+0.1*0.53=0.08),这还不算IUL每年的高额charge,否则回报率还要更高才能维持。谁能保证在options市场上一直保持这么高的收益?如果您问老鼠会的agent,他们会说那些管理您钱的人就是market maker,他们可以操控市场,所以可以回报这么高。这完全就是胡说八道,这个世界就没有持续年回报率保证53%的东西,真有这个本事,早就比巴菲特有钱多了。

还有,如果您仔细阅读那个有法律意义的illustration文档,您会发现买bond的guarantee的回报率只有2%,而买index options的guarantee的回报率是0%。也就是说,当IUL真出问题的时候,回报率会下调得很快,而且您还没地方去告,因为您签的那个文件里写了回报率就是这么低。这么低的回报率完全不能抵消每年本金的charge,所以账户才会越来越少。事实上,老鼠会卖的IUL虽然刚出几年,但回报率已经开始下调了。可以想象,未来会越来越低。刚开始的的高回报就是用来吸引人买入上套的手段。


3. 付款灵活这件事说起来好,但是您真的少付或者不付的话,您的账户只会更快的lapse。未来最可能的事实是,您以为您已经不用再付了,但过了些年,您会收到IUL的通知,告诉您必须继续加钱,否则账户会lapse,这就和VUL的结果一样。

4. 借贷成本很低是一个illusion。如果您仔细看IUL的illustration,就会发现刚开始的十年cash value低的可怜,想借钱也借不出多少。为什么要这样设计?因为这样的话,您才会被套牢,没办法通过1035 exchange把钱转到其他的life insurance上,因为您即使想转,也没多少cash value可以转,而您已经放了很多钱进去,如果转的话,就相当于一下子亏很多。

而那个所谓的借贷成本低是comparing orange to apple。老鼠会的agent会说其它life insurance借钱的cost的5%,而他们只有0.9%甚至是0%,这是一种错觉。因为其它life insurance借钱是用您的账户做抵押,借的是保险公司的钱,您的账户还在继续运作增长。而老鼠会的IUL的借钱是您直接把自己账户里的钱拿出来,也就是说您账户的回报会受影响,甚至会有lapse的风险。这完全是两种不同的借钱方式,他们却非要放在一起比,给您一种假象。如果您问明白指出来,他们就马上说其实他们也有用账户做抵押做loan的那种借贷方式,但利息就要高于4%了,和其它life insurance的差别并没有那么大,而且前十年就没什么钱可以往外借。

5. 管理费用透明也是骗局。美国法律要求所有Universal Life Insurance必须disclose费用,而whole life insurance则不必,其中一个原因就是因为Universal Life出过太多骗人的例子。而即使是这样,如果您详细的阅读IUL的illustration,您还是会发现一个很有趣的事:在几十年后,他们disclose的cost明明只有您放入钱的几分之一,可是您的policy已经lapse了,那剩下的那些钱去哪里了?还不是被老鼠会用其他的方法吃掉了,那些被吃掉的大头,用合法的手段掩盖起来,反而没有被disclose!

听说美国老鼠会top 100 agents里半数是华人,这比华人在美国的人口比例高很多很多,为什么华人如此容易骗人和被骗,最终还是因为一个“贪”字。华人有努力赚钱的一面,也有对钱财过于贪婪算计的一面,华人中的这些骗子就是利用了这种心理。要知道,老鼠会都是团队作战,他们在一起开会就是不断研究每个人的需要是什么,弱点是什么,爱听什么,应该由谁出手来攻破这个人,然后不断相互加油鼓励,越是有学历有知识有广泛社交的人加入的老鼠会,他们的危害就越大,非常可惜这些人没能把自己的能力用在正途上,有些人是不自知,另一些人已经被金钱蒙蔽了良心。希望这篇文章能让更多的人别被老鼠会欺骗,当您面对老鼠会的人,千万别被恭维了几句就飘飘然地失去了认真的思考和研究,把自己辛苦挣来的钱最后全给了那些吃人不吐骨头的吸血鬼。


New Premier Financial Alliance suit claims Asian immigrants targeted

By Oz

A new class-action pyramid lawsuit was filed against Premier Financial Alliance earlier this year.

In addition to covering that, today we’re also revisiting the original 2018 Premier Financial Alliance pyramid lawsuit.

In response to the 2018 lawsuit, Premier Financial Alliance filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit and compel arbitration in October 2018.

Following the filing of an amended complaint, a second motion to dismiss and compel arbitration was filed later that same month.

On November 28th defendants A JW Production, LLC, Bill Hong, The Consortium Group, LLC, Jack Wu, Rex Wu, and Lan Zhang, filed their own motion requesting the same.

On January 22nd, 2019, the court denied both motions.

Based on the evidence submitted, the court ruled that the Premier Financial Alliance defendants had ‘failed to establish the existence of an agreement to arbitrate

Defendants have failed to meet their burden to show, by undisputed material facts, that the parties entered into an agreement to arbitrate the claims here.

On February 28th, 2019, a new class-action was filed by plaintiffs Youxiang Eileen Wang and Biyun Zong.

Wang and Zong, both New Jersey residents, claim Premier Financial Alliance is a “pyramid scheme” they were “lured” into.

The scheme targets Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino immigrants and their families with promises of riches from recruiting people to buy—and sell—the Living Life Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy, issued by Life Insurance Company of the Southwest.

The business model described in the lawsuit is that of your typical “no retail” MLM pyramid scheme.

Although prospective associates are told they will be able to maintain their own insurance business, the policy bought and sold through the pyramid is significantly overpriced.

Premier Financial Alliance instructed Plaintiffs and continues to instruct other “associates” to peddle this policy to other people who, in turn, are instructed to sign up more associates, and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

Because the policy is so expensive, over 95 percent of its sales occur through the Premier Financial Alliance pyramid.

If that 95% figure is anywhere remotely accurate, Premier Financial Alliance appears to be a prime target for an FTC shutdown.

In BehindMLM’s own May 2016 Premier Financial Alliance review, I opined

If Premier Financial Alliance is indeed an MLM company full of affiliates earning commissions based on how much their recruited downlines are spending each month – that’s a problem.

Sounds like that exactly what’s going on.

On the original 2018 pyramid scheme case docket, an administrative motion was filed on March 19th.

The motion sough to relate the 2018 and 2019 cases, and was granted on March 26th.

This means that the same Californian Judge will hear both cases.

On May 6th an initial case management conference for both cases was held.

At the hearing defendants Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, National Life Insurance Company, NLV Financial Corporation and National Life Holding Company were granted a motion to dismiss.

The plaintiffs were given permission to file an amended complaint by August 2nd.

However the same order also stayed the case, pending outcome of a motion to compel arbitration in the 2019 pyramid case.

The last significant filing in the 2018 case is a May 28th motion by the Premier Financial Alliance defendants,

The motion requests permission to seek reconsideration of the earlier arbitration denial decision, or in the alternative a transfer of the case to Georgia.

Plaintiffs Gonzales and Chen have opposed the motion, and a hearing to decide the matter has been scheduled for July 19th.

Switching over to the 2019 case, the motion to compel arbitration that stayed the 2018 case was filed by Premier Financial Alliance on May 28th.

A hearing to decide the arbitration matter was scheduled for July 19th.

As per a July 1st order however, the hearing was continued till August 20th.

To sumarize, Premier Financial Alliance is facing two separate lawsuits that accuse it of being a pyramid scheme.

The most damning allegations in the new 2019 lawsuit are the targeting of Asian immigrants, and claim that 95% of sales within Premier Financial Alliance are affiliate purchases.

Once they pay the $125 membership fee and buy the Living Life IUL policy, Premier Financial Alliance associates are pressured to recruit and sell the policy within their network of friends and family members, typically from the same immigrant group.

Because the Living Life IUL policies are far more expensive than National Life Group’s non-Premier Financial Alliance policy alternatives, Premier Financial Alliance agents are unable to sell these Living Life IUL policies outside of the Premier Financial Alliance pyramid.

Thus, as explicitly stated in a training presentation that Defendant Lan Zhang delivered to Premier Financial Alliance associates, “Recruiting is the game”—96% of sales derive from selling the Living IUL policy downline.

Lan Zhang appears to be a top Premier Financial Alliance affiliate.

A 2016 video cites Zhang as a Premier Financial Alliance “President”, and depicts her receiving a “special birthday present” from PFA founder and CEO, David Carroll.

I’ll be checking in for updates on both cases on July 19th, after which our next scheduled case update will be on or around August 20th.

Stay tuned…



Premier Financial Alliance “classic pyramid scheme” lawsuit filed

By Oz

A recently filed RICO class-action lawsuit alleges Premier Financial Alliance is a “particularly egregious classic pyramid scheme”.

The June 25th class-action lawsuit was filed by Plaintiffs Rui Chen and Wenjian Gozales in California.

Chen joined Premier Financial Alliance in 2017 and Gonzales in late 2017 or early 2018.

Both claim to have been deceived into believing PFA was a “legitimate way to make money”.

Defendants named in the lawsuit include Premier Financial Alliance, David Caroll (CEO and Founder), Jack Wu (“chairman and ringleader”) and his company AJW Productions, Rex Wu (field chairman), Lan Zhang (an “original member” of PFA), Bill Hong (conspirator).

PFA, Carroll, J. Wu, R. Wu, Hong, Zhang, AJW, by their authorization promote the pyramid scheme and make misleading claims of financial success.

To sell the financial-success promise, PFA, Carroll, J. Wu, R. Wu, Hong, Zhang, and AJW flaunt the wealth of the highest-ranked Associates and those few insiders at the top of the pyramid, as examples of the riches that await new participants, if only they will work hard enough (i.e., tirelessly recruit new Associates).

The wechat (a popular social networking platform), instagram, facebook, and twitter posts made during the class period boast of luxury vehicles, grandiose trips, expensive fine dining.

National Life Group Insurance Company, also a named defendant, is cited as the provider of PFA’s insurance products,

with complete knowledge that the Defendants have violated Department of Insurance Guidelines and the anti-pyramid laws, but aided and abetted the conduct of National’s co-defendants.

According to Chen and Gonzales, ‘100% of (Premier Financial Alliance’s) revenues (comes) from chain recruitment‘.

To earn any commissions or financial rewards in PFA, one has to recruit and cause to be signed up, six persons, and obtain a license to sell insurance under applicable State Law.

This, the lawsuit states, comes at the expense of selling insurance policies to retail customers.

The end result?

Premier Financial Alliance affiliates are promised

they will earn vast wealth, luxury vehicles, and lavish trips when in reality … more than 95% of PFA Associates average net losses.

No persons, except the promotors and operators of the Premier Financial Alliance scheme make any money.

A specific example cited in the lawsuit is a representation allegedly made by PFA, by which

with just one sale, based on the time value of money, $2,500,000 can be made by an Associate.

BehindMLM reviewed Premier Financial Alliance in 2016.

In our review we found an astonishing lack of information provided to potential PFA retail customers or indeed, whether retail sales were even possible at all.

This naturally raised the question of what Premier Financial Alliance’s core priority was.

Chen and Gonzales’ lawsuit attributes the lack of retail disclosure to PFA

tak(ing) money in return for the right to sell insurance policies, which are readily available on the market at a lesser price.

PFA themselves don’t sell the insurance policies, hence the lawsuit claim that Premier Financial Alliance has ‘never marketed or sold insurance policies to any retail customers‘.

The principal focus is on recruiting.

For instance, the Defendants market and advertising in their materials, reports, scoreboards, and charts that a Career

Associate is urged to recruit at least “three people and submit three sales of minimum 9,000 points in the first thirty days of joining PFA.”

No marketing is done to retail customers.

Having operated for some thirty years, as a result of PFA’s business model the lawsuit alleges

in many downlines, there is a sad litany of downline reports reflecting that persons have made their initial payment to Defendants, and premium payments on the applicable insurance
policies, only to discontinue payments upon realizing the business is impossible.

What is described in the lawsuit of PFA business model is that of your typical autoship recruitment scheme.

Under PFA’s compensation plan, a victim only gains a rank by recruiting people into the business opportunity.

The business opportunity is focused on recruiting people, and have them purchase 100 “points” in volumes.

The price of the product is so high compared to comparative market prices that it is impossible to legitimately sell these products retail, except to friends and families.

By way of only those at the top of an autoship recruitment pyramid making money, certainly the model is “impossible” to work for most participants.

Plaintiff’s Gonzales and Chen are seeking to represent a class of similarly situated Premier Financial Alliance victims, of whom they estimate there are over 25,000.

Premier Financial Alliance affiliates who qualify for the class-action include any who signed up from June 25th, 2014 and ‘paid more to the scheme than the amount of money they received from PFA‘.

Stated aims of the class-action include establishing

  • whether Defendants are operating an endless chain;
  • whether Defendants’ omitted to inform the Plaintiff and the plaintiff class that they were entering into an illegal scheme where an overwhelming number of participants lose money;
  • whether PFA’s statements of income during the Class Period were deceptive and misleading;
  • whether PFA’s conduct constitutes an unlawful, unfair and/or deceptive trade practice under California state law;
  • whether PFA’s conduct constitutes unfair competition under California state law;
  • whether PFA’s conduct constitutes false advertising under California state law and;
  • whether the Defendants violated the Department of Insurance Guidelines in representing the benefits under a policy and/or underwriting.

Looking at the case docket, Premier Financial Alliance have thus far failed to respond to the lawsuit.

Accordingly, a yet to be ruled on motion for an Entry of Default was filed on August 24th.

We’ve added the lawsuit to our list of cases we’re following, so stay tuned for further updates as the case progresses.





美国当地时间6月25日,居住在美国加州的Rui Chen和Wenjian Gonzales通过代理律师向加州北部地区法院提交了一份长达29页起诉书,将金融理财公司Premier Financial Alliance及其公司五名主要成员集体告上法庭,起诉他们进行非法传销。

起诉书同时也把为PFA提供产品的国家人寿(national life group)保险公司列为共同被告,小编一身冷汗,这可是全美华人圈里最大传销公司呀,这要倒闭了,多少人的钱血本无归呀。


据起诉文件,其中列出的被告分别为PFA公司以及David Carroll,Jack Wu,Rex Wu,Lan Zhang,Bill Hong,AJW公司,美国国家人寿保险公司。起诉书中称,上诉五人为传销计划核心成员,AJW为PFA核心成员为收钱成立的公司。

通过PFA在社交媒体上的宣传查询到,Jack Wu是PFA行政主席;Rex Wu为行政总监;Lan Zhang,全美资深总裁;Bill Hong,全美总裁。多名在美华人表示,这几个人就是PFA成员常常宣传的公司大咖。

PFA的宣传材料,张岚(Lan Zhang)人称岚姐,年收入300万美金!的介绍为,美国著名女领袖型企业家,被誉为美国华人“创业奇才”。六年前从地产行业副总裁跨界美国金融创业,创造了美国金融业的奇迹,被誉为“改变游戏规则的人”,被称为“点石成金”的创业导师,美国金融界的传奇女王。常说:“ 华人在美国不缺本身,缺的是PFA这个伯乐和平台” 


起诉书中原告指控被告PFA典型的金字塔骗,局起诉书中称,这是一个金字塔骗局计划,原告Rui Chen和Wenjian Gonzales基于PFA极具诱惑性的招募信息以及希望获得财务自由的信念,在2017年至2018年期间加入PFA。


起诉书内容截图,两名原告是Rui Chen和Wenjian Gonzales

根据起诉书中称,PFA的每个成员都有上线和下线,其成员级别分为基础级、经理级和最高级。基础级包括四类Career Associate, Field Associate, Senior Associate和 Provisional Field Director。

一个基础级别的成员招募的下线越多,他们赚的钱就越多,并且级别能够得到提升,经理级包括预备经理和高级经理。最高级别包括区域经理, 地区经理,全美总监和全美总裁。所有成员只有通过招募下线才能晋升级别。






由于本人保险到期,看到有一个介绍理财型保险很不错,于是就加了微信联系经纪人JESSICA 。



然后就在约定时间到了对方公司。 去了之后对方就开始介绍一些前辈的成功经历,基本都是在经历1-12个月之间就实现了年薪10万,时间自由。





讲完这个工作人员就说了加入公司需要先交125元的会费,然后拿到保险执照了以后公司会把这个钱返还给大家的。然后就是要了我的ID和银行卡sign in。当时没有说买保险的事情,因为我觉得这个保险我还需要回头再详细了解下回家和家人商量下。




再结合那些工作人员的说法,确定这就是一个传销公司,并且曾经多次被多个州政府起诉,起诉的原因包括“销售非授权证券”, “用免费午餐讲座误导客户” 等等。还好发现的早,果断放弃逃过一劫。但是我还是被她们玩了(这也怪自己太大意),第二天我查我的银行卡发现有一笔交易是他们公司刷的125的费用,时间是我去PFA的那天,费用名称是礼品服务费。




当然了钱是不多 ,但是我是不会就这么饶了这些坑蒙拐骗的人的,由于发现的早那笔款还是在PROCESSING的状态,所以就联系银行claim要回自己的钱。自身经历警示那些在求职路上的同仁,华人骗子太多了,这也让我想到了PFA的人为什么说不要找白人,黑人,墨西哥人,他们就是心虚啊,鬼佬的话肯定要找他们麻烦的,觉得中国人好骗呀!





“对比看了后,发现他们的大额保单受益要比普通的高好几倍。”虽然也听说过PFA不好的传闻,但是Lynda在网上搜索提供产品的国家人寿保险公司,有很长的历史,“排名比较居中”。而且她觉得,就算PFA有问题,国家人寿不太可能欺骗消费者,这样他们是要负法律责任的。其实PFA是national life group ,是下面的一个agency,是个人都可以代理。 






目前,法院已经受理此案,并于7月9日指派法官Donna M. Ryu负责审理此案。根据最新更新的案件信息显示,法院已经向被告提出传唤并发送了传票。

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