New CPEFC Parent Information Package (PiP) with Sex Ed and Sex Survey OPT OUT Forms for the Start of FCPS School Year

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New CPEFC Parent Information Package (PiP) with Sex Ed and Sex Survey OPT OUT Forms for the Start of FCPS School Year

By Eric Johnson

Great news.  Attached for your use and distribution is the 2018 Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County's (CPEFC) Parent Information Package (PiP) for parents to use at the start of the school year to help protect their children (or see ).  Also, attached is a one page flier that summarizes what is in the CPEFC PiP and provides internet links to download the Opt Out forms. 

The CPEFC Parent Information Package (PiP) contains: 
  • FCPS FLE (Sex Ed) Opt Out Forms for each grade (and in different languages)
  • FCPS Youth (Sex) Survey Opt Out Forms 
  • Form Letter to Opt Out of Gender Identity lessons and materials
  • Directions to Decline to Sign the FCPS Student Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Latest updates on FCPS Policy 1450 (aka, boys in the girls bathrooms) and other harmful nonsense like FLE teaching kids they can be any sex they want, to engage in anal sex, and take an assortment of sex related drugs
  • Information on how to contact School Board members to voice your strong opposition to their harmful agenda
Please help us distribute the CPEFC Parent Information Package (PiP) to Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, andCHURCHES Most parents have no idea what is going on in the public schools, and that they can Opt Out.  Many parents will thank you for helping to alert them to what is going on, and even one innocent child saved from this harmful, abusive, and inaccurate material is worth it.

Also, we are looking for volunteers to hand out the One Page Flier at the local FCPS Back to School Nights which are just now starting and continue through September.  

In addition, we have a couple of other fliers to hand out on new local grass roots initiatives to mandate that FLE (Sex Ed) be OPT IN and require parental permission, as well as to provide CHOICE in FLE.  

Thank you for your help in distributing this very important material.

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