Justice for Grandpa Chen - Jury Trial to be held on 6/25/2018


Justice for Grandpa Chen 

By OCA-Eastern Virginia Chamber 


On the night of January 26, 2017, a 60-year-old grandpa left his house to play Pokémon Go, but he never made it back. He was shot and killed by the community security guard while sitting inside his minivan at the parking lot of the community clubhouse where he was a member. Chen’s family was devastated by his death. They were gathering to celebrate Chinese New Year. Chen was described as a kind, wise, and caring family man.

Jiansheng Chen was a retired chef who lived with his family at the River Walk Community in Chesapeake, Virginia. Chen enjoyed playing Pokémon Go, a popular GPS based virtual reality game, as a way to engage with his grandchildren. The community clubhouse has a “gym” in the game, where players need to stay put in one location to train the Pokémons. Then, He was shot and killed by the community security guard, Cromwell, Johnathan Gregory, when he was there.

Chesapeake Police Department Spokeswoman Officer Kelly Elliott told NBC News that Jiansheng Chen was not armed with any weapon when he was shot. At least 5 bullet holes were visible in the windshield, concentrated right in front of the driver’s seat, based on pictures taken by the media.

The Suspect, Cromwell, Johnathan Gregory, had been charged 1st degree murder. The Jury Trial will be held at 9:00 am in Chesapeake Circuit Court on June 25, 2018. Please join us in giving your attention to the case or come to the court on the trail day if you can. Together, we will bring Justice for Jiansheng Chen, his family and the society as a whole. Your any concerns and supports will be deeply appreciated!! 


维州陈健生凶案‎ 6月25日庭审

By OCA-Eastern Virginia Chamber

在 2017 年 1 月 26 日晚上,一位 60 岁的爷爷离开家去玩“神奇宝贝 Go”,但他再也没有回来。 当他坐在他的小型货车里时,他被社区保安人员枪杀在他所在社区会所的停车场。陈的家人因他 的去世而受到重创。他们本来聚会庆祝农历新年。陈是一个善良,聪明,有爱心的家庭男子。

陈健生是一位退休的厨师,与家人一起住在弗吉尼亚州切萨皮克河畔的社区。 Chen 喜欢玩一款 流行的基于 GPS 的虚拟现实游戏 PokémonGo,作为与他的孙辈交往的一种方式。社区会所在 游戏中有一个“健身房”,玩家需要留在那个地方训练神奇宝贝。然后,当他在那里时,他被社区 保安人员 Cromwell, Johnathan Gregory 枪杀。切萨皮克警察局发言人官员 Kelly Elliott 告诉 全国广播公司新闻,陈建生被枪杀时没有携带任何武器。根据媒体拍摄的照片,挡风玻璃上至少 有 5 个弹孔,它们集中在驾驶座前。

犯罪嫌疑人 Cromwell, Johnathan Gregory

犯罪嫌疑人 Cromwell, Johnathan Gregory 现在被控一级谋杀。评审团庭审将于 2018 年 6 月 25 日上午 9 点在切萨皮克巡回法庭举行。如果可以,请加入我们,一起关注案件或尽可能在庭审 日上法庭旁听。我们将一起为陈健生,他的家人和整个社会带来正义。您的任何关切和支持将深 受感谢! 


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