Renaming JEB Stuart to Justice High School is Now in Full Swing

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Sadly, the Process of Renaming JEB Stuart to (In)Justice High School is Now in Full Swing

By Eric Johnson

For those who are tracking, Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) are now sadly officially in the process changing the name of JEB Stuart to (In)Justice High School, and in the process are eradicating history instead of teaching history.  They also have unnecessarily divided and alienated a once happy and integrated ethnic diverse community (including many African Americans who supported keeping the popular name Stuart).   

Besides rigging the entire the process and violating numerous regulations, the school board rejected the communities September 2017 overwhelming vote to retain "Stuart" and instead imposed their unwanted name "Justice", even though it was never on the community ballot.  And this was after they allowed name changers to routinely threaten and bully students who liked and wanted to keep the name Stuart.

Lastly, the FCSB and FCPS are forcing the public to pay for $400,000 to $800,000 toward the unpopular name change, as their private funding efforts for the name change over the last 8 months have only raised a pathetic $90,000.  It was said that a recent FOIA revealed that the donations from Hollywood and Wall Street "Progressives" millionaires never materialized.  Shock!  And neither did any of the "Progressive" millionaires offer to pay the additional $200,000 in out of pocket expenses for new spirit wear in the Stuart community which has 40% of students living in poverty.

Rumor has it that the effort to recall the School Board member who pushed this debacle, Sandy Evans, has enough petition signatures to proceed to have her removed her from office.  Also, a lawsuit against the school system has been lodged in the Virginia Supreme Court.  Keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath waiting for real justice, just remember the culprits on election day (unless you want more costly and divisive school name changes in a county with 30 more public schools that politically incorrect names from American history).

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