Hilarious New Youtube Video Lampooning Fairfax County School Board member Sandy Evans

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Hilarious New Youtube Video Lampooning Fairfax County School Board member Sandy Evans

By Eric Johnson

Someone just forwarded this hilarious new video on Fairfax County School Board member Sandy Evans (See https://youtu.be/5vD88s_cj8E ).   Feel free to share with others.

The Joys of Shafting - The Sandy Evans Masterpiece

Published on May 10, 2018

The Sandy Evans Masterpiece

Take a walk with us down a little road called WASTE LANE and enjoy the beauty of spending. Promising big and under delivering is the key to The Joys of Shafting!

It basically lampoons school board member Sandy Evans for wasting $500,000 to a million dollars on renaming JEB Stuart to (In)Justice High School, while dividing a once harmonious community, allowing bullying and threats of students by name changers, and erasing history, rather than learning from it.  All in the name of progress!


The video is a bit long at 4 minutes, but purely enjoyable for those tracking what an awful, corrupt, and horrible public official she is in Fairfax County.  Besides the JEB Stuart waste and debacle, she is one of the school board members responsible for Policy 1450 and the (secret) incremental allowance of boys in the girls bathrooms.


And after six months of fund raising, Sandy Evans and her friends in Hollywood and Hypocriteville have only raise a paltry $75,000 to go towards paying for the renaming costs for JEB Stuart, and the rest will have to be paid by hard working parents and taxpayers.  (Seewww.fcps.edu/justice for total amount of renaming donations received to-date).  And this does not include the $200,000 in new spirit wear which the many poor people in her school district must shell out of their own pocket for a new school name that was dictated by Sandy and her school board associates, and not even on the community ballot for renaming. 


Further corruption was revealed several weeks ago when the new school superintendent and a school board member (secretly) lobbied the Virginia state government to pay for and subsidize the cost of renaming JEB (to politically offset the public's perception the out of control school board has wasted so much money and time at the county level to rename a school, in a county with 30 more politically incorrect school names associated with the history of slavery (including Lord Fairfax, who was at one time the largest slave owner in the region)).


Instead of picking on a happy, harmonious, and ethnically diverse high school named JEB, perhaps Sandy and her friends should have first started with changing the name of the Democrat Party which has a sordid history of sponsoring slavery, provoking the Civil War, creating the KKK and Jim Crow laws, and blocking desegregation efforts up until the 1970s.


The movement to recall school board Sandy Evans has roughly a thousand signatures from her Mason District, and needs just a few hundred more or so to submit the petition to a judge to recall and remove her from office.  Those who want to help the recall effort can reach out to  www.recallsandyevans.org .  Anybody can volunteer to help out in obtaining petition signatures from Mason District residents (which is the area between Falls Church, Sevens Corner, and Annandale).


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