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IGNORING 90% PUBLIC OPPOSITION, FCPS School Board Passes Pro-LGBTQ Sex Ed Changes

FCPS School Board passed the Pro-LGBTQ FLE curriculum changes by 10:2. The 10 Democratic Party endorsed members voted YES. The 2 Republican Party endorsed members voted NO.

Tom Wilson and Elizabeth Schultz voted NO to the Pro-LGBTQ FLE curriculum changes.

"A lawsuit may be pursued" said a concerned parent at the meeting.

FCPS School Board Meeting - June 14, 2018


Fairfax Co. school district passes proposals to modify sex ed, dress codes

By John Domen

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — The Fairfax County School Board passed a proposal to change the school district’s dress code to gender-neutral language and adopt a more inclusive sex education curriculum.

Fairfax County School Board members heard the proposals Thursday. A special panel appointed by the board and made up of teachers and administrators designed the proposed sex education curriculum.

The change that drew the most scrutiny was the proposal to change the term “biological sex” to “sex assigned at birth.” It spawned hours of debate and testimony for and against the proposal that drew upon religion, science and emotion from those on both sides of the argument.

Supporters like Rev. Deborah Heffner, a Unitarian minister in Reston, say it’s more inclusive of LGBTQ and transgender students.

“Sex assigned at birth is not a made-up phrase by any political organization, it is not a part of some agenda, and it is certainly not designed to distort science or lead young people away from it,” said David Aponte, who chairs an LGBTQ advisory group in Northern Virginia.

Parents of transgender kids expressed their support for the change too, with one set of parents saying their daughter wasn’t transgender “because she just wants to be a girl … or because she learned about it in the (Family Life Education program).”

Critics say it would promote transgender issues and contraceptives instead of abstinence.

“Biological sex is the medically and biologically accurate term to use when referring to a person’s sex, which includes chromosomes, hormones and internal and external reproductive organs. A person’s sex is not something that is assigned at birth or otherwise. It is established at conception,” argued Hope Wojciak. “This is what students are taught in biology classes and should remain consistent throughout the curriculum.”

Many critics sent emails to the board asking members to reject the changes as phrases such as “sex assigned at birth” are ideological.

“These recommendations imprison students in half-truths and lies. Biological sex is not a mistake, it’s not a stigma, it’s not a choice,” argued Laura Bryant-Hanford, who said the proposal was “like saying some kids are colorblind so we’re going to teach kids that color does not exist.”

Ahead of the vote, board member Thomas Wilson lamented that the advisory committee that proposed the changes being adopted was composed of “numerous committee members who are openly hostile to people of faith.”

Wilson was one of two board members to step away from the table when it came time to vote.

Changes to the dress code

Also in the proposal was a change to strike out a significant chunk of language from the current dress code that board members worried led to too many instances of body shaming of female students.

Conceding that the wording may not be as precise as it should be, the board overwhelmingly voted to strike wording that banned outfits with “low cut necklines that show cleavage” and outfits deemed “otherwise sexually provocative.” However, wording was retained banning outfits that “expose an excessive amount of bare skin.”

Board member Ryan McElveen said most of the students’ concerns are about the dress code, “not student stress, not mental health, not over-testing, not school food.” He noted that most of the unease comes from female students and he has heard of incidents of “body shaming” for more than a decade.

Elizabeth Schultz, who represents the Springfield district, worried the changes will only add to the confusion.

“The nebulous nature of ‘You can’t show too much skin … ’ Well, what is too much?” asked Schultz.

McElveen shared stories that documented students who were embarrassed by school administrators and staff for their attire.

Schulz argued that those instances “(point) to a professional development piece that has to do with how our administrators are trained to talk and work with kids.”

The new policy also mandates that students be approached for discussions about their clothing in private and in a way that “maintain[s] the dignity of the student.”

“The most critical part of changing our dress code will be the training that comes with it,” said McElveen.

The proposal passed 10-0.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 



By Rob Shimshock

A Virginia school board unveiled public comments indicating that huge swathes of people are opposed to proposed changes to the district’s sex ed curriculum on which the school board will vote Thursday night.

Around 1,000 people opposed a provision that would allow the district to teach students about an HIV drug with “life-threatening side effects,” and around the same number objected to changing mentions of “biological sex” in the coursework to “sex assigned at birth.” The Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC) advised the changes to the sex ed curriculum.

When asked whether they supported the district changing instances of “biological sex” to “sex assigned at birth,” 1,102 public commenters opposed the change and 231 respondents supported it.

“The term ‘sex assigned at birth’ is ideological and does not reflect biological reality,” reads one comment. The county extracted the identities of those who provided feedback for confidentiality.

“The use of [sex assigned at birth] violates parental trust that schools teach children scientific fact, not political ideology or popular opinion. FLE terminology must be consistent with FCPS science curriculum that chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones ‘determine an individual’s sex,’ beginning in utero,” stated another respondent.

Commenters voted 904 against 216 for curriculum teaching the HIV prevention drug Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), which “can cause serious, life-threatening side effect” including “a buildup of lactic acid in the blood (lactic acidosis) and liver problems,” according to the National Institutes of Health(RELATED: Students Could Learn About HIV Drug With ‘Life-Threatening Side Effects’ Under New Policy)

“There was no consideration of unintended consequences such as undermining condom use in populations at high risk for HIV,” stated one respondent regarding the PrEP provision.

Another participant thought that teaching the drug would give children “a false sense of security and may encourage risky behavior.”

FLECAC also proposed that Fairfax County Public Schools’ change its description of abstinence as “the only 100% effective method for preventing pregnancy and disease” to “the only 100 percent effective method for preventing pregnancy and the most effective method for preventing sexually transmitted infection.”

Of respondents, 923 opposed this recommendation; 39 people supported it.

Similarly, 915 respondents opposed FLECAC’s proposed removal of “member of the clergy” and “counselor” from its list of individuals with whom students should speak should they have questions regarding their gender or sexual orientation. Under the provisional policy, only “parent” and “trusted adult” would still be listed.

petition to delay the Thursday school board vote on the proposal has garnered over 270 signatures by press.

“Thank you. I’ve seen the petition,” Fairfax school board member Patricia Hynes wrote back to the Fairfax County resident and parent who started the petition and preferred to remain anonymous. “I have received and considered email testimony for several weeks. I’ve read the online public comment and find that it reflects the advocacy we have been hearing and considering from all sides for well over a month. Constituents have prepared for tonight’s meeting and have a valid interest in expecting us to complete our business on this agenda item tonight. I don’t support a delay.”

The school board will consider an amendment Thursday evening to postpone the vote on the proposed sex ed changes, Fairfax County Public Schools spokesman John Torre told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

From: Cathy Ruse <***@gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018
Subject: Sex Ed Comments Tallied -- WE WON BIG!
To: Cathy Ruse <***@gmail.com>

The Fairfax County School Board received 1,318 email citizen comments on the proposed changes to the Family Life Education (Sex Ed) curriculum:

Change biological sex to "Sex Assigned at Birth" (kids can "choose" their sex)

1,102 oppose, 231 support

Include instruction about PrEP (daily sex drug for AIDs) to all high schoolers every year  

904 oppose, 216 support

Remove "abstinence is only 100% effective method" to prevent STIs

923 oppose, 39 support

Remove "clergy" as trusted adult in 9th grade lesson

915 oppose, 39 support

How will the School Board tap dance its way out from under these numbers?? Join us tonight and we'll see!

Luther Jackson Middle School

Thursday, June 14, 2018
7:00pm (arrive early to ensure you get a seat)
3020 Gallows Road Falls Church, VA

THANK YOU for standing for the children in Fairfax. They deserve so much better!


Read the full tally sheet here (add tally number on single issue together with tally for "oppose all/support all changes" to get final numbers):



RECAP OF MAY 24 FCSB MEETING:  Exploiting Ethnic Minorities and Teaching Kids to Change their Sex


By Eric Johnson

There was no let up at the May 24 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) meeting by a vocal group of parents who are raising a fuss about the school board's attempt to teach children they can be any sex they want.   The parents also complained about the exploiting of hard working parents and ethnic minorities (which comprise half of the county) with the school systems deeply flawed FLE (sex ed) opt out process, which engages in the deceptive and unethical practice of not disclosing full content of harmful material or health risks now in the FLE program, such that it results in widespread “uninformed consent”  from automatic enrollment in the program.   The entire school board meeting can be watched at https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs . 

FCPS School Board Meeting - May 24, 2018

Powerful Video Accuses School Board for Harming Children by Promoting False Realities 


A mother named Monique presented another fantastic and powerful video at the school board meeting (see  https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=5918 ) where she exposes that boys are not the same as girls, and that attempts to claim that children can choose their sex results in harming children by creating confusion and a false reality (i.e., jelly beans are not the same as medicines).    She then successfully lampoons that once a child can pick and choose one form of false reality, there is nothing to stop from promoting other forms of false realities (its okay to drink bleach, play with matches, pretend they are adults, etc).


She then states she reached out to a LGBT activist to perhaps try to find a common ground, but instead found an intolerant activist demanding that everyone else reshape their realities to accommodate their delusion and false beliefs.  She stated that a trans boy that identifies as a biological girl is not equal to a biological girl, and this can never be true. 


She said that society should have compassion for those confused with psychiatric issues, but not at the expense of other people (losing their civil rights, dignity, health, and well-being).


Many Mothers want Removal of Hazardous Materials in Schools


A mother named Mary who is a teen pregnancy counselor that has personally witnessed the damage caused by the Sexual Revolution spoke at https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=4142  and requested the school board remove all the toxic hazardous materials from the public schools, starting with the FLE (Sex Ed) material. 


She praised the previous school board from a decades ago for having the good judgment to prohibit teaching 10 year old boys about tampons, which appears to be beyond the grasp of the current school board which instead promotes “idiocy.”


She then castigated that the new school board for considering science and quantifiable numbers as hate crimes, while allowing arbitrary emotional feelings to rule supreme over all, including reality.  All the while they prohibit and discourage critical thinking, logic, and reasoning that benefits society and progress. 


She then accused the school board of not listening to anybody but themselves, and that huge unaddressed health hazards have emerged because the school board encourages both the cause and effect. 

School Board Creating Rigged Committees and Exploiting Ethnic Minorities 

A mother named Laura spoke at https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=4538  and critiqued the school board’s hazard material policy as potentially discriminatory toward ethnic and racial minorities in order to protect and promote the unfair  “One Fairfax Policy.” 


She then criticized the school board for consistently rigging committees like the FLECAC as with homogenous white progressives and radicals, and not a representative of the diverse county, which includes a majority of social conservatives in many different forms.


She then accused the school board of promoting “uninformed consent” to the 98% that fails to opt out due to a wide array of issues, including being overwhelmed the first week of school with 50 pages of forms, as well as coerced, pressured, bullied, mislead, tricked, and negatively stigmatized by the school system into going along with the increasingly controversial FLE (sex ed) program.


Sex Still Assigned at Conception despite School Board Dictations to the Contrary


A mother named Tabatha spoke at   https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=4937  .   She testified that her and her husband are expecting and baby boy, and that it was done by a blood test (not just an ultrasound).  She then accused the school board of promoting hazardous material by introducing such false science that sex is not permanently assigned at conception.     


She then lambasted the school board for teaching such controversial and harmful materials without clearly obtaining the consent of the parents.   She accused the school board of exploiting busy and working parents, as well as ethnically diverse parents in order to push fake science and harmful and controversial policies.


She then says that she has a duty to protect her child from the false and hurtful propaganda of the Fairfax county public schools.  She then said how painful it will be that she has to teach her own child to avoid being harmed by the Fairfax county public schools and school board.


Ethnic Minorities Being Exploited and Taught Anal Sex


A mother named Desiree spoke at https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=5311 .   She described her horrifying conversations and interviews with ethnic minorities who are being exploited and now learning that their children are unwantingly being taught to be any sex they feel like, despite biological reality. 


She also harshly criticized the school board for mandating the teaching of anal and oral sex to 12 year old foreigners who have language barriers and are trusting the school officials.  She then body slammed the school board for replacing 1 or 2 hours of sex ed with 80 hours of sex ed.

FCSB Sole Source Contracts Still Rampant


A father named John spoke at  https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=4751 and complemented the FCSB for soliciting five competitive bids.  But he then criticized the school board for the vast number of sole source contracts still remaining that potentially allow for higher costs, poorer quality, and contracting abuses.   He also praised the school board for allowing the public to openly discuss disagreements they may have with the current FLE in order to attempt to further understanding, bridge divides, and find common ground.


Not enough Money in the World for Activists


A parent named Dustin introduced a new issue which is all the pressure for unwanted new fund raising in a county with high taxes at https://youtu.be/Dj6VFu06Vzs?t=5112 .  He then complained about discrimination against lower incomes who were not able to compete, while higher income parents are exploited.  Lastly, he complained about little children being exploited to achieve the funding requests of FCSB an FCPS staff (while the school system wastes millions of dollars on name changes and 80 hours of sex ed).




  1. Please submit your comments and provide feedback on the controversial changes to the FLE (Sex Ed) Curriculum by emailing them to FLEcomments@fcps.edu  by no later than Friday June 8.  
  2. Email the 12 school board members and/or meet with them in person to let them know how you feel about the changes in the FLE (Sex Ed) Curriculum (See https://www.fcps.edu/index.php/school-board/school-board-members for contact info) 
  3. Plan on attending the 7pm Thursday June 14 FCSB Meeting when the school board votes on the controversial changes to replace biology with fake science and encourage children in school to change their sex.  Speakers and videos are welcomed (see FCPS.edu for signup)


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