We give FCSB Member Sandy Evans the Boot for Corruption

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FCSB Update: Residents giving Fairfax County School Board Member Sandy Evans the Boot for Corruption

By Eric Johnson

For those who did not hear the recent good news, the local residents of Mason District (in Falls Church and Annandale) in Fairfax County have secured enough petition signatures to seek removal of Fairfax County School Board member Sandy Evans for corruption, and force a new election to replace her.  It is our understanding that nothing like this has ever occurred in all of Fairax County History, even going back to Revolutionary War times.  

So this is a big deal.  Naturally, Sandy Evans is/will challenge the legality of the recall petition.  The people submitting the recall petition know this also, and have filed a preliminary court case to prevent their petition from being tossed out on legal technicalities.  So it may take a while for this to play out in the courts.  But regardless, Sandy Evans and her political party know that this is an unprecedented effort and a huge embarrassment, and subsequently she has pre-emptively announced she will not seek re-election this coming November 2019.  

This is great news!  It also illustrates the power of volunteers working together to expose the corruption, voice their concerns, create actions and motions for positive change, and to hold public officials accountable.  Recalling Sandy Evans is an effective way to hold corrupt officials accountable, and create an effective deterrent.  Even if it is tossed out on technicalities, victory has been obtained in making her crooked conduct visible and in holding her accountable and sending the rest a strong message.

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Besides electing good public officials, other ways to have a positive impact on the community are to engage in (3 minute) public speaking opportunities and write letters to school board members, local newspapers, and other public officials.  The next school board meetings are January 10 and 26th where citizens can voice their concerns.   There are also several Budget Hearing meetings that present public speaking opportunities.
  • Capital Improvement Program - January 8, 2019- Speakers list opens December 21, 2018; closes January 7, 2019.
  • FY2020 Advertised Budget - January 28, 2019 - Speakers list opens January 14, 2019; closes January 25, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.
  • FY2020 Approved Budget - May 14, 2019, and May 15, 2019 (if needed) - Speakers list opens May 3, 2019; closes May 13, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.
Signup for Public Speaking is at the web site, along with school board member email address and phone numbers.  Best regards, and Happy New Year.  Enjoy the moment!

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