"My daughter is in 8th grade and she hated this!", said a FCPS parent


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"My daughter is in 8th grade and she hated this!", said a FCPS parent.

(VA) Fairfax County Youth Survey

"How many people have you had s** with in the past 3 months?" ARE THEY INSANE???
Survey dates are Nov 6-15th. Parents can opt kids out of this invasive/corrupting survey.

Warn your friends in the system with children in 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th grades.

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FCPS School Board Work Session 11/14/19 Strategic Plan: Goal 2 Caring Culture

Nov 14, 2019

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学校性教材给娃各种露骨图解 家长怎么办?


今年5月加州教育局依2016年制定的《加州健康青年法案》(California Healthy Youth Act)通过了新版的性教育大纲,把多元的性别及性的意识引入校园,包含LGBT、堕胎、变性等讯息,教材范围从幼儿园至12年级的学生均适用,因此引发家长们强烈反弹。

据Los Angeles Times报导,家长认为书中教导学生肛交以及各种「图解」性姿势,根本就像是一本「性爱教战手则」,引诱学生发生性行为;另外,书本也谈到性别认同,教导女同志「束胸」打扮,有家长表示,教学生抗拒自己的生理特徵,是健康的吗?一名母亲说道:「现今的性教育已沦为宣扬某种意识型态,健康科学早已抛诸脑后。」。

「国会资源研究所」(Capitol Resource Institute, CRI)指出,他们不断听到家长和学龄孩童反映,在课堂上被教导恐怖内容,包含在课堂教小学生如何自慰、鼓励变装、与喜欢的人探索性爱等等。「这听起来可能很荒谬,但却是事实,并且已在全州的学校中上演着。」


为了帮助家长,「让父母做决定」(Let Parents Decide)组织做出了一个「Opt-out」表格及流程提供给父母参考。首先家长要先与所在的学区联系,要求审核学区的健康课程大纲、性教育课程以及发给学生填写的任何资料。审核后,家长若认为不当,就可填写「健康与性教育退出通知」表格(Health Sex Education Opt-Out Notification form)。

Let Parents Decide」组织为家长准备的 不选(Opt-out)表格




Disney: STOP LGBT indoctrination around the world

BREAKING NEWS: Disneyland Paris just celebrated Disney's first sponsored "Gay Pride Parade."

CitizenGO supporters started an opposition campaign that caught on like wildfire, and now inside sources at Disney have confirmed that Disney’s leadership is very worried about the global mobilization that CitizenGO is leading against their future Pride events.

So, let's double down on the pressure. In just a couple of weeks, CitizenGO sent around 400,000 signatures to Disney. Now, I ask you to help us generate one million petition signatures (or more!) addressed to the Walt Disney Company President & CEO (Robert A. Iger) and the Disney Board of Directors.

Please sign this petition to prevent the next gay pride parade and similar events from happening in any Disney park.




Horrific Sex Ed Curriculum Is Taking Over in This Virginia County, and Objectors Are Getting Steamrolled

Austin Ruse / February 15, 2018 

The Fairfax County School Board swiftly sidelined concerns over graphic sex ed material in its latest public meeting. (Photo: Skynesher/Getty Images)

I usually avoid really sick, appalling spectacles. I skip movies like “Saw.”

But last Thursday I saw something worse. I went to the sex education committee meeting of the Fairfax County School Board. I have never seen anything as shocking.

Understand that I have sat through years of shocking meetings. My day job is monitoring and lobbying the United Nations. But I have never seen or heard anything like this. This meeting was a horror show. And a Soviet one at that.

The Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee advises the Fairfax County School Board for the content of the sex education lessons taught to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

This group has come up with over 80 hours of sex education for these poor kids. And some of it is straight-up pornography.

Rich, Leftist, and Libertine

This school district in Northern Virginia, one of the largest and richest in the country, is among the most leftist in the country. No big surprise there. Twenty-five years ago, it was already promoting “Two Mommies” to the little tots.

But the sexual revolution ideology kicked into hyperspeed a few years ago. Fairfax leftists put transgender ideology into schools a full year before President Barack Obama’s Department of Education mandated it for the rest of the schools in the country.

Last year, the Trump administration canceled the mandate, though Fairfax County is clinging onto it.

This committee has long embraced the rest of the LGBT program. “Oral sex” is introduced to kids as young as 12. Thirteen-year-olds are told about “anal sex” 18 separate times in one year’s lessons.

The committee is made up of about two dozen people. They’re appointed by the overwhelmingly leftist Fairfax County School Board. Four voting members are students, chosen no doubt because they’re members of student LGBT clubs, and most other members appear to be teachers and administrators.

If the idea behind the committee is to get community input, why stack it with people on the county payroll?

The School Board’s Supreme Soviet

Last Thursday night, two regular citizen members of the committee tried to offer amendments to the curriculum. What happened to them is right out of the Politburo of the Supreme Soviet.

The subject was the phrase “sex assigned at birth,” which appears numerous times in the lessons. This is a politically charged slogan that teaches that it’s wrong for a delivery room doctor to say a penis means boy or a vagina means girl. A child should be left to his own gender choice later in life.

>>> Transgender Ideology Hurts Kids

One citizen member made a motion to remove this phrase from the lessons and to simply use the word “sex” instead. Through parliamentary maneuvers, other members of the committee made sure the amendment was put off indefinitely without debate. The vote to cut off debate and never speak about it again passed 23-3.

The member who offered the amendment asked for a roll call, so that those voting to keep in “sex assigned at birth” would have their names associated with their votes. The motion for a roll call was killed by voice vote.

No debate, no accountability.

Another citizen member made a motion that, somewhere in the numerous lessons about various contraceptive methods taught beginning in eighth grade, there ought to be something about the possible health risks of certain contraceptives.

This, too, was shut down without debate, by a vote of 23-3. A roll call of the vote was shouted down by voice vote.

Hush, Adults Are Listening

The first citizen member made a motion to include a discussion in the lessons about the health risks associated with hormonal and surgical “transitioning.” This, too, was not allowed.

One county employee member asked why there was no lesson on anal sex for the seventh graders. There was oral sex, but why was anal sex missing? The chairman of the committee assured her that the anal sex begins with lessons in the eighth grade.

This revealing moment was followed by another: The chairman actually apologized, with a nervous laugh, for using those graphic terms.

Did it not occur to her, or anyone else on the committee, that she was apologizing to the adults in the room for using words that are scripted into the lessons they have created for children?

It was clear to me that much of the reaction to these motions was a kind of animus toward traditional morality. The glee with which the majority cut off the legitimate concerns of the minority was breathtaking.

Christians as the Taliban

One new member of the committee is a Democratic activist named Daniel Press. He was the one who was most vociferous that these motions not only be trashed, but that they not even be discussed.

On his Facebook page he calls Christians the Taliban and has an image of Christ on the cross over the mocking words: “Total Winner.”

The other thing that struck me was the sheep-like attitude of most of the members of the committee. There were a few loudmouth ideologues, to be sure. One student member treated us to an anti-American diatribe ending with the charge that transphobia stems from white supremacy.

For the most part, the members were silent. But they were lickety-split to raise their hands whenever called upon to vote against debate, discussion, and accountability. That they could not allow.

Finally, it’s remarkable how fast such new and fantastical notions have entered the leftist mindset.

The notion of “sex assigned at birth” was itself born just a few years ago. And yet, these people are so certain of its truth, they clap hands on their ears to avoid hearing anything contradictory. Even more, they clap their hands on the mouths of anyone who might want to question this new tenet of faith.

>>> Q&A: Why the Transgender Movement Can’t Sustain Itself

Blind Faith, False Faith

This brings to mind two things: brainwashing, and bad religion.

The committee members may not know it, but they have been brainwashed to believe things that are simply not supported by either science or reason. Theirs is faith plain and simple, and the worst kind of faith, the kind that contradicts reason, the kind that can only be imposed. Theirs is a blind faith, taking as gospel whatever the sexual zeitgeist vomits forth.

And so what are parents to do? Opt their kids out of Family Life Education and take over the school board. One is easy, but both are necessary.

Sexual Stalinism, of the kind I witnessed a few nights ago, has no place in the education of our children.

Originally published by The Stream.

Austin Ruse is president of The Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam), a U.S.-based research institute that works with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the Organization of American States exclusively on international life and family issues.

Source: https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/02/15/horrific-sex-ed-curriculum-is-taking-over-in-this-virginia-county

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