Is it Cruel to Teach Children they may be born in the wrong body?

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RECAP OF SEPTEMBER 13 FCSB MEETING: Is it Cruel to Teach Children they may be born in the wrong body?

By Eric Johnson

The new school year started and the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) held its first meetings this past Thursday night.  The school board did not waste any time and again is embroiled in another scandal and making lots of new enemies in their management of a botched Fairfax County Public School (FCPS)  investigation at South County High School near Lorton, where several popular school officials are said to have been inappropriately reassigned and mishandled, while the community was deceived and misled.


The fireworks and fun can be watched starting at  It gets better, when the school board interrupts the first speaker telling him that he is speaking off topic, and he responds directly questioning the merits of a school board that tries to censor parents and taxpayers.  Welcome to the club!  The second speaker is an upset teacher and even more ticked at the school board.  Go South County Stallions!


School Board Engaging in Psychological Child Abuse


A mother named Cathy then spoke at and addressed why the FLECAC (Sex Ed Curriculum Committee) was a failure last year.  She basically said the recent decision to teach children that "sex is assigned at birth" is absurd, as it infers hospital bureaucrats assign the sex, instead of natural biology that is permanent, distinct, and irreversible.


She points out that the FLECAC and school board are now teaching fake science and fake biology as chromosomes and complimentary reproductive systems that distinguish the two sexes do not lie (unlike the school board).


She next said the school board asked for public commentary on the FLECAC recommendations last year and a record 1,300 people responded and the vast majority opposed the teaching of fake science and fake biology.  But the school board  completely ignored the deluge of public comments.  She said the school board wasted our time and lied to the public.  Worse than that, she said they also opposed requiring parental permission before teaching radical and fake science that children are neither male or female.


Lastly, she said pediatricians have called what the school is doing “psychological child abuse” by telling children they might be born in the wrong body.  She said its cruel and psychological bullying.  And she said that the school board is exploiting children and parents, and the school board acts so reckless and callous because its not their children they are exploiting and experimenting with.


Diversity is Needed on the FLECAC


A mother named Kelly with three children spoke at  She said that she may respectfully disagree with the school board, but wanted to appeal to their sense of honesty and fairness with regards to ensuring that different parents are allowed to raise their children as they deem fit (not the school board’s radical dogma).


She talked about how people’s rights extend up to the point of infringing and harming others.  She said popular trends from make believe world of television may be good for school board members to believe in, but not appropriate for teaching in class, imposing on others, and allocating limited tax money.  Specially, when such inappropriate concepts is opposed by most parents (like telling children they can choose their sex).


She said that while the school board may be helping some people, they are also having negative impacts on others.  She stated that balance on the FLECAC is needed, and diversity of constituent and viewpoint is essential and social conservatives (which dominate the county) should be included (instead of the school board just providing and promoting one view point that is radical and extreme).


FCSB Violating the Law and Mandate for Broad Based Community Involvement


Another mother named Kelly (and no relationship to the first Kelly) who has a child in the FCPS spoke at   She said that many parents are upset at the rigging of the FLECAC and the failure of the school board to follow the law and proper guidelines, which mandate “evidence of broad base community involvement.”  She said she has attended the FLECAC meetings and there is no evidence of any broad base community involvement.


She said last year during the controversial subjects on the FLECAC, that only three out of 30 appointed representatives provided opposing view points, which were just conveniently politically discarded.


She then said attendees to the FLECAC meetings were startled by Laura Hanford’s sudden forced eviction from the committee and replaced with Dan Press who made alarming intolerant statements to force the removal of clergy as a source of trusted advisor for children to turn to.  She said, even the school board recognized the inappropriateness of his and other FLECAC members effort, and stopped it.


However, they did not do the same for the controversial “sex assigned at birth” propaganda that only a small fringe with a political agenda supports.   This was despite 90% of the public comments submitted were against the controversial changes.  She said that in doing this the school board demonstrated how they ignored the mandatory broad based community support in this matter.


LGBT Activist States FLECAC Feedback Mechanism is Rigged, not the FLECAC itself


In the most surreal moment of the night, the regular LGBT spokesperson (Rigby) disregarded the 90% of public comments submitted against their belief children can be any sex they want, and said that the majority of comments were really “Russian” bots filling out form letters from conservative special interest groups, and not from actual Fairfax County residents.  He also said the FLECAC is not rigged and his (mindless) LGBT supporters that dominate the committee are very diverse and include ministers, teachers, circus workers, and roller derby winners.   Lastly, he said that he and his friends are excited about the promotion of information on the anal sex drug “PrEP” in the schools because they care about kids for many different reasons.  But he and the school system won’t mention that the anal sex drug PrEP has a super high failure rate of 10% for those lucky kids that don’t have parents who OPT OUT of FLE. 




  1. We need to identify 6 more candidates for the School Board elections next year.  This is where concerned parents and citizens can have the greatest impact. We have the winning issues to run on.   Please help us identify candidates NOW.
  2. Please continue to promote and distribute the CPEFC Parent Information Package (and FLE Opt Out Forms), the Petition to make FLE OPT IN, and new group  See the attached one page flyers.  
  3. Also,  has just made available their fantastic “FLE” Red-Yellow-Green Stop Light Charts to help parents navigate the FLE curriculum on what to OPT OUT of.  But remember, if in doubt, the smart Opt-Out.
  4. The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday September 27 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church. Inappropriate material in the school libraries and class rooms is on the agenda.  Speakers are welcome to address the school board and can signup at starting at 6am on the Monday before.


Family Life Education in Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools 

What is your child being taught?

DID YOU KNOW Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has implemented controversial and disturbing changes to the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for the new 2018-2019 school year?

Here are some comments taken from FCPS’s Family Life Education Public Comment Summary on FLE curriculum changes:

“Why does FCPS continue to ignore a great majority of parents when it comes to what their children are being taught in school?”

“I have worked with children all my life … it is … child abuse to tell children: Maybe you're not really a boy (or) girl.”

“Many of the recommendations of the committee contradict the best interests of children, the wishes of parents, and basic facts of human sexuality.”

“As a former teacher with FCPS, I’m so thankful that I don’t work for you anymore. There is no way that I could in good conscience teach this.”



Selections from Family Life Education lessons

A third-grade video depicts a father abusing his son’s friend who is a young girl. G3 ESH L2                                                

A fourth-grade lesson has nine-year olds ask themselves: “What are my emotional, mental, and social needs?” G4 ESH L1

A fifth-grade video portrays an intoxicated father physically abusing his son. G5 ESH L2

Seventh graders are taught the term “sex assigned at birth” to convey that feelings about being male or female override biological sex. G7 ESH L1

Ninth graders are asked “How will you tell your sexual partner (about your incurable herpes)?”  G9 HGD L5

Twelfth graders are asked “Why is it important to talk with a potential sexual partner about contraception?” G12 FLE 3

What parents can do

Read the lessons Since FLE lesson titles and descriptions cannot include all important details and classroom activities, it’s important for parents to read the actual lesson to decide if it’s appropriate for their child.  Lessons are available to parents at  

Read lesson reviews at  Select View Clickable Full Chart and click the lesson dot.

Opt your child out of  objectionable FLE lessons Opt out sheets may be submitted any time before the lesson is taught, including at the start of the school year, and are available or


Need a few more people for Back To School Nights!

By Cathy Ruse 

Two people is much better than one. Can I add your name to any of these? It's really only about 30 minutes -- you can leave 10 minutes after start time.

1. Mon 9-17 Crossfield ES -- Start time 5:45 (get there 5:25) Need one more person
2. Mon 9-17 Waples Mill ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40) Need one more person
3. Thu 9-20 Herndon MS -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40) Need two people
4. Mon 9-24 Armstrong ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40) Need one more person
5. Wed 9-25 Armstrong ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40) Need one more person
6. Wed 9-26 South Lakes HS -- Start time 6:30 (get there 6:10) Need one more person
7. Mon 10-1 Langley HS -- Start time 7:00 (get there 6:40) Need one more person


There are 7 more Back to School Nights in Fairfax County Region 1 (north county).

I need volunteers to hand out the Stoplight Flyer evaluating this year's Sex Ed curriculum and informing parents of their right to opt out.

This is the most important volunteer hour you could possibly give!

It's the only opportunity we have to put something directly in the hands of parents as they stream into schools for back to school nights.

Just say: "Parents Rights!" and hand them the flier. If they want more info, direct them to website.

It's EASY (unless it's hot)
It's FUN (to avoid eye contact w/aging hippies pushing Democrat propaganda)
I've run into parents who say the only reason they knew about harmful lessons and their right to opt out is because someone handed them a Stoplight Flier!

And how do you spell flier/flyer anyway?

Please email me if you can save a child at:

1. Mon 9-17 Crossfield ES -- Start time 5:45 (get there 5:25)
2. Mon 9-17 Waples Mill ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40)
3. Thu 9-20 Herndon MS -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40)
4. Mon 9-24 Armstrong ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40)
5. Wed 9-25 Armstrong ES -- Start time 6:00 (get there 5:40)
6. Wed 9-26 South Lakes HS -- Start time 6:30 (get there 6:10)
7. Mon 10-1 Langley HS -- Start time 7:00 (get there 6:40)

Thank you, Busy People! Bring a friend!


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